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   Chapter 18 A Beautiful Morning

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 9877

Updated: 2019-04-15 20:26

POV: Cain Von Cavill




Pissing me off. It's pissing me off!!

As soon as Lianne darted away out of the door, a loud ring of my phone halted my intention of running after her. Shit! Another nuisance.

"What?!" I snapped as soon as I pressed the phone to unlock. My secretary's string of apologies hit the air and then the info about my clients.

"All right, I'll be there, " I ground out then placed the phone back in my pocket.

Tsk. Another bothersome business. Oh, the merits of being a CEO.

I drove my car down the hill and into the city highway. I guess chasing after Lianne could be deferred for the moment. Right now, I have big bosses coming from Cuba and Guam ready to pick up their package.

Yes. Package. A heavy one full of a newly-produced drug called Xtaxxi, created from my very own hired chemists. A gram of this powder was worth twenty-five thousand Euros. It could cause immediate hallucination after inhaling. Sends the person into overdrive and high for a couple of days. Pretty much like the common narcotic drugs, but much much more liberating and with few to almost no side effects. It's very addictive so to speak. That's how power-packed the product is.

My rich, dead parents know not of this secret agenda of mine. They used to think me as a supportive and obedient son. But the sooner I was brought up and exposed in this new world, the sooner my eyes were opened... to new possibilities.... to new things I could conquer... to her, that I could possess.

But personally, I don't use the drug. Just looking at it makes me sick. I just needed their money.

Yes. Money.

What else? To gain more power of course. And the sooner I gain it, the earlier I could take the mansion on top of the hill to that old bastard Mr. Rafael who outbid me in the auction eight years ago.

It didn't take long for me to know though that Ruen was working for that bastard as a personal bodyguard. Huh. No wonder the old man made it sure he wins the auction that time, and thinking about it pisses me off.

When I arrived at my skyscraper building, I directly went to business. I was sure they were already anxiously waiting for me at the lowest basement where I do my personal agendas. It didn't take me long at all. It just took me half an hour for my business with each boss. Why the hell would I take time when I know already what they need from me and I from them?!

So now that I'm free, I should find Lianne again, and this time, make her mine.

I was in the elevator, the button pressed to the first basement up, and when the conveyor door opened, a thought crossed my mind, then I couldn't hide a mischievous grin on my lips. Flipping my phone, I dialed a private number I knew so well. The man who owned this number was an indispensable employee of mine when it came to doing the wickedness in my head.



The next morning, about fifteen minutes past nine, I slowly but continuously tappe

I didn't realize that I miss him so much. So he is the one that fills the gaping whole in my heart and now that I have remembered him, everything about my unexplained attraction and the pulling sensation - those deja vu feelings towards him and the mansion - are now answered.

"Lianne, how do you do?" he asked me.

Seriously? I couldn't help but smile and blush. Is this your way of asking me how I am after I remember you or how I feel after we made love?

He inched closer to me and then planted me a genuine morning kiss. It was pure and simply light, but that only made my heartbeat race even more!

His lips gradually became aggressive. It was a bit demanding, yes. But for me, it was a sign that he wanted me all the more. I opened my mouth and welcomed his onslaught. He inserted his tongue with finesse. I let out a sluggish moan in response, feeling the effect of his taste in my mouth.

Oh! I wonder what would Jen think now!

He stopped for a moment, giving us time to catch our breaths.

I couldn't help but notice the unusual look on his face. He seemed to be a bit worried over something.

"Did you remember at last?" he asked me. I was slightly taken aback but when I saw the concern in his eyes, I immediately replied, smiling back at him to allay his fears.

"I did. Although not all of it, but I remember you and me, Garlow, and back when we were children..."

"What did you remember about us exactly?" he asked once again.

'Oh Ruen...' my heart just warmed up.

"Ruen, I remember you, my prince, my love..." I said as I placed my hands on his face.

As sure as the magic surrounding the emerald necklace, I know the visions I saw meant to guide me to him. But I have another dilemma.

I still couldn't understand myself. I am open and wanting to him but why do I feel like there is something I needed to patch up? What is this uneasiness inside me? I have to do something about it to clear this up, but I wonder how...

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