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   Chapter 27 A Wish to Come True

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 9816

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My feet automatically stepped in to investigate the room further.

It was mainly dark. The only light fixture I could see in the ceiling was unlit. It was a decent-looking room with an acceptable size. I first thought it was a recording room, but it was actually a monitoring room, with all the weird-looking gadgets, sound and equalizer systems and a handful of tiny buttons laid in a slanting table a couple of feet away from where I stood, dumbstruck.

The room was a spectacle to behold, especially with the 12-inch flat monitor screens stacked way up into the ceiling. I deduced they were video surveillance monitors.

One... two... three... four... wow... there were actually sixteen monitors all in all. Each one showing different areas of the mansion. One showing the pool area. Another showing the front portico. The others showing the dining and the kitchen areas, the outside garden, hallways and more hallways including the hallway that I had recently just passed by, a ballroom hall, a roof deck, an area of what looked like an armory, a laboratory with people actually wearing lab coats, and many more.

I scanned them one by one until my eyes rested on a certain monitor screen. My hands tensed up and my heart began to leap in haste.

'My God! RUEN!!!'

Why was he in the dungeon?! And why was he being beaten up by two men?!

As if to stifle my shock, I dragged my hands to my mouth, and covered it with great panic.


My mind shouted the only syllable it could process.





He was kneeling on the ground, both of his hands chained up behind him in a column. His trench coat was tossed up in a corner. His long-sleeved white shirt slightly torn up and bloodied, so was his denim pants.

The two men seemed to enjoy torturing him, and it looked like they didn't have a hard time with it at all. I saw one man kicking him on the knees and the other, sending a powerful punch to his face.

I cringed upon seeing it. They both laughed with what they were doing, but surprisingly enough, they didn't even get a successful reaction out of him. I just saw him kneeling there unaffected by the torturing. With the camera's angle, I couldn't see his face clearly, but what I saw was already enough.

'Oh God, Ruen.'

I wanted to run to him and embrace him, but my eyes remained glued on the screen.

The men continued on beating him, irked by Ruen's insensitivity. They kicked his ribs again and again until Ruen finally coughed up blood.

'Stop it! Stop it please! Stop it!'

I shouted in agony as if they could hear me.

My heart broke. This time, I couldn't keep my eyes from welling up with tears.

My God. I didn't care about the necklace anymore. I just wanted to run to him and stop these men from inflicting more pain.

'Where is the dungeon?! I had to be there!'

"Oh, so you actually found this room, " I heard someone say from behind me and my skin er

was quite adamant on making that clear.

Now, as I was cradled by Ruen in his arms, surrounded by my own pool of blood, it seemed like it was a good idea after all and not a stupid one.

He is the king of this kingdom. He had the power to make things better for all his subjects, to establish peace and unity in all the places that Garlow had destroyed. I couldn't take that chance away from him. The people needed him. And although deep inside, I selfishly declared that I needed him more, it was still the right thing to do — to let him live.

I pulled my eyes away from Ruen who was muttering that it would soon be alright. That I will live. But I knew better. My weak state was quite obvious already. I just needed one more breath and soon everything would go black.

Staring at the dark sky, the raindrops kept dropping incessantly. It was ethereal, but it was mocking me at the same time.

The pain. The heartache. The melancholia. All of them. I just wanted to end.

"My love, Ruen..." I strove to push the words out of my mouth.

Ruen squeezed my hand in response and then kissed me without any reservations. Not even the blood in my mouth kept him from doing so.

His kiss was soft and full of yearning. Very reverend. Very true. His lips were so tender against my own. It was the best feeling a dying person could have.

'This would be our last kiss, ' my mind pointed out and with that alone, tears started to flow rapidly from my eyes.

If anything. If anything at all. I wanted to wish I could have another chance with him. Another lifetime with him.

In another place? In another time? I didn't care at all. I just wanted to be with him. To feel his love and give him his well-deserved love in return.

I stared at the emerald necklace, remembering the hidden powers it kept. It was a long shot, but it would be great if the emerald stone heard me.

If anything. If anything at all. I wanted for that wish to come true.

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