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   Chapter 8 Our Dinner Date Planned

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 6672

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:44

Anudeep's POV

My brain was not working, so I took half day leave and came home. How should I aka AnupWithSong can meet his Cute Melody? The whole afternoon I thought and finally got an idea. I took my phone and tried to type but something stopped me.

I look heavenwards, closing my eyes. Maa, Nanna please help me. I smiled looking at the pictures in front of me. I was sitting in between Maa, Nanna and they're kissing my cheeks which was a diamond-shaped frame. Around that five circular framed pictures of my Angel, laughing, eating, reading, playing with kids, inhaling the fragrance of jasmine which I clicked them secretly.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and smiled. I comfortably sat cross-legged on the bed, kept the pillow on my lap and pinged her with fingers cross.

AnupWithSong: Hi Cutie :-h

I waited desperately tapping my left-hand fingers on my knee. I smiled looking at her immediate response.

CuteMelody: Hello Rockstar... Wassup... U preparing the song right...? /:)

I chuckled, this girl always thinks of my songs.

'Wait... Anup, digest the fact, man. She was my Angel too, ' my mind whispered.

Digest... I groaned and heaved a disappointed sigh. Today, I skipped breakfast because of missing workout, ate only half lunch due to the excitement and later I ate nothing due to anxiety.

I came back from my food paradise with the beep.

CuteMelody: Anup... U der... I-)

Common Anup execute your plan.

AnupWithSong: Umm.. Actually, I got some prblm. So thnkng abt dat :-L

She was typing, I hope she falls for my trap. Please, God, help me...

CuteMelody: Oh... Wht happened...? :-S

AnupWithSong: I want to do something but I want someone to help me but there's no one to help me... :((

'Anup, you gone nuts! Can she understand your rubbish? You should have texted clearly, man, ' my mind whispered.

I waited for her reply, impatiently tapped my right knee.

CuteMelody: Y do u think that u don't have any1... I'm der right? Tel


Why she was not typing?

'Have patience Anup, ' my mind whispered.

After seeing the typing icon, I left my breath which I'm holding till now.

CuteMelody: U r soo sweet... Kk tmrw meet ur biggest fan in the world :P:P

I chuckled looking at the word BIGGEST. I love you my Teddy Bear. I kissed my phone screen.

AnupWithSong: :)) OK itz late. Gud n8 Cutie.

I saw the clock, it's just 8:10 P.M. I facepalmed and chuckled for my craziness.

CuteMelody: Gn Rockstar I-)... Don't stress urself... V will solve d prblm? sdzz

Sorry for stressing you, Angel. I promise to love you till the eternity, my cute Teddy Bear. A smile played on my lips.

AnupWithSong: OK tq Melody ?

CuteMelody: I told u many times don't thank me for small thngs... I got angry x-(

AnupWithSong: Oops I forgot sry madam. I'll pacify u tmrw. For now bye. Tc (L)

I don't want to extend our conversation. So I went offline without waiting for her reply, as usual. She understands me but never pestered me. I re-read our conversation. A constant smile lingered on my lips. I should plan a better surprise than I imagine every time.


/:) raised eyebrows

I-) sleepy

:-L frustrated

:-S :s confused

:(( crying

:| straight face

:-/ confused

:'( cry

:)) laughing

I-) sleepy

X-( angry

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