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   Chapter 17 My Secret Admirer!

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 4982

Updated: 2019-03-03 16:00

Anudeep's POV

Her actions and words gave me the confidence to play naughty. I know my Cutie understands me more than anyone else in the world. My heart busted in joy hugging her. I craved to hug her since I started loving her.

My heart crushed feeling her pain. Poor my Angel thought, it's hard for me to carry her but she doesn't know I worked out hard to carry her. And finally, my heart swelled with happiness and pride to carry her. I took an oath at that moment I would carry her life long whenever her heart craved for. Her soft plumpish body perfectly molded to me. Her beautiful round eyes didn't leave me.

She didn't even realize, I placed her on the soft mattresses. I was lost in her feminine mild fragrance and beautiful round eyes. A constant smile lingered on her lips. The way she gazed me leaped my heart into a melodious rhythm. I just want to live my life looking at my beautiful cute Angel. Her dimples made me craved to bite them but I came to the reality looking at her shivering wet form.

I worked as a trainee in the gym where I lost my weight. I learned all the tricks to relieve sprains. And I personally knew the hefty body sprain issues. I would always get sprained in my childhood and pestered Nanna to carry me. I diverted her mind towards food and twisted her ankle. She was revealed and shivering in cold.

I don't want her to step inside the mansion because of the picture gallery of my parents and hers. I'm sure to scare her revealing my identity,

his mesmerizing smile.

"By the way, Anudeep here, " He said, showing his left fist. I smiled, remembering our moment just a few hours back. Finally, he cleared my confusion.

"Oh, Anu-Deep!" I whispered, nodding with a smile. I fist bumped, we giggled looking at each other. I gestured him to eat. He nodded, biting the chicken. I smiled, taking a big bite. I moaned, closing the eyes.

"I love the way you enjoy your food..." I smiled, blushing for his compliment. No one said something like this. I felt proud to be a foodie.

"I became your secret admirer because your love towards food, " his dazzling eyes held immense love with that mesmerizing smile. I gaped him, blinking and munching furiously.

'Oh, my biriyani, did I heard it right?'

I can't believe him. What's happening in my life? The handsome hunk Anup was my secret admirer.

How can a dashing hot handsome hunk become my secret admirer? Is this a prank?

'Again is it any of my fantasy dreams?'


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