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   Chapter 19 In A Trance

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 8863

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It was six in the evening. I was sitting on the living room couch wearing Ruen's white polo shirt when I received a call from Jen telling me that I should get back in the mansion. Apparently, Madame Brenda will be hosting a dinner farewell party for us and the other guests, since tonight would be our last night in the mansion.

Ruen was in the kitchen, taking some cold refreshments out of the fridge when he cast a curious eye on me. I took a quick glance back at him and then turned to walk outside the open balcony where the night sky showed a sea of stars and a bright full moon.

It was indeed beautiful to watch. Simply romantic.

"Yes, I see."

"Okay then, so I will see you here in an hour?" Jen stated.

"Yup, I will prepare to leave now Jen. See you there."

"Alright. Bye."

"Bye, " I answered back with a heavy heart, feeling the air of reality gaining ground on me. After spending the whole day with Ruen, I honestly forgot that I was going back home tomorrow. It was good that Jen had slapped me back to reality. But still, I couldn't believe that this would be our last time together.

"You look concerned, " Ruen's voice emerged from my back, and then I felt his arms embracing me from behind. He rested his chin on my right shoulder and I instinctively leaned my head to the left to welcome him. "Don't worry, its not our last time together, " he added as if he had read my mind.

"Jen says that you should come with us in the dinner party too."

"She did?"


"Then, there's not a problem with that."

I whirled around and faced him, surprised. "Don't you have somewhere to go to?" I don't know what came over me for asking that question.

He grinned and then brushed a tress of hair that came loose as a heavy wind passed us.

"Lianne, I just spent the whole day with you. Knowing that you would be leaving tomorrow afternoon, do you think I would waste time not wanting to be with you tonight? My work is of little importance when it comes to you."

I felt a rush of blood up my cheeks.

"You did say your a personal bodyguard of Mr. Rafael. Don't bodyguards require to be 24/7 with their bosses?"

I heard a grumble from his throat as he paused to stare at me keenly. He brushed his fingers on my lips and continued to say simply, "You are my boss, Lianne", and then covered my mouth with his.



With his high-turbo engine car, I doubt it would take us more than twenty minutes to reach the mansion. Having a good amount of extra time on our part with Jen's one hour call time, we decided to head to the main city shops to find a cocktail dress for me to wear in the dinner party.

he dinner party went on gaily. After the main course was served, we had some few drinks of wine to fill up our taste buds. Everything was on the house. From the food to the raffle prizes that was given. Rachel and Jen happen to win an iPad tablet, while I got a cute stuffed toy - a unicorn, and Alona received a complimentary spa and whole body massage for two.

A bit tipsy because of the wine, I excused myself early and my friends were understanding with my state. Jen nodded back at me, not bothering to offer herself to accompany me to my room when she knew Ruen would do so. And besides, she was all too engrossed with her boyfriend's rather dashing appearance, in a white and black semi formal tuxedo.

"You drank too much, " Ruen uttered, a grim look on his face visible. He was supporting me, holding me beside him with his left arm around my waist. We were almost at the second floor, walking up the long stairs carefully.

"I didn't, " I answered in weak protest.

I was just tipsy. I could still balance myself properly, but he insisted on holding me close. Oh yes, I definitely missed this cute side of him whenever he displays this overprotective aura.

Walking towards my room in the second floor hallway felt uneasy for me. The walls almost whisper my past emotions. My loneliness. My immense hatred towards Garlow. My hopelessness. But Ruen being here with me, it drowned my fears and anxiety away. Of course, he gave me hope back then. He gave me light. He gave me freedom. And he cared for me. Just like the now.

He opened the door for me and we went inside together like a newly-wed couple in a honeymoon.


But as soon as the door closed, I felt a sudden rush of panic and then another vision quickly caught me in a trance.

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