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   Chapter 10 Her Dream King Met His Teddy Bear

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 4393

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:48

Author's (Melody's) POV

Anu was still in her own world. Finally, Anup thought to voice out.

"Hi Anupama, " Anu shrieked and turned to her left side. She surprisingly gaped him and scrutinized rubbing her eyes with her left knuckle. She was still chewing and blinking her eyes furiously.

'Cutie was the perfect name than Angel but she was still my cute Angel. I just want to chew her luscious lips, ' Anup mind whispered.

Anu was in still daze and involuntarily touched his right shoulder with her left knuckle. His eyes followed her every action and an involuntary smirk plastered on his face. She gasped and pulled her hand back feeling embarrassed. She still can't believe that her Dream King Deep sir sat next to her.

"Aren't you scared to be alone in H block?" He asked casually with a smile. He wants to hug and kiss away her confusion. She gaped him, gulping the morsel. She still can't believe his presence.

"Umm.... aha... sir that..." She stammered, blinking furiously.

Anup chuckled at her cuteness. Her heart burst in joy looking at the handsome hunk of the college, her Dream King was right in front of her. But still, she was confused to believe the fact. He understood her dilemma so to make her comfortable, he got relaxed leaned back turning straight and laid his elbows on the bac

of her.

"We just had a years difference. So, why can't we be friends though I'm your faculty? " He said with attitude still stretching his hand.

Her heart fluttered and she just wants to pounce on him. He got lost in her glittering round eyes and an involuntary smile played on his lips looking at her beautiful dimple smile. He simply wants to dive in her dimples like as usual. His eyes were glued to her as this was the first time he sat close to her though he was loving her for a year.

"So friends?"

Anu excitedly grinned and stretched her right hand. She pouted, looking at him and her dirty hands. He chuckled and wants to kiss away her pout. He folded her fist, she observed him keenly. Her smile widened when his fist bumped. His heart fluttered looking at her beautiful dimple smile.

There was a never-ending smile lingered on their lips.


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