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   Chapter 25 Looking for the Necklace

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 12267

Updated: 2019-04-22 15:01

POV: Lianne Deivin




I woke up wheezing, fighting to replenish air in my lungs. I felt my chest heavy, like it was being stepped on by an elephant weighing a hundred times heavier than me.

'Take a deep breath, ' I commanded myself.

I sat upright and scanned the room once again only to find that, yes, I was still in a bedroom inside Cain's mansion.

'What was the mansion's name again? Ah yes, Soulisse Mansion.'

It wasn't surprising that like Regaleria, this mansion had stood the test of time. It was good to know that a part of my past still lived at the present day however negative or positive the memories I had with them.

The food the butler had prepared was still readily available on the table, but he was nowhere in sight. Maybe he left when he saw me or thought he saw me sleeping.

My stomach grumbled on cue, but still I opted not to take a piece of anything on the table. Better be safe than sorry.

I stood up and neared the vanity mirror. My reflection showed my uncombed locks and a hint of bags under my eyes. I looked awful, but nothing was compared to the undesirable kiss marks Cain left on my neck.

Damn him.

I can't have Ruen see these. He'd likely get angry. But first things first, I'll have to think about how to escape the room and find the necklace.

The vision I had earlier was enough to tell me about Cain. It had smoothed out every question I had about him.

The first vision showed our first kiss and it was enough to tell me Cain didn't harbor an innocent infatuation anymore. He desired me more than just a friend or a sister and the second vision settled it. He yearned for me and desired me as a woman.

Unfortunately, I couldn't acknowledge it.

I only saw him as a good friend. I treated him as my family — my brother that I had never had. I valued him. I respected him. I cared for him, loved him in fact, but not in a manner that he wanted from me. Not in that kind of way at all.

What my past showed me made all sense. So that was why I had an inexplicable feeling of attachment to him at the present.

With everything that we had gone through, I wanted to help him. Part of me considered his feelings. I was the reason why he did what he did in the past. He had drove himself mad because of his love for me and I couldn't deny that it was half my fault. I should have been blunt with him. I shouldn't have led him into believing I had intimate feelings for him too.

And that was what I'm going to do. I'm going to end this unhealthy obsession of his and I hope for the best that this would also heal him in the process. This was our second life. A second chance to live again and to do right this time. I want Cain to live and find a woman that will love him truly. I want him to be at peace, free of all the hatred and the pain of the past.

I want us to be friends again just like before. Cain was just a lost soul and I believe it my duty to save him from damnation.

But just in case he couldn't be saved, I'll have to think of plan B, and that was to take the necklace from him.

After a short nod at myself in the mirror, I walked towards the door. Luckily, it was unlocked. Either the butler forgot to lock it or I was allowed to roam around the mansion freely.

I knew that finding the necklace would be difficult considering I was inside an expansive mansion, but it was worth a shot.

I was about to turn the knob when I heard a knock on the other side of the door. Hastily, I ran back into my bed and acted as if I was still asleep. I heard the door swung open a second later.

With my eyes in slits, I managed to see everything that transpired. The butler

ch a short notice that this mafia boss would like a meeting with me brought me great irritation.

In the end, I left Lianne's room with a hard scowl on my face.

Drugging Lianne into submission was not my taste. Definitely not my taste. Yes. I like her pleading, begging in her own volition. But on the other hand, I didn't want her to fight me. She had done so the last time and it left me bearing a throbbing pain on my manhood for the next two days.

The drug was my last option. I wanted to claim her and make her mine once and for all. I wanted to erase everything about our past and place new ones — good ones — enough for her to choose me instead of Ruen. And it would have been successful if not for, like I said, the Russian boss' interruption.

It just ended with me kissing her, putting kissmarks on her neck as a sign of my possession.

I decided to accept the meeting with a plan in mind to finish it in a jiffy, but circumstances had evaded me from doing so. Now, my eyes jumped from my laptop's screen talking with the eccentric Russian mafia boss to the security monitors hung on the wall where it surprisingly showed my princess apparently scurrying from one room to another. She may have been looking for the real emerald necklace.

'Her effort is quite admirable, ' my mind commented.

"Send the product at the break of dawn and I will give you double the amount you requested, " said the Russian boss effectively cutting my attention off from the monitor screen.

I looked at him, took note of his bushy beard and the many tattoos on his face, and chewed on his words. This man doesn't beat around the bush.

"I'll send the product now and then you'll give me four times the amount I requested, does that sound good?" I quipped.

The Russian boss paused for a moment and then the corner of his lips curved into a devilish smile.

"Deal, " he stated.

I gave him a nod and a smug smile. "Good, wire the amount now. Your shipment is already en route to your warehouse in Siberia."

"I'll have my Finance do that now." He leaned against the monitor screen and gave me a wider smile. "It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Von Cavill."

I nodded and then turned my laptop off.

My eyes quickly flicked to the monitor screen wherein it still showed Lianne in my bedchamber still rummaging my cabinets. I grinned in effect as a thought crossed my mind.

Maybe I should give her the real necklace.

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