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   Chapter 12 Be Yourself

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 5094

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:51

Melody's POV

Even last night he ignored her text about demeaning herself. He doesn't want his Angel to regret her identity. He knew that she doesn't want to change herself for anyone but a small weak moment was enough to destroy the innocent heart which happened to him. She was surprised by his reaction but felt happy at a time.

"I love myself and I'm glad to be a plumpy star rather than sexy size zero, " she said, flashing her teeth. An involuntary smile plastered on Anup's face. He felt glad and relaxed.

"So, don't think much with your silly brain..." Anu gasped remembering her Rockstar words. Anup inwardly bites his tongue but maintained his steady expression.

"... I know, nowadays its hard to get a person who accepts us. You don't know what destiny prepared for you. Be yourself, lead your life the way you want and ignore the unwanted people and comments. They don't deserve you, your time and your feelings. No one is worthy than yourself. Trust me, you'll surely get much-needed love which you're craving for. And don't forget I'm always there for you, Anu, " he vented it out with a smile. Both had unshed tears.

A constant smile wrapped on their lips, a promise held in their eyes and the unspoken love waved in between them.

A few years back, Anup needed this encouragement. His parents gave the love he deserved but after them, his life became upside down. His confidence, patience reduced because of unwanted people. If someone said him to, 'be yourself' at his weak moment, then he would

someone at her back.

Her eyes and mouth gaped at him while her eyelashes blinked furiously. He was a few inches away from her, his intense gaze fluttered her heart. Their breaths were heavy and hearts were thundering rapidly. She was going to say but he placed his right-hand forefinger on her lips. She gasped, gawking in shock. He thought to caress her lips but composed.

"I knew you're a chatterbox but didn't talk with me much and I even knew the reason behind it, " he said huskily. Her eyes widened and lips shivered. He wants to bite those shivering lips.

"You have a crush on me, right?" He whispered naughtily with a wink. Again she gasped, gulping hard and licked her dry lips. He just wants to hug and kiss away her delicious lips. He backed off unable to control his actions.

"Enjoy your date and I need a detailed explanation, " with that he left without turning back. This time he bustled till the office room. Anu was still in a daze and blushed, remembering his intense gaze.


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