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   Chapter 6 My Wet Nightmares

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 3282

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:42

Anudeep's POV

I'm playing Subway Surfer in my phone, munching samosa (a triangle spiced pastry). Being a bulky guy I like chasing games than fighting one. The score was hiking every second but suddenly I felt a soft feather on my right cheek. I raised my head in irritation.

"Angel, " I gasped with eyes and mouth agape.

The samosa fell down from my mouth. She giggled, bending to my level. The view in front of my eyes ignited the fire in me. Her milky cleavage looks tempting, her bosoms heaved frantically and those big mangoes...

She closed my eyes with her right palm. I moved sideways to get the amazing view of her beauty. She raised my chin with her right-hand forefinger, nodding negatively. Her long eyelashes were shivering, her dimpled cheeks were crimson, her alluring luscious pink lips were inviting. I blinked in assurance but her blush making me insane. She took the morsel from the corner of my lower lip and ate. I smirked, biting my lower lip.

"How i

y guy anymore, but a muscled one. Look at your lean self with abs. Stop your stupid dreams, ' my mind whispered.

I need to stop these wet nightmares. I'll never hurt my Angel with my overweight. I took a few deep breaths and glanced to my right.

'Damn, it was already 7 A.M. I missed my workout session, ' my mind whispered.

I got up hastily scurried to the washroom. After relaxing myself in the hot shower, I wore a dark brown color formal shirt and cream color pants. I gelled my hair and glanced at my reflection wearing Swisstyle Analogue gold watch. At least today, I need to talk to my Angel. I went to college with tenacity.


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