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   Chapter 30 Epilogue

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 14326

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POV: Lianne Deivin




One week admission in the hospital was considered a short stay for a man who sustained a gunshot wound in the left upper chest. The cardiologist doctor of Since Hospital said that it was a miracle for Ruen to have a near-miss...only just a couple of millimeters away from his heart. It was a miracle truly. One that I was thankful for.

I was leaning against the railing in the open balcony of Ruen's rest house. The evening was cold, but I took it upon myself to gaze at the beautiful sea of stars in the blanket of darkness. I really missed this place, and I am happy to be back here again.

I was wearing a peach-pink evening gown with crystal beads on the strap shoulder, neck and waistline formed into a bouquet of flowers. He bought the gown for me from a well-known designer. The fabric used was a soft chiffon and it had a one meter trail, enough for me to manage in the Since Mansion grand hall that was expected to have a mountain of guests.

Yes. Ruen and I will be attending a party. A party that was created for him - the new owner of the Since Resort. Or shall I say... the true owner of the Regaleria Mansion.

I met Mr. Gillard Rafael two days after Ruen was admitted and there, he told me everything: on how he and Ruen met on the first day, how he became his personal secret service bodyguard, the extent of the truth he knows about me and the emerald necklace, Ruen's otherworldly time jump, and how Ruen was incessantly and stubbornly looking for me for years; all his torments and sufferings, and his eternal love for me.

It warmed my heart. It was not like I didn't know how much Ruen loved me, but to hear it from another person's mouth, in Mr. Rafael's point-of-view no less, it gave me a new perspective of how much we felt the same.

Mr. Rafael was a good man. No wonder Ruen trusted him with all his secrets.

'I'll see you back there Jen. I miss you guys so much.'

I texted the message to Jen with my new cellphone. Holt, Ruen's colleague, bought it for me a day after the incident in the Soulisse Mansion. With the mansion's burned-down state, I expected it already that I wouldn't find my phone anymore.

'You better be here, Li. You know I can't clean your apartment any longer. And also, Mrs. Brellan, your Literature and Classics Major professor wanted to talk to you about your graduation day. She said you made a superb thesis, so you passed! XOXO :D kyaaa!'

I smiled reading Jen's reply. She sure knows how to bomb a surprise.

'Yes. I will. Thank you for that great news Jen. Take care!'

I replied back.

I already told Ruen that I will return to Fortville City two days from now for I still had my school work to attend to. He didn't frown or even prohibit me as what I actually expected, but he told me he would like accompany me. Of course, he didn't offer his private plane as a ride considering it was mainly hijacked by Cain's men. Instead, he offered me a luxury yacht ride back to Fortville.

I was like... seriously? and of course, I conceded with a big smile on my face. I had never been in a cruise before. The thought of it excited me a lot. Especially that I would be spending that cruise with him.

"Have you got everything?" Ruen asked from behind me.

He was standing at the entrance of the open balcony wearing a soft smile on his lips. One hand was inside his black Cavalli pants pocket, and the other resting on the side. This was his injured side. But even though he was still recuperating from his gunshot wound, he still looked as debonair and handsome as ever.

I felt a blush on my cheeks appearing.

"I am, " I replied, sending him the same amount of soft smile.

"Hmmm..." I heard him groan. Then he approached me closer. He pulled out something in his pants pocket and when I saw what it was, I gasped in surprise.

"Ruen?! The emerald necklace!"

"One of my colleagues happened to pick it up during their exit of the Soulisse Mansion. He knew it was a vital object for us, but right now, I feel it is no more than just a necklace."

"What do you mean?" My eyebrows lifted in confusion.

"Your family bloodline died with you in the past, Lianne. You are now reborn, free of that blood curse. The necklace only reacts to the Vhillana blood alone. O

say this, so I don't want to wait for another for you to know. I love you Lianne, with all of my heart, with all of my being, with all of my life."

He paused for a moment, collected a set of fresh air into his lungs and then started again:

"I told you once that when I was a child, I used to climb trees thinking that I could touch the stars in the sky. I felt always empty when I couldn't then. But then you came and you gave me hope and a light for which I could finally grasp in the palm of my hands. You are the only light that I want to hold forever. You are mine alone and I will be yours, if you take me."

"Oh, Ruen..." A tear suddenly broke out from her eyes.

He immediately wiped it away, wanting to see the purity of her soul.

She embraced him tightly and whispered her answer on his ear.

"Of course, I will take you. Two lifetimes with you is more than I could hope for! I love much so that I am willing to die for you."

"Lianne, " Ruen's voice trembled when he uttered. His hands then trailed soft caresses along her bare back.

"Kiss me, Ruen. Kiss me..."

Their lips intertwined a hundred strokes before they managed to break it off. It was hot and steamy, something that could perfectly ignite their flames of desire in seconds.

Before they headed to the bedchamber, Ruen took the box from the table, and before he could unclothe her with the gown, he brought the ring out from its centurial repository.

Lianne gasped as she held its beauty. It was a hexagon-cut diamond ring, set on a gold band embellished with tiny skyblue sapphire stone.

"It took a lot of years for it to finally make its way to its owner, " Ruen remarked as he slid the ring on her tiny finger.

"Years?" she confirmed. "So this ring...has been with you..."

"Yes, " Ruen interrupted. "I wanted to give this to you back then, but Cain's appearance in your bedchamber hindered me from doing so...until the inevitable happened."

Lianne caught a small glimpse of sadness in his eyes.

So it was that night.

What could have been if she didn't die? That thought crossed her mind. Then, she would have been the bride of the most powerful King of all kingdoms, King Ruen of Regaleria. They would have led the kingdoms into prosperity, peace and fruition. She would have given him the welcome of a family -- sons and daughters of their own.

Whatever took place, it was all in the past. What mattered now were the present and their future together.

"Thank you, " she replied and with that their lips collided again.

He arranged her on the mattress, and in there, their passion collided into soaring heights, whispered sweet nothings, shared heaving breaths, exchanged moaning words of delight and with only the moon as the bear witness and a couple thousand fireworks exploding up in the sky.




The End.

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