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   Chapter 11 His Cute Angel’s Antics

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 3646

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:50

Melody's POV

"So tell me, what's bothering you?" He asked directly. Anu hates someone emerged in her life. She wants to deny but an unknown feeling made her accept the fact.

"You will not believe me, sir, " she said with a sad pout, swaying her body like a doll, looking down.

'Her cuteness igniting the fire in me. It's so hard to control, Angel, ' his mind whispered.

"First of all, call me Deep..." She raised her head. " ... and secondly, I believe in my friend's words, you don't worry about that thing, " he said naughtily and winked.

She gasped and blushed, licking her upper lip. He fisted hard to control himself. He tamed his mind to focus on the issue but not on her cute antics. She flashed her teeth like a toothpaste advertisement. He smiled back, raising his eyebrow.

"Okay, Deep..." His heart thundered, listening to his name in her voice. He tried hard not to hug and squeeze her in his arms. "... you know 'Anup With Song' right?" She asked him casually, pointing him with a cute face. Anup impassively nodded negatively.

Anu gasped as if its a big crime

led looking at his cute handsome face but inwardly felt sad.

He understood her turmoil, "What's bothering you, Anu?" Her heart fluttered hearing her name in his sweet voice.

Again she felt his voice déjà vu but swatted it and thought to share her feelings with him. She was surprised for trusting him soon but failed to understand her unstabled heart. She swayed her body, playing with her dress without looking at him. She was scared to see his reaction.

"Actually, this is the first time I'm gonna meet him. He doesn't know how I look like and here I'm fat..." Anup cut her off.

"Wait... Tell me one thing. Aren't you happy with yourself?" He asked anxiously. He got scared of listening to her words.


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