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   Chapter 24 Race Against Time

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 11389

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Soulisse Mansion (Past)

POV: Lianne Dievin




'But the beauty of this place cannot compare to you, Lianne, ' I heard Lord Cain say to my surprise. He was wearing the Regaleria's general uniform while I, just a simple peasant dress.

I found us standing inside a garden pergola surrounded by heavy shrubbery of different flowers here and there: hydrangeas, pink and white mountain laurels, yellow forsythias, and bushes of long-stemmed roses all blooming beautifully.

It was indeed a magnificent sight, especially when traces of snow could still be seen on the soil and on some leaves. There was the sunset too, as what I could assume, that made the garden look even more breathtaking. It was hands down a perfect place for romance.

Cain closed the space between us and regarded me with warm eyes.

'Too close, ' my mind stressed out.

He was too close for comfort and it made my heart automatically skip a beat.

"You still owe me a kiss, " he bluntly confessed.

"Ha!" I gulped. But oh, true! I remembered I had agreed to kiss him in return for teaching me how to ride a horse.

He stared at me and I knew he noticed my cheeks deepened into a red hue just by seeing the corner of his lips form into an appreciative smile.

I didn't want to lead him into a misunderstanding. I wanted to try and reason. I wanted to tell him that I feel unsure about my promise, but an agreement was an agreement, just unfortunately though, he wanted a kiss from my lips.

"Sshhhh..." He placed a finger on my mouth and then drew my waist closer to him. He began touching my already flushed cheeks and then traced the softness of my lips with his forefinger and thumb. His touch immediately granted me a stirring sensation at the pit of my stomach.

His unwavering gaze, his enticing lips, his warm body pressed up against mine — created havoc in my mind.

'Oh my God.'

All these years, I only saw him as a brother. I respected him so. I cared for him deeply. But now, as his intimidating gaze was on me, I'm seeing a different side of him that I wished I didn't see. He was not just a man but a most virile man capable of rousing a desire I am most innocent of.

I wanted to push him back. I wanted to distance myself, but honor-bound to keep my word in return, I decided to just stay the course and be done with it.

He pressed his mouth on mine. It was at first just a breezy touch of our lips, but it soon became deeper and hungrier. He pressed my jaw to open my mouth, and when he elicited that exact response from me, he slid his tongue inside and leisurely moved the fleshy muscle into every corner.

I closed my eyes, and for the first time, I allowed myself to enjoy it.

But that didn't actually last for the man who took my first kiss came popping out of my head: Ruen.



'Don't do this, I beg of you, ' I heard myself plead. I was shifted to another vision wherein Cain was behind me, caressing my bare neck; a wave of distress enveloping me.

The environment now was different. It was a closed room. Shelves of books could be seen in one corner, a sturdy mahogany desk in the center, and a set of furniture a few feet away in my front. This time, he was wearing a chic dashing tuxedo. I was wearing a pink gown given by Lady Faye.

'Yes of course!'

I remember Lady Faye now! She was one of my confidants like Cain. The two of them became my new fami

ed. "And come to think of it, it was after a tall, platinum-haired man bumped into her while we were in the waiting area."

Just hearing Rachel's description of the man's appearance, he was already in full attention to it. He knew from Mr. Rafael's sources that Cain has a hired henchman to do his pretty little dirty works for him. A man with a platinum-colored hair and a burn scar on his right cheek — that's what the description he once remembered given by Gillard's spies.

If Cain opted to use some dirty tricks like kidnapping Lianne for example, he'd definitely use this henchman to do just that.

"I see, " was Ruen's most calm reply, but deep inside he was already seething in anger.

"I'll try calling her." Jen quickly flipped on her phone and dialed Lianne's number. After an entire cycle of constant ringing, she finally gave up. "Her phone is ringing but she's not picking up."

Ruen's tension even grew worse. Another minute staying with them would be pure agony. He just wanted to run now back to his jet plane and command his private pilot to fly back to Since.

"I'm sure she's fine. She might have a good reason why she's not picking up her phone. Anyway Ruen..." Alona knew that tension was already building up on the man in their front. She regarded him with serious eyes and said in a firm tone, "Go. I know you're itching to fly back to Since."

Ruen managed a curt nod and answered a polite "thank you" before dashing off as fast as he could.

Seeing this as a romantic gesture, Jen and Rachel sighed dreamily, but to Alona, she frowned.

It was probably seniority and intuition that somehow gave her a good hint as to what was happening. Right from the very start, when they found Lianne inside the VIP off-limits room lying half naked and unconscious, she knew that two men were after her. She was sure that Ruen was one of them, while the other man, she may not be certain but she greatly suspects it now to be the enigmatic CEO of the Cavill Enterprises.

She looked at Jen who in turn gave her a discreet nod. It was only fleeting, but it was already enough to know that Jen understood the grave situation their best friend was in. Their only lifeline now was to pray and hope that everything would turn out okay in the end.

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