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   Chapter 21 Trapped

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 8408

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I felt uneasy when we parted after our tour. The next time I would see Ruen would be in Fortville City and the hours without him, I knew, would be torture.

He said that he would visit Mr. Rafael at the main city to talk to him about something, but he didn't tell me what.

I kept my worries at the back of my mind. It was Alona's birthday today after all which was why I should wear a smile and a pretty beach dress.

At twelve noon, my friends and I arrived in the Morlave Restaurant. The restaurant had a cool atmosphere, playing a reggae music and with decorations like those in a fiesta. Banderitas and coconut husks and shells were everywhere. The building itself looked like a mixture of Asian and Moroccan style. It emitted a welcoming aura and with a mixture of sophistication.

We headed to our assigned seats and almost immediately, the food was served and it was damn so good. The manager offered us a complimentary wine, Domaine de la Vieille Julienne, as Alona's birthday gift to which she immediately recognized as one of the top wines in Rhone, France.

The liquid tasted really good as it hit my throat. Bitter-sweet in taste at first but heavenly in the end. It was so good, I almost wanted to ask for a bottle more, but then Jen reminded me of its whooping price in the shelf. We all laughed heartily in the end and then proceeded to celebrate her birthday with a few reggae dance.

"Hey, Li!" Alona caught my attention when I purposely sat down back on my rattan chair to rest after minutes of dancing.

"Yeah? What's up?"

She sat down beside me and saw her scanning something in her purse.

"Here." She handed me a white card. I gave her a questioning look. "I thought you might want to have this."

"What's this?" I took the card and flipped it to see that it was Cain's business card. My eyes widened briefly. "Why are you giving this to me Al?"

"Well..." she pouted her lips, and raised her eyes to look at the ceiling and then back to me. "He gave us his business card back in the cave parking lot right? I noticed he gave me an extra one, so here, you might want to have this as a character reference in your resume. You know, having a CEO friend would help out in the job hunting process."

'Oh, Al... you just don't know what you are saying, but I will give you credit for thinking ahead of your future endeavors.'

"Uh...uhm, thanks Al, " I answered, trying to hide the hesitation in my voice, and gave her a warm hug. "By the way, Happy Birthday."

She chuckled

elt my lips quiver by the mention of Ruen's name. Cain was threatening his life again. Dammit! I needed to be strong for him.

"Huh! If I have to base that threat, you are going to kill him anyway, as soon as you have me. There is no point in it."

I hope I sounded firm to him. I was trying hard not to choke in front of the speaker. If he could see me now, he would immediately see my frightened and worried face. I knew it was already a dead giveaway.

He paused, and it was a full minute. I almost thought that he gave up, but then what he said next turned my stomach upside down.

"Of course, you have a point, my Sweet. There is another thing however that you need to know. I have the emerald necklace with me."

I huffed a mocking breath. "You must be joking. You gave the necklace to me in the cabin remember?"

"I didn't, " he answered and I could feel his wicked grin on the other line. Damn him. "What you have is just a perfect replica of the original necklace. I had that made solely for you of course. After what happened in the past, do you think that I would let the necklace go when I know that it still holds power?"


Sheer panic rose inside me as I heard him speak. Oh my God. The necklace he gave me is not the real one?!

But wait.

Another thought dawned on me.

Where was the replica necklace anyway? I am sure I placed it in Ruen's bathroom in the rest house. I never get to wear it again and the necklace never crossed my mind again after that.

"You will come to me Lianne. I know. I need to remind you however, my 'friend' is not a very patient man. You better tell your friends NOW that you will not be leaving Since."

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