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   Chapter 22 The Game of Fate

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10612

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POV: Lianne Dievin




"Li? What's the matter? You look sullen, " Jen asked me directly as soon as I returned. They were all staring at me, confusion clear on their faces, and I had a feeling they knew something wasn't right.

I needed to lie to them again. If there was such a thing as a white lie, then this was definitely it. Before that platinum-haired man drags me out of this airport leaving my friends stunned and afraid of my welfare, I had to do this now.

"I uh...I'm so sorry guys. I really need to stay here. There's some emergency I need to go to, " I said with heaviness in my heart. Jen stood up and took both of my hands, looking at me with understanding.

"Go ahead Li. Don't hesitate to leave us. I knew already this would come. We were actually waiting for you to say it."

'Huh? Say what again?' I was now the one that was confused.

Alona stepped forward and placed her hand on my shoulder. "Don't be shy to admit it, Li. We know it would be hard to part with your man. Before you would be miles away from him, go ahead and spend more time with him."

"Yeah, " Rachel butted in. "Unlike Jen here whose boyfriend lives in Fortville also. You should listen to the calling of your heart and be with the man you love."

'Oh my... they are misunderstanding this. But, whatever. This is much better actually. They wouldn't be worried of me.'

I wonder though. If this would be the right thing to do. Being with Cain again who most openly showed his affections for me, I am pretty sure this could be a trap. And what about Ruen? He'd be angry when he finds out. However, I would prefer to solve this problem myself. I don't want for his life to be in danger just like before.

"Thanks guys. You are the best!" I hugged each of them tightly and smiled in appreciation. Good thing they didn't pursue asking what kind of 'emergency' I was saying. "Do text me when you guys arrive in the airport. Okay?"

"Sure, " Jen replied. "And you, " she pointed her green nail-polished finger on me, "take care, okay? Don't let Ruen ravish you so much!"

I glanced at the platinum-haired man and saw him watching his wrist watch, looking rather impatient.

"I better go, " I finally said, taking my luggage with me.

"All right, Li. Be careful, " Jen nodded with a smile while Alona and Rachel waved their hands.

'Flight 356, MidAir Travel Airbus, going to Fortville City, passengers are requested to board bridge two now.'

I heard an announcement of our flight.

"Well, that's our cue too!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Bye guys, take care!"

We waved at each other and went our separate ways. I intentionally let them get to the bridge first before I turned and approached my 'chaperone.'

I despised this idea, but knowing the necklace was an integral part of my past, I needed to get it from Cain. I didn't miss him say back then that it still held power.

Yes, most of my past memories had returned, so I had an idea that the necklace was my family's heirloom and that it was 'magical'. The fact also that I was reborn and Ruen, transcending space and time because of the necklace, would be proof enough of its power.

Another th

the room. Ruen was standing inches away from the hearth, staring at the charred remnants of the fake necklace. The flames were dancing vigorously, teasing the once-king to toss some more offering to their incinerating touch.

" playing its game on us. Lianne. Me. And has included Cain. He shouldn't have been reincarnated! Now that I know that he has the real necklace, it brings me great fear." Ruen's eyes smoldered with anger. He clenched his teeth and spat out a silent curse.

"I am just wondering, Your Majesty. You did tell me that the emerald stone only holds power when it is merged with Lianne's blood or descendants of her family. That was in the past. Centuries ago! Isn't her blood unacceptable now, knowing that she is already reborn? The blood running in her veins now isn't from the Vhillana family. Isn't it considered void?" Gillard explained in exasperation. Seeing his adoptive son to be in such a precarious situation didn't comfort him at all.

Ruen cleared his fogged mind and inhaled the room's earthly scent. "That is possible. But we can't know for sure. Right now, what is important is that Lianne shouldn't be with Cain. I don't want history repeating itself again."

"Then you should go to her now. Protect her as much as possible." The old man's voice was raspy. He stared at Ruen and in just a second, he could see the turmoil in his soul.

"I need to ask you a favor, " Ruen said, turning his face to his foster father. It was weird for Mr. Rafael to call him a son, but it was even weirder to be called on his past title - Your Majesty.

"What is it Your Majesty?"

Ruen's brows flinched slightly.

'There it is again. That old geezer is surely enjoying it.'

"I need a few of your men to mobilize soon."

Ruen pertained to Mr. Rafael's spies in Cain's corporation, and his own fellow bodyguards -slash- special agents to whom he was taught modern combat skills in his first few years in Mr. Rafael's household.

"Yes of course!" Gillard willingly stated. "They are always willing and ready to accommodate you, Your Majesty. Just say the word."

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