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   Chapter 19 Sharing About My Sucess With Her

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5852

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Anudeep's POV

"My happiness bubbled up, my world crashed, I was devasted. Nanna's friends supported and assured me to take care of the business and school. They assured to hand over everything to me once I'm eligible. I simply believed them and lead my life to fulfill my parent's dreams.

"Princi Uncle made sure about my education go well according to Nanna's wish. I entered business school at the age of sixteen. I was lost, devasted and crushed in bullying. My parents were not there to encourage me but Princi Uncle been in my each and every step. He guided me with his assurance but still, I lost the battle.

"I joined the gym in hastiness. It took me three years to get this so-called lean self. I got much-needed attention and popularity as a handsome hunk. But I was lost, totally lost in this fake world and blocked each and everyone in the world. Killing my reality, I became like this. To the world, I'm the eligible handsome hunk but to me, I was a living corpse.

"Anyways, I did masters and ready to take over my Nanna's responsibilities at the age of twenty-one. But all the business partners cheated me. They took my signs in my devasted stage, transferring everything to their name. Princi Uncle been loyal and supported to claim my rights.

"I'm not a dumbhead to roam around those sick people. Within six months, I established my own empire and got succeed. I was proved to be my father's son. I didn't keep any grudges and left them. I want to fulfill my parent's dreams but not to take revenge on everyone who dumped me.

"Music is the only happiness in my lonely world. I stopped performing in front of the world after my parent's death but didn't leave my passion. I thought to fulfill Nanna's dream and started the Y

eze made me shiver.

'Wait, what if she caught a cold?'

"Hey, wait, " she was going to place a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth but halted with a desperate questioning look.

"The weather is already cold and moreover you're still wet..." I pulled the tub but she held it tightly. "... you better eat tomorrow, Cutie, please, " I pulled but she showed tantrums with cute faces.

"Anup, please. I eat ice creams and cold stuff even at late nights. So, I'll not catch a cold. Please..." She pestered and it became hard for me to restrict her cuteness.

I halted, she pouted. "You need to take medicines before going to bed. Okay?"

She widely grinned, pulling the tub from my hold. She ate the spoonful of ice cream, moaning and enjoying like always. I chuckled and my eyes were stuck on her. She opened her eyes, gesturing me to eat. I smiled and ate my strawberry ice cream.

'Damn, it was so tasty and there was no stock, ' my mind whispered.

"When and how did you find me as Cute Melody?" I raised my head to see her eyes were not leaving the tub but I know she would listen to me.

"Yesterday, " she snapped her head up, gaping me.


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