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   Chapter 4 My Rockstar

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear By April Melody Characters: 3398

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:41

Anupama's POV

After the bell rang, once Deep sir glanced me with a smile and dashed outside. He must be in some hurry. I heaved a disappointed sigh and dumped my notes in my bag. Maximum all the girls in my class had the same expression while the boys hasten immediately. Why does his lecture have to be the last one on Monday? Moreover, he came late.

"Hey, we'll come late. Manage the warden, " Anni said curtly.

They didn't even wait for my response. I mentally rolled my eyes and strolled lazily to the bus stop. Today, I want to eat Mirchi bajji (chili cutlet) and chocolate Sundance, so I bought them and came to the campus hostel. I got fresh up, wore peach color top and white lose pants. I sat on my bed comfortably leaned onto the headboard. I put on the headset, played my favorite playlist on YouTube and started eating Mirchi bajji.

'Oh my biriyani, no one can make a better Mirchi bajji rather than Hari Anna (brother), '

Being a foodie, I would always check the food places to get the best. I found 'Hari Food Paradise' when I shifted to Hyderabad for my studies. I was a small town girl and couldn't able to get varieties of food rather than local made. I even loved that food too. Cities are always the best for different types of food.

After completing the plate full of bajjis, my eyes were shedding continues tears with burning mouth. I drank half of the water bottle to control the spiciness but still, my condition was not stable. I ate three spoonfuls of chocolate Sundance and finally, got the spice reduced on my tongue. I wiped the tears and devoured the sweet.

Suddenly, my favorite song, Anup's 'joy of life' started playing. My Rockstar's voice reso

nated in my ear. I moaned devouring the sweet along with the melodious song.

Mr. All in one, the Rockstar Anup - my favorite YouTube singer in the world. The most creative one-man army. He writes beautiful lyrics, composes mesmerizing tunes, sings melodious and makes wonderful videos but no one knows how he looks.

I still remember the day, I heard Anup's joy of life. I'm searching for new songs and found this one. The lyrics, music, his voice made me love that song. I loved his creativity though his videos had less visual skills.

He was a budding YouTube singer back then who just uploaded three songs. Each month he would upload a song and I would die for it. Slowly the visual skills increased and he got success after two years of continuous hard work.

He got chances to sing for the top album companies and movies too but my Rockstar softly declined. Singing was his passion and he never wants to come out of the YouTube world. Currently, he was the sensational singer in YouTube music.

No, I didn't stalk him nor he has personal blogs. I created a fan club on various social platforms. He recognized my love and pinned me his gratitude. We became good friends and I understood his introvert nature.

We would chat regularly and he never pestered to know my real identity. I want to meet him directly but don't have the guts to ask him. His friendship made me explore myself deeply. I would always feel elated to chat with him. Being an orphan no one pampered me but Anup fulfilled that desire. I smiled remembering his words.

He would always text, 'I'm his greatest fan in the world.'

True, I'm his greatest and biggest fan in the world, Cute Melody.


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