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   Chapter 16 My Heart Floats

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 4761

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:58

Anupama's POV

I hid in his chest, blushing like never before. His chest vibrated due to his chuckle. The chill breeze sends shivers to my body in this icy water but his warmth is sufficient to live forever in his embrace.

'Oh, my biriyani, am I imagining incredulous dreams?'

"Angel, you're feeling cold. Let's go out, " his heartbeat swiftly thundered.

My heart thundered rapidly with his endearment. I left him with a smile. He held my left palm, we swam to the end. My heart swelled with his gesture of not leaving my hand. We started climbing steps, he was one step ahead of me. My left foot was hurting. I hissed, holding his palm tightly.

"Are you alright?" He asked with concern, holding my hand tightly. I saw him, pressing my lips into a thin line.

"My left foot sprained, I think, " I wailed, looking at my legs. Argh, it's hurting a lot.

"Shit, wait, I'll carry you, " I gaped at his concerned self. He was looking at my leg.

'Was he serious?'

"What? No, no you can't carry me, " I twisted my foot to get ease but there is of no use.

"Why?" His confused tone vibrated in my ears.

'Should I really say it out?'

"Imagine how much I weigh?" Its hurting much. I wish he could carry me for real.

His chuckle made me look at him, "You really think I can't carry you? Okay, challenge accepted my dear Cutie, " he said, stepping down.

'I'm sure he'll regret later, '

"But..." I tr

ny bone crack.

"Now tilt your ankle, " he asked. I nodded and did it. Almost, the pain was reduced. I smiled, pressing my foot on the ground. He stood up, wiping his hair with the napkin.

"I'll bring the towel, wait here, " he said and bustled inside.

I pinched my left arm and got clarified. This is a reality but not one of my fantasy dream. For the first time, I faced someone's true care and concern. He made me the happiest on the earth though he masked his real identity. The chill breeze making me shiver second by second.

My nose caught the food aroma blocking my mind. There were dishes placed on the table, a few feet away from me. My mouth watered inhaling the delicious aroma. I was sitting on a single coat placed in the veranda near the main door. I moved back to the right and sat comfortably cross-legged position.

Why he was taking much time to bring a towel?

'When I'm going to taste the yummy food?'


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