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   Chapter 5 My Crushes

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 3715

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:43

Anupama's POV

I have a crush on him. Well, even on Deep sir too. I don't feel wrong to like two guys at a time. They were like stars to me whom I can never reach. I like Deep sir's physic and behavior. Anup his kind heart, lovely nature, music and what not.

I knew celebrities have their personal life but still, they should think of their fans right. I know Anup got struck up with something though he never spells the bean. I took a determined oath to pacify Anup to upload a new song.

I'm happy to know that Anup will upload a new song. I was going to type my happiness but heard the door knock.

'Shit, the bimbos came already?'

I heaved a disappointed sigh, texted him hastily and didn't even saw his reply. I opened the door and smiled looking at Kavya.

"Come in, Kavya, " I said, walking back to the bed.

"Anu, I want networks notes, yaar, " she asked weekly. She was having the flue, so skipped the college.

"Did you have tablets and ate anything?" I asked giving the notes.

"Yes, " she was leaving.

"Sit a while Kavya. The whole day, you have been alone, "

"No, I want to sleep. Take the notes tomorrow morning, " with that she left.

Well, she was my friend but only for study purpose. She doesn't want to hang out with me much but only for studies. Well, I'm not complaining because many times she helped me financially. I'm glad to have a friend like her. I washed my hands and sat back on the bed comfortably.

I saw his reply and felt bad for leaving abruptly. I don't want to disturb him, so cleared my bed and took my laptop to start the work. I kept the alarm at 8.30 P.M for dinner and started my work.

As a computer science student, I learned java well. Thanks to my amazing college, RSIT and Preeti ma'am for the guidance in it. I work as a freelance to cope up my expenses as the scholarship was no

t sufficient. I placed the pillow on my lap, kept the reading glasses and opened the laptop.

I got immersed in the work and startled, hearing the alarm. I tapped my right shoulder with my right palm for getting scared.

'Oh, my biriyani, time passed so quickly, '

I saved the code and closed the laptop. I went to the washroom did my business and came to the canteen. The same Monday routine rice with sambar (a south Indian dish). Well, I don't complaint because there are days I slept starving in the orphanage. Now I'm lucky to have food and just two hours back I ate yummy food, right.

Yes, I eat a lot because I love food. What do you expect from a foodie like me? I can handle my eight four kgs of weight. I mean sometimes I trip but still can handle myself. Just because I'm fat I don't need to diet.

I heard giggles and raised my head to find a group of girls glancing me and chatting. I'm sure they were making fun of me. Well, I need to stop embarrassing myself with my stupid self-talk. Sometimes, I feel alone and wants someone to hear me out. Anyways, getting emotional will not change the fact. I quickly finished the food and went back to my room.

I strolled a hundred steps in my room, listening to my favorite music. I don't have any desire to reduce weight nor something else. I want to be healthy to eat varieties of food. I sat on the bed comfortably after strolling an extra few steps. I worked for an hour and kissed the bed. Anyways, those bimbos will spoil my beauty sleep in the middle of the night.

Tonight, I wanna dream about Anup as I daydreamed Deep sir. I don't know how Anup looks but I'm sure he must be sexy. I don't mind even if he's short or fat or dusky or anything. If these two handsome hunks proposed to me at-a-time whom should I choose?

'Okay, it's too much, let's sleep Anu.'


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