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   Chapter 29 Heaven on Earth

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10547

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POV: Ruen Waitsince




This was exactly the best time to kill this man. My fingers had been itching to do it since I was in the plane.

He produced a lopsided grin and pulled Lianne even closer to his side.

"A gun too huh? No sword?" he jibed. "Put it down now."

I clenched my teeth, my body trembling not of fear but with the need to pommel this man's face to death.

"I will not until you let her go."

"Oh, so you're making bargains now?" he replied with his nose cringing. "As if you have the upper-hand. Do you really think I would give up on this game of fate? It has already been decided. I will win this and you...will DIE!"

As expected of a dirty cheater like him, Cain fired a shot.

My quick reflexes kicked in and I sprinted on instinct to my right, successfully dodging the bullet. I cringed in pain when I subconsciously used my right knee to cut my fall. I didn't linger on the pain for long. My attention went back to my opponent knowing he wasn't done with me yet.

And just as expected, he pointed the gun at me again, and this time, I knew that if I wouldn't act fast, the bullet would definitely hit me.

"No Cain! Stop it!"

I heard Lianne say, and saw her putting her left palm on the muzzle of the gun.

'Shit! Lianne! Don't do that!'

My heart instantly pounded a juggernaut of beats when I realized the past was happening all over again.

Shit. Shit. Shit!

~ 0 ~

POV: Lianne Dievin




"Stop it!" I frantically shouted, then threw my palm on the mouth of Cain's gun.

I wasn't thinking right, but I didn't care anymore. If Cain pulled the trigger, so be it. Then I would end up bloody again. I would happily do that to give Ruen ample time to regain his balance. I knew he wasn't feeling well. I knew that it was hard for him to even stand because of the soreness of his knee. If there was anything I could do to distract Cain, I would do it without any hesitation.

"Damn it, Lianne!" Cain cursed. Forcefully, he yanked my elbow so that I would release the muzzle, but I didn't. He only cursed some more and then it happened.

I heard a gunfire in front of me and then another one at my back. Then I heard Cain groan in pain. I saw the look in his eyes as he held mine. A look of regret. Of anguish. Of rage. It lingered on my head as he dropped to the floor, his left hand holding a bloodied left thigh, and the other, on his left shoulder, his shirt tainted with the crimson liquid.

While wincing in pain, his grip on the gun loosened. It fell down on the floor with a thud.

A man in black suit, goggles and mask neared us and I realized he was on our side when he immobilized Cain. He kicked the gun away from Cain's reach and pointed his rifle into his head. He must have been the person who shoot Cain from the back.

Seeing everything under control, I used this chance for an escape.

Ruen already had his arms stretched wide to receive me. Beside him was a middle-aged man I didn't recognize; his rifle, muzzle pointed downward, was still letting out smoke. He must be the one who awarded Cain a bullet from the front.

I smiled a sincere smile and

e then. He was smiling weakly at me.

"Lianne... It's okay. You're safe now. Cain won't harm you any longer, " he said. It was my symphony of salvation.

I felt like I was in heaven; my own heaven here on earth.

"Ruen." My lips quivered as I uttered. Never had I felt so relieved seeing those beautiful brown-green eyes again. "My God, you're...a—alive."

He looked uncomfortable when he caressed my flushed cheek. I knew he was still bleeding — the sullen expression of the man beside him was a clear indication he didn't approve of him moving.

"I had to live, " he answered and it sounded like a promise. "You wished for this new life for us to be together. I don't want to waste it."

I broke down once again and fresh new tears escaped from my eyes.

Yes. I did wish it with all my heart. It caused me my life in the past, but I believe now that it was all worth it.

"Thank you Ruen." Great relief washed all my fears away, but my hands were still trembling, so he pressed it with the hand that held the gun a few minutes ago.

'Is Cain really dead? Is he really?' a worried thought crossed my mind.

I willed myself to take a peek, taking the last ounce of courage that was left by my adrenaline rush earlier. I knew the sight would disturb me, but I had to confirm it for myself.

"No, don't look." Ruen halted me. He pressed his other hand on my temple, palm's open as if to block my peripheral vision. "Let your last memories of Cain be good things, Lianne. Despite all the things he did."

"Does it really have to be like this?" I rasped.

"I'm sorry, but my answer is yes."

There was nothing I could do. Ruen was right. Cain would never give up unless he got what he wanted. Yes, I hated him for what he had done, but I am still human. I feel sadness too, and I felt sad for him. This feeling of sadness could only be healed by time and Ruen's love.

"We need to go to the hospital now, " Ruen's companion suggested grimly.

"Yes, we should Holt, " another grimaced expression followed Ruen's face.

That was my cue. It was my time now to take care of him.

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