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   Chapter 20 A Love So True

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10325

Updated: 2019-04-15 20:34

'Why didn't you tell me the truth?'

Standing like a ghost in a flashback, I saw myself in a bedroom facing the door with my forehead pressed against the wood. I was banging the portal with my clenched fists, venting out my frustration with the poor inanimate object instead of the man who stood on the other side.

Ruen. Yes. Him.

He looked lost; his mouth in a thin line and his jaw tense. His palm was pressed against the door, trying to push it, but without success.

'Please calm down Lianne, ' he said with genuine concern.

I saw myself inhale deeply, my cleavage almost popping out of my corset.

'For all this time, I was suffering in this place. I feel myself restrained in my every move, and the fact that every day of my life I am drowned by the loathing and hatred I feel towards that man! You know what I feel! You know how much I am in pain! You know how much I detested you by the single belief that you are Garlow's son!'

'Lianne, please open this door!" Ruen shouted and I cringed at the sight of him in agony. "Just loathe me! Hate me! Say what caustic words you have to say. Vent your anger in me. Just please, open this damned door!'

My past self seemed stubborn enough not to give in. She heaved a breath and continued pounding the wooden door as if it was his chest she - or I - was trying to hurt.

'You don't even know the torment I am feeling after that single night. I feel that I was betraying myself for letting you touch me, for letting you hold me, for letting myself get carried away. Dammit Ruen, why?! You don't even know how much I was so relieved to know that you are not the real son of Garlow! Don't I deserve to know the truth? Can't you see that that is the sole reason why I hated you?! My God Ruen! It made me almost insane to think that I was the worst of all, believing that I have betrayed my family, believing that I have tainted their precious memory, believing that I have insulted their grave...for...for falling in love with you.'

My mind reeled with the vision in my front. Tears slowly trickled down from my eyes in time with the tears that my past self shed.

'Lianne, I want to embrace you, ' Ruen managed to speak and that made me realize he was as much in despair as I was.

'Please open this door.'



I felt a hand touch my face tenderly like I was a fragile vase. Upon opening my eyes, I realized I was back in the present when I saw Ruen sitting at the edge of the bed, facing me, looking intently worried.

'Where was I again?' My brain was a bit dried out, I couldn't recognize where I was.

"Lianne, are you all right?"

I stared at him, my attention fixed on him and him alone.

He moved closer beside me and lightly patted his fingers on the corner of my eye. That simple action informed me that they were actually wet with tears.

"I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"Shhh, I understand. What did you see this time?" he asked.

I gazed into his orbs, those beautiful brown-greens which showed intense sadness during my flashback and then answered, "You. Me."

I scanned the room we were in

see them playfully passing to and from the bubble waves as it hit the surface. The sun was up, almost in the twelve o'clock position, but the air was still cold.

"Four in the afternoon, " I replied.

"I see, " he said but then paused for a moment as if he was in deep thought. "Are you sure you don't want to use my private plane? It would make you feel a lot more comfortable flying and I at ease during your flight."

I arched a teasing brow at him.

"Hmmm, sounds tempting, but Jen specifically said that we should use the public airplane. It seemed she wanted to have a girl bonding time with the four of us only. It is Alona's twenty-fifth birthday after all."

Speaking of which, I need to send her a happy birthday text soon.

Alona was just a year older than me and Jen, while Rachel was two years older. A lunch date was already set up for the four of us today at the Morlave Restaurant at the bay side of the mansion, near the beach. It is going to be fun, I know but men are strictly prohibited, so that means no boyfriends allowed. I remember Jen frowning when Alona mentioned it last night, but she gave in and just said her usual cheery 'okay'.

"If that's what it is then, but you have to call me as soon as you land in Fortville National Airport."

I nodded. "Yes, boss, " I said and then smiled at him to which he only gave me a good tickle at the sides of my ribs.

I whirled around, laughter ringing loudly in the air, and then paused, looking at him with passion overflowing in my heart.

"I will see you there, " I whispered and then lifted my face up planning to kiss him on the lips.

It was thrilling to know that he would follow me wherever I go. He knew that my life was in Fortville, and he understood that I should return there. However, he clearly stated that he wanted me to live with him in the rest house sooner or later. He said that last night, and I couldn't help but think of it as his way of a marriage proposal.

"I will be waiting, " he answered and then met my lips in another mind-blowing kiss.

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