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   Chapter 28 To Fight Back

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 11206

Updated: 2019-04-26 16:11

POV: Lianne Deivin




If anything. If anything at all. I wanted for that wish to be granted.

That was the last thing I remembered before I snapped back into reality. Cain was still staring at me and my guess was, he doesn't even know that I just came from a trance.

I didn't feel the pain in my left lower torso anymore. Only the pain in my heart. It lingered onto me like a bee ready to pollinate a rose. I am no rose though, but I had thorns. And right now, my thorns were all directed to Cain.

Sudden anger flooded through me. Now that I remembered that vital information about my death, I didn't have any reservations about my feelings towards Cain anymore. Screw that brotherly love for him. He needed to feel my wrath.

I shifted my eyes to look at the monitor screen of the dungeon. Ruen looked fatigued. I'm sure if I were in his shoes, my knees would have already gave way because of its soreness. I was deeply concerned for him. I wanted to run now and tell him that I fully remembered everything in my past — our past, but I guess that had to happen once I remove this hindrance in front of me.

"What do you want more Cain?" I asked in a stern voice. "You have everything you want! Money! Fame! The power to control! And I could assume, women groveling before you! Tell me! What more do you want?!"

He slid his right arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. The contact of our skin made me feel nauseous and I immediately stepped back away. I didn't miss him frown because of it, but it was only brief.

"I want you Lianne, all of you, " he answered in a gentle voice as if it would affect me. "Everything that I have means nothing without you. You already know that. And I assume that you have finally remembered everything in our past. That man is not right for you. I AM right for you. What do you think the emerald stone resurrect me for? It is because you are meant for me."

His words were like daggers cutting me deep. It broke my heart hearing it. This man — my Lord Cain, my General Cain, my friend, my confidant, my solace in my darkest days in the Regaleria Mansion — this proud man was pleading right in front of me. But I knew it was only a facade. He could always press his way on me, exactly like what he did in the past.

Fate definitely was playing a game on us.

"I already told you countless of times, Cain, and my answer again is still no. You know it saddens me that I couldn't reciprocate your feelings, but I don't love you. It breaks my heart knowing that I drove you into doing the things you did in the past almost to the point of insanity!"

"Exactly!" Cain cut in, frustrated. "So why are you refusing now?!" His eyes were blazing with fire that I needed to pull myself out of the monitoring room before I ignite into flames.

I sauntered towards the bedroom with Cain trailing behind me. As soon as I reached an arms-length away from his master bed, that's when his true color emerged again.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled when he grabbed my arm from behind.

I tried to wrench it out, but he took the liberty of pulling me towards him, our body clashing midway.

"Too late for that Lianne, " he sneered. "You are in my world, you do as I say."

"You're despicable!" I sent him a scathing look as sharp as a newly-created blade.

"I built an empire for you! This

gave me a gas mask.

"Jesus Christ! What has happened to you?!" A stunned Holt asked me. With those big goggles covering his eyes, I could still see how he skimmed the length of my body, specifically, my bloodied clothes.

"I ran into some...setbacks, " I just plainly answered.

He handed me my trench coat after he unlocked the last of my chains. "Here take this. You will need to cover those open cuts. Are you sure you will be fine?"

"Yes, I am. I can still stand." I stretched my legs and rubbed the sore of my wrists and knees.

"Then, where are we heading to?"

I didn't know exactly where we should start, but my instincts told me one place only: Cain's bedroom.

I hope I am not late. I honestly hope that I am not late. My chest tightened just by thinking of that possibility.

I met with four of my colleagues on the first floor of the mansion who already had a thorough search on the floor and found no one. Well, except for Cain's guards of course, whom my 'friends' had easily disarmed.

"Check the rooms again, " Holt ordered for me, and so the four went back on the first floor hallways the second time.

The Soulisse Mansion hadn't changed much. It was still as magnificent as ever with a sole grand staircase leading up to the second floor. She must be one of the rooms in there. I hope my other colleagues who were scouring the second floor would yield some good results.

I was almost at the top of the grand stairs when I heard a gunfire from nearby, and then followed by another.

And then before my mind could process, two individuals suddenly emerged from a hallway across the foyer at the left side.

I took out my gas mask to see properly, and there she was being held captive by Cain who was already holding an auto-revolver.

"Ruen!!!" I heard her cry out. I was all ears when I heard her voice. I missed that voice so much. I just wanted to capture it and put it in a music box.

In a flash, I climbed to the top of the grand stairs and stopped right at the landing. Cain, who immediately saw me, pointed out his gun and pulled Lianne back to his side.

"You stay where you are, " he ordered in a finely sharpened tone.

I did stop but I pointed my own pistol back at him.

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