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   Chapter 23 Vulnerable

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 8098

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POV: Lianne Deivin




Cain was kissing me lavishly from head to toe. Touching my body like he was soaping me thoroughly. I couldn't open my eyes but I knew that it was him when he sluggishly uttered my name.

"Lianne... be mine."

Yes. I did shook my head to disagree, but he only proceeded to explore more, kissing my body, licking every curve that I had. I felt him knead my breasts that was devoid of a brassiere and I felt his tongue swirling inside my mouth when he forcibly opened it.

I gasped at the sensation.

I wasn't supposed to feel good about it, but how could I be insensitive to his touch when he was sending waves of pleasure all over me?

Like Ruen, Cain's touch was burning me, coaxing me to submit, making me weak. With our first encounter in the king's room days ago, I should be panicking right now. He was pushing himself on me again, but why was I not fighting like before? Despite myself, why was I opening up to him?

And then I knew the answer. It could be because of the drugged wine. Blast it.

I tried to push him away, yes I did, but he was too strong — an asset I had already established in our first encounter.

I tried to open my eyes again, but still I couldn't. And then he turned me around, putting me in a position so that my back would press his chest.

'Oh no...'

I gasped again. 'Was that his....?'

His domineering voice resounded in my ear. Every command he whispered, rang a thousand bolts inside me. Like I was electrocuted with just his words alone.

"Lean more, my princess, " he ordered and I was left to obey him.

I can't! I have to have a will of my own!

I felt something hard press my rear, and then felt his fingers trail down my mound.

I shivered at the contact of his finger pads on my sensitive flesh. This was so reminiscent of Ruen's touch, but I knew it would never be the same.

"Cain... no, please...." I managed to say despite my drugged state.

"Lianne, this is exactly what you'll feel every time we are together, " I heard him say close to my ear. His fingers continued sliding in and out of my tender flesh, pulling my climax out, while his erection kept hitting my buttock, dry-humping me without my consent.

I whimpered a sound mixed of pain and pleasure. I hated it.

I couldn't move as Cain continued touching me. My hands felt stiff like stone. My breathing turned rapid and deep.

I tried to open

ain and safe from whatever plans he had on me. I couldn't risk getting drugged again. Never.

But of course I had to get the necklace first, and to do that, I had to find it myself. Asking Cain for it wasn't an option. He'd never give it to me.

Thirty minutes later, the door opened. I quickly snapped my head up to see who it was and there I saw a man dressed in a butler outfit, pushing a tray cart full of food and fruits.

"Madame, Mr. Von Cavill had sent me to bring you dinner. I hope the food is to your liking, " he calmly spoke, then started to arrange the only empty table in the room across my four-poster bed.

He didn't seem to mind it when he saw my eyes wet with tears. I just nodded at him and off he went with his duty.

He looked prim and proper, moving in a standardized fashion. Exactly like what you would normally expect for a butler. I saw the food he laid on the table and my mouth started to water.

But I couldn't and will not eat it. After Cain's stunt with the wine, any food or drink offerred to me now would likely be drugged.

"Where am I Sir?" I asked him politely, patting my eyes dry at the same time. I prayed earnestly that he would answer me.

"Madame, you are in the Soulisse Mansion, in Mr. Von Cavill's estate."

I was surprised to hear him say that. I honestly expected that I would be in the highest floor of Cain's tallest skyscraper in Since City. But in the Soulisse Mansion?

The name sounded very familiar. I rephrased the name over and over again in my mind and that's when it hit me. Yes, another vision, accompanied by a dull throbbing headache.

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