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   Chapter 18 Sharing My Past With Her

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5679

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:01

Anudeep's POV

She gaped, blinking furiously, munching cutely. I can understand her dilemma, if it happened to me, I would be shocked to death. My Angel was stronger than me. She was looking cute covered in that silky white bedsheet like a ballon Teddy Bear. Maybe, all her senses are blocked but not her mouth.

"You... My... What?" She stammered, blinking rapidly.

'God, I just want to pull her in my lap and bite those dimple cheeks, ' my mind whispered.

I chuckled nodding, "Yes I'm your secret admirer, " said it proudly.

I'm truly proud to admire a beautiful soul like her. She never hurt anybody intentionally or unintentionally. A pure selfless downhearted lady was my Angel. She was still in dilemma and took the chicken pizza slice in confusion but munched it with ease. Her beautiful round eyes were only on me.

She giggled suddenly, "You're kidding me, right?" Asked as if she realized a hard puzzle.

I smiled, "And why would I kid about something like this? Is that my character?" I questioned her, taking a bite.

Damn, the chicken is tasty like heaven, I need to control like hell. She started stuffing her mouth with the big bites in dilemma.

I caught her right wrist, "Eat slowly. The food can be stuck in your throat. Just relax, I'll explain everything, " I said with an assured smile.

She nodded positively with a mouth full of food. I smiled and left her hand. She drank the water to gulp the food in her mouth. I'm having a beautiful feast of my Angel's cute antics. She blinked in assurance sitting comfortably with a my-ears-are-all-yours look.

I took a pizza slice and munched going back to my memory lane. "I was a single kid, my parents love me to

d her palm.

She gave a breathtaking smile. As usual, I was drowned in her dimple smile. She was truly my Angel. She wiped her right palm with the tissue and held my right wrist. My eyes are not leaving the beauty in front of me. She raised my hand to my mouth and cutely gestured me to have it. I took a bite, she smiled getting satisfied and continued her munching session.

"Anup, let's talk everything later. You first enjoy the yummy chicken. What type of food you love to eat?" She blabbered trying to divert me.

I smiled at her concern but today, at any cost, I want to share my burdened heart with her. I know she was feeling heavy with all the sudden things happening in her life. But I lost the hiding battle and wants to be selfish to vent out the burden in my heart.

"I'm fine and see I'm eating, " I said and took bites. She smiled.

"Can you please listen to my burdened heart?" I asked desperately.

She observed me few seconds with concern look and finally nodded, gesturing me to eat. I completed the piece and took one more.

'Tomorrow, I need to burn many calories, ' my mind whispered.


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