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   Chapter 13 My Thundering Heart

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5762

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:53

Anudeep's POV

I checked all the arrangements after coming back home. My staff did a good job. The aroma of the food begged me to take a peek but I got fresh up and came down. I tasted all the dishes and craved to finish them. I swatted the thought and went to Rhythm Land to practice the song. I moderated the original song according to the new found fact. I always craved to sing it in front of my Angel. Hope I do it well.

I got ready in a simple white full hands tee shirt, faded blue jeans with a cap on my head. My Angel likes a simple style for her date, even I prefer the simple one rather than suits and all stuff. I hope she likes it. I saw my reflection in the mirror wearing the new Piraso Analogue black watch.

'Anup you can do it, ' my mind whispered.

But still, my heart thundered swiftly. I sent the maids and chef but not the security team as I need their help to operate things. I don't want to scare her to be alone in a new place.

My heart thundering and body shivering due to the low temperature. Usually, Hyderabad was not so cold place but the temperature dropped, thanks to the cyclone in the coastal region. I rechecked everything and sat on my place. I snapped, the lights went off. My team was doing good work, again I snapped, the lights shone the garden. I got satisfied with the work and gave a final snap.

I checked the location of my driver. My Angel was ten minutes away for the mansion. I knew she would come by cab and I can't pick her up. So, I sent my driver and he bribed the original cab driver five times the cost.

My heart was thundering like never before. I licked my dry lips and closed my eyes. I'm scared, eager, excited, happy and many other emotions flooding in

. I halted, looking curiously. There comes a giant man in black with a blank face.

'Oh, my biriyani, is he Anup?'

No, I didn't like the expression on his face and the sweet, resonant passionate melodious voice doesn't suit this personality. He halted in front of me, folding his hand's backside like a bodyguard.

"Good evening ma'am, please come in, " he said giving me space. His voice was ruff and scary like him.

"Good evening, " I mumbled, walking towards the gate.

So, this giant man was really a bodyguard. How stupid of me to imagine him as Anup. I blindly followed him inside the mansion. There are lights inside, so gladly no power cut. The lighting was less but it was enough to see the surroundings. There were trees to my left side and a big wall to my right which looks like a separate block. He led me to the darkest place and for some unknown reason, it scared me.

"Why it was dark?" I asked.

I didn't get the answer. Suddenly, he disappeared which scared the hell out of me. I turned circles to find any human spices. I was standing alone in this dark place. I got panicked and ready to scream but...


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