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   Chapter 14 My Date With Rockstar

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6176

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:55

Anupama's POV

A light flashed to my right side, sprinkling in a circular form to my right. My heart excitedly glittered, looking at the flickering lights. I was standing right side of the beautiful garden. There were different types of flowers tangled with shimmering lights to my right side. The whole garden gleamed like twinkling stars wiping the gloominess. In the center of the garden, there was a long horizontal swimming pool to my left. It just looked like a yummy cocktail and inviting me to dip in it...

'Oh, my biriyani, I'm not here to drink or dip in the cocktail swimming pool. I came here for a date with Anup, my Rockstar, '

My eyes wandered around along with my body. There was a circular roofed patio after the horizontal cocktail swimming pool. It was a few feet away which is in front of my eyes. The patio poles adorned with the leaves and beautiful flowers. I found a man sitting in the middle of the patio facing his back to me.

'Oh, my biriyani, I'm seeing Anup, the YouTube singing sensation, '

My heartbeat quicken looking at my Rockstar. Finally, my dream came true. His back tall frame was looking handsome. How would his face look? I felt déjà vu looking at his strong shoulders and lean figure.

His right-hand fingers flicked. The colorful lights twinkled from center to downwards on the circular roofed patio. The lights curled with the beautiful punch pink color flowers which are tangled to the poles glittered brightly. I felt immense happiness looking at the sparkling lights. Finally, my eyes landed on Anup. He was in the perfect combination, white shirt, and blue jeans. He was looking like...

"Hey, dear Cute Melody - my greatest in the world. Welcome to the 'Anup With Song' concert. The song and I are waiting for you, my Ang... aha, I mean Melody, " his melodious voice resonated in my ear

any moment.

His tall, lean figure sexily took steps. But I felt he looks...

He stood in front of me, my heart thundered hastily. At the corner of my heart, I just want to run away but Deep's words rang in my head. I still can't see his face. A sudden chill breeze touched my skin making me chuttering more. I tighten the grip on my arms to feel warm but there is of no use. He took off the cap with his left hand, adjusting his hair with the right-hand fingers. I got a glimpse of his face which looks very familiar. Finally, he raised his head.

'Oh, my biriyani, Deep... No, wait...' I closed my eyes.

'Anu, come out your Dream King and focus on your Rockstar, '

I opened my eyes and saw Anup but still, he looks like Deep. I scrutinized, rubbing my left eye and gaped him but still, I can see only Deep. His intense gaze meandered me from top to bottom. Anup is none other than Deep. I want to lean onto the sofa, so moved back.

"Ahaaaaaaaaa..." I screamed feeling the icy water. My mind blocked and can't grasp the situation. I can't breathe, feeling cold and scared.

'Didn't I sit on the sofa? Then how I was thriving in the water? '

I was screaming like hell but he just stood like a statue.


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