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   Chapter 26 A King to the Rescue

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 12862

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There was an uncontrollable, overwhelming urge to rip Cain's flesh when Mr. Rafael's spies confirmed that Lianne was taken to the Soulisse Mansion. Ruen was sitting on a couch beside a rectangular viewing window of the private plane, holding the phone tightly until a small break of the touch screen's side appeared — a poor substitute to accept his arising anger.

The plane had been en route to Since for nearly twenty minutes since lift off from the Fortville City Airport. Another twenty of it later, it would reach its destination.

"Yes, I need them to be ready in an hour. I'll be there soon, " Ruen commanded in a firm tone. He was talking to the leader of the special protection team of Mr. Rafael, Holt Montgomery, who was at the receiver's end. He was thirty-six years old, eight years older than Ruen, but the man had great respect for him.

It had been years since Ruen had seen his fellow special service guards — exactly seven men — that he had worked with to provide safety and protection to the wealthy businessman. Although, they were the ones who taught him modern combat styles and attacks, Ruen efficiently and quickly bested them, so much as to earn their high regard and respect.

Holt became the head of the team as soon as Ruen left to find Lianne, travelling to different places until he ended in Fortville City.

Now, with one goal in mind, Ruen knew he needed the help of his former colleagues to save her.

"We will be ready. Just be sure you contain that anger of yours before you get here. Just hearing you on the phone makes me think you are in a blood lust, " Holt remarked, a hint of sarcastic humor present in his voice.

Ruen heaved a sigh and finally ended his call with an 'Okay'.

The last time he felt this much rage was when Garlow was still alive. He was still a boy back then. The ruthless King wanted to hone him into a destructive instrument. A merciless, apathetic, and power-hungry man like he was. After hundreds of trainings and a thousand physical mistreatment after, the once amiable boy turned into a cold-hearted man. This was exactly the same thing he was feeling now. He could kill someone on the spot without a second thought.

The travel back to Since seemed to be an eternity for him, even for a plane in high speed. During the travel, he couldn't contain his thoughts from overflowing. Why did she willingly go to Cain? Why didn't she inform him? Was she okay? Was she blackmailed? Had Cain touched her? Or did she still have reserved feelings for Cain?

The whirling questions were almost too much to bear. He didn't care anymore of the answers. What mattered to him now was her safety. Of course, he hated the idea of Cain touching her, but it would make it killing him even more savory.

He laid back into the backrest and let his eyes roam into the ceiling. This was going to be bloody, and he damned had to make sure Lianne's blood wouldn't be spilled this time like in the past — a regret that had been burdening him since the very first day of life in this modern world.

Contemplating about it was the only thing that he could do for now, but an unexpected ring of his phone captured his attention. It was an unknown number. With one press he answered the phone with a reserved, 'Yes?'

"Your Ma-jes-ty." The male voice had a sting in the end. It didn't take long for Ruen to realize it was Cain on the other side of the line. His lips pressed thinly and his blood suddenly boiled in anger.

The nerve...

"Let her go, Cain, " Ruen quickly commanded.

'Ah, going straight to the point I see.'

"You let her go now or I'll cut you into pieces." It was a bone-chilling threat, but Cain wasn't even affected with it. Ruen just heard a short chuckle in response.

'A poor threat if you ask me, not that I consider it one though. You might be wondering why I ca

the protagonist usually finds the stolen artifact, jewelry, gold, or a large sum of money in a safe or a vault. And where do usually this coveted treasure boxes were placed? It was usually found at the back of paintings, or in between drawers, or hidden behind rotating book shelves. Or at least that's what I could discern from the movies I had watched with Jen on movie nights in her house.

'Now... let's see if my hunch is right.'

Seeing as there were no paintings hung on the walls of the bedroom, I went ahead to the second option which was in between drawers.

I tossed and turned every existing drawer he had and unfortunately found nothing.

The last option was behind rotating bookshelves, or minus the 'rotating' word, so I approached the one shelf available in the room and it stood a few feet beside Cain's master bed.

It looked plain and simple. A three-tier shelf. The complete volume of the World Almanac on the top row, varying books about business and commerce on the middle, and a compilation of untitled white leather-bound books on the bottom.

The white books caught my attention quickly. Weird. It looked specifically custom-made. I was almost tempted to open one of them when I found a familiar-looking book placed singularly at the far corner of the shelf.

It was bound using black lamb skin. The title written on the spine made me frown as I read it.

'The God's Emerald Eyes.'

If my recollection was right, this book was exactly the one I saw Ruen was reading in the library in the Regaleria mansion way back in the past. This book talked about the emerald stone — my family's heirloom — the one object that grants the bearer wishes and the exact object who gave me my dying wish.

And then it hit me, I actually don't remember how I died. So far, my visions hadn't shown me that yet.

I closed my eyes, forcing my mind to remember but it only gave me an aura of headache in the end. What was surprising too was that I suddenly felt like crying. I felt like my heart was being squeezed right out into the open.

I gnashed my teeth just as I clenched my chest. I couldn't be a sobbing mess now. To find the necklace was my top priority.

As I stared at the book again, I was compelled to take it out of the shelf.

I reached for it, my hand trembling in the process, but before I could actually pull it all out, I heard a click sound and then the bookshelf surprisingly slid sideways from the right, thus opening a wide entrance in my front to what looked like a hidden room.

'What the?' My mouth fell open.

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