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   Chapter 17 Passion and Memories

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 12891

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The look on Ruen's face showed that he was stunned by my words. Then, some moments later his eyes softened likely realizing what I meant. He inched closer to me and ever so gently touched my cheeks. This time, the heat I was feeling ignited more.

"Lianne, are you sure?" he asked me with doubt in his eyes.

"Yes..." was my most ardent reply.

He bent his head to kiss me. It was pure bliss. The feeling of his lips on mine, finally. I remembered back in the mansion, before my friends and I were to go to the cave, he bestowed a kiss on me like this. Although that one was a bit aggressive, possibly because he was jealous of Cain, but it was still the same, full of desire that was tangible on his lips.

I let myself loose. I didn't allow anything to nail me down or let any feeling of hesitation come over me.


Free to give myself to him.

Our mouths collided like a comet hitting the surface of the earth. And every impact was as deep as the one before. I palmed his face with both of my hands and then ran my fingers through his hair. His scent is intoxicating as I remembered it to be. My mind registered every aroma of it.

Then he pulled back abruptly. I was dumbfounded at first, but as I looked at him, I could see the satisfaction and searing desire flaming in his eyes.

"Come with me, " he said and took my hand.

I let him lead me once again, only this time up the bedroom floor and into the Masters.

He noticed the slight trembling of my hands and in response, he kept it still, planting a kiss on my fingers as we stood right in the doorway of his room.

"I'll prepare the bath for you, " he offered and I just nodded in return. He really does think that I wanted to try the Jacuzzi now.

I eyed him entering the bathroom, or should I say, the enormous bathroom. It was designed for perfection. Blue and white tiles adorned the floor and in the walls were also light blue tiles with engravings. I entered the first of the three separately connected sections of the bathroom.

The first one was half the size of his bedroom. It had a huge wall mirror and a granite sink countertop. The lightings were modern and there was a walk-in shower encased in a transparent glass and a porcelain tub on its side.

This was exactly where I undressed myself, leaving only my black lingerie on. The necklace, I purposely left on the sink. I poised to look at the mirror. My reflection showed me...the nervous me. Is this what it feels like?

There was a white bathrobe hung in one of the walls, so I freely took it. At least to provide a bit of modesty when I enter the second section of the bathroom, which was exactly the Jacuzzi area.

~ 0 ~

POV: Ruen Waitsince




I couldn't believe myself. She agreed.


She agreed.

Was I a fool to even ask her that question then? What if she answered no. It would destroy my whole world surely. But now, she's here, willing and ready to submit herself to me.

My heart hammered so much. I felt like this was just a dream. That if I acted a bit too hasty, that everything would disappear.


I should take everything slow. Cherish the time that she's with me, and hope that it would be forever.

I remembered, in the past, when we made love for the first time in my chamber then. It was heaven. But as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I found that she already left.

I couldn't risk that from happening again. This would be my last card. My trump card. The only hope I have for her to remember me. Cain, I'm sure, thought the same way. He almost raped her for that fact alone. I wouldn't do that to her however. That was why I solely asked her permission.

I pressed the remote button to let the Jacuzzi run. Since Mr. Rafael gave this rest house to me, this would be the first time I'm using this romantic element in the bath

love you, " I heard him say so tenderly, kissed my lips, and then began to thrust his hardness inside me. I felt a quick and brief pain tearing the insides of my flesh then.


Another vision entered me. I was in my room in the Regaleria mansion, utterly surprised to find Prince Ruen visiting my chamber in the middle of his father, King Garlow's funeral.


'I have not forgotten my promise to you.'

'I know. Then, would you...'

'Fulfill it? Yes, of course... you have all the right to be free, Lianne. I can't keep that yearning away from you. But, I want to protect you from the dangers outside my reach.'

'What more danger is there outside than living with the world's most cruel man? So you intend to keep me here after all?'

'I am a man who honors my word. I am never like Garlow. I...I just hope you'd...'

'I'm sorry, but, I...ah...I can't stay.'

'It is settled then. I hope to give you a proper leave, but then the procession and the burial tomorrow will keep me from doing so. I will not be here for three days and I know you are craving to leave the mansion; so I am quite certain I will not be able to meet you again when I return...'

'The sooner I leave, the better...'

'Then, would it be too much to ask just one thing from you?'

'I am not obliged to do errands for you, Your Highness, but to allow your grace a final request, I guess, it would be enough.'

'Then, let me kiss you.'


Ruen ensued another thrust inside me. I moaned. Then another. I moaned again. Then another. And another. And another. I writhed in passion.

A lethargic yet surprisingly light feeling overcame me. I heard him groan in pleasure and then proceeded to trail flaming kisses from my lips to my breasts. He was panting. I was panting. Our breaths were heady and mixed.

'Please don't hurt me, ' I heard a delicate little girl's voice from beyond the darkness. I recognized it was my own.

'I...I won't, ' a boy replied, his voice tender and warm. A soft green glow of light suddenly appeared out of nowhere, peaking its way from the darkness and changing into a clearer picture: pair of beautifully sad eyes, brown-green in color, staring at me with longing. It was from the young boy in the greenhouse.


I snapped back to reality, groggy but feeling satisfied.

The sunrays welcomed me when I opened my eyes, and there I found myself lying naked under the bedcover, with my head resting on Ruen's chest. I looked up and saw two familiar blue-greens staring lovingly at me.

"Good morning, Lianne."

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