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   Chapter 16 Final Decision

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 15916

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POV: Lianne Deivin




I diced the spring onions and sprinkled it on top of the bacon soup all the while I hummed. This tune had been inside my head since I was little. It always made me feel calm whenever I had stressful situations. Cooking however wasn't stressing me but the tune just popped out of my head the moment I started cooking and it had stuck until I finished.

There. I'm finally done.

With arms akimbo, I stepped backward and surveyed my creations.

A feeling of pride rushed inside me seeing the food I prepared for both of us. I always loved to cook, always had been at ease with the kitchen, but it was my first time cooking for someone other than Jen and my Aunt, and all the more for the opposite sex.

I crossed my fingers, hoping that Ruen would like the soup, and maybe if he wanted, I'd be glad to share a pancake with him.

Now, the last thing would be to set up the breakfast table.

With that in mind, I turned towards the sink, intent to wash my hands and face before I could take my apron off.

After turning the faucet on, I washed my hands, soaped it and then splashed water into my face, immediately feeling refreshed and clean. But that's the exact moment when I realized something.

I actually forgot to prepare a towel for me to use. Now, my face was dripping wet with water.

Okay, what to do? What to do?

My mind thought hard and fast. Should I just use the apron to pat my face dry? I asked myself as I squinted to look at the apron. Shoot. Not a good idea because it was smudged with the pancake ready-mix I used minutes ago.

I had no other choice but to let my face dry itself up.

I turned around to take the apron off, but as soon as that happened, I gasped in surprise when I saw Ruen standing in the doorway, already keenly looking at me.

Oh my God!

I gulped hard.

"Hey! Hi!" My greeting sounded forced. "You're already up! Are you feeling better?" I would have wanted to be there when he wakes up, but it seems he had beaten me to it.

Then, I eyed him suspiciously, suddenly realizing something. "Had you been standing here all this time?"

Ruen gave me a short nod and a grin. "Yes, I feel better now, thanks to you, and yes, I had been standing here since give or take about fifteen minutes ago. You were so busy you didn't notice me, Lianne."

My cheeks heat up at his words.

He walked towards me and in reaction my heartbeat tripled. We held onto each others gazes until he stopped right in front of me and reached for a cabinet near him.

Confused, I looked at what he was doing.

"Here, " he said just as he pulled out a blue and white striped face towel from the cabinet.

"Oh...tha-thanks, " I said, my voice somehow coming out shy.

I took the towel from him and wiped my face hurriedly.

"Hmmm, the food smells good, Lianne."

"Oh! I ah...I cooked up a breakfast for both of us. See?" I gestured a hand towards the table. "I realized you'd be hungry after your... your... ah...your" I was out of focus when he gradually stepped closer to me.

Step after step my breathing seemed to pause. His eyes held mine like a spell, unwilling to be unbound. My feet, they stayed in place, and didn't want to ran away. As if I wanted to.

When we were inches apart, he reached out to me, snaked his arms around my back and pulled me close for a really tight embrace.

I was left dumbfounded. My arms didn't know what to do. Should I embrace him back or not?

"Uhmm, Ruen?" my voice croaked.

In response, he squeezed my shoulders and pressed his cheek harder against the crown of my head.

"Thank you, " a sincere tone drifted through my ears then.

"For...for what Ruen?" I asked, feeling confused.

"For being here."

I bit the insides of my cheek. A soothing warmth filled my stomach and it diffused throughout my body. It was wonderful. Addictive even.

"Of...of course. You did say you'd help me remember. That's why I'm here."

My lips quivered lightly. Oh my heart. Be calm. Be calm!

He released me afterwards and I tried to keep my knees strong so that I wouldn't fall to the floor.

"Uhm, let's eat, " I said and sensibly turned around to avoid his gaze. If I didn't and continued looking at his brown-green orbs my heart would probably explode.

I heard him give out an approving sound and then claimed one seat across mine.


We ate breakfast together in the same table and it was thoroughly awkward. To be honest, this was not what I had in mind at all. I expected him to be lying on the sofa still half-conscious and I, feeding him the soup. But really, what was I thinking anyway. Feeding him would definitely be more awkward than eating with him in the same table.

We didn't start any convers

the bedcover.

I could feel my blood rushing quickly on my cheeks. 'What happened? Why am I naked?' I asked myself.

I held the cover close to my chest as I reached again to get the necklace. After examining it up in the air, I noticed that the mattress dipped at the empty side. I turned and saw Ruen smiling warmly at me, wearing a loose white trouser but with nothing on top.

"Good morning, Lianne, " he greeted, giving me a fresh smile.

Despite confused as to his presence, I smiled back. "Good morning...Ruen."

My voice somehow sounded shy, like I was a teenage girl meeting her crush for the first time.

Ruen cupped my chin, while the other hand freely brushed the tangled part of my hair. He pulled me closer to him and without any hesitation, gave me a blissful morning kiss.

I didn't protest. I melted. I really did. Into his arms.

"Lianne, you are mine alone, and I, only yours. With such a tormented soul as mine, I doubt that I deserve you, but you have made me complete. Thank you for this wondrous morning, " he stated close to my ear.

I immediately felt a quick pang of pain. Since I haven't remembered everything about us yet, I couldn't understand what he was saying, but the me in the flashback somehow eased and smiled at him.

"And you took all of my fears and pain away, Ruen, and for that, there is nothing that you do not have any right on, " I said as I held his eyes on mine.

He placed the necklace on my neck and with a long lingering kiss on my nape, he ignited my slumbering desire.

"Ruen, kiss me, " I requested without qualm and with one swift motion our lips locked and not a space was spared.

Our kiss deepened some seconds later and soon enough I was stripped of the bed sheet showing my naked self for him to behold and lavish.


That was what I felt the whole time we made love.

And I loved it. The feeling of his hands on my skin. His lips capturing mine with passion. And his burning desire on me enveloping my whole body.

It was pure ecstasy.


It was evening, probably six in the evening when I woke up. That dream slash flashback made my heart and body burn in need. I wanted to be touched, to be caressed, to be made love to just like the me in the flashback. I wanted Ruen to do so. I couldn't exactly say it but I just felt that if am to decide now, I know I will not regret it later.

Hurriedly, I went out of the study room and found Ruen already waiting for me in the open balcony of the living room; his gaze thick and arousing. My body reacted and it warmed up. Butterflies in my stomach turned to dragons, wrecking havoc inside me in the most delicious of ways.

"Do you want to go back to the mansion now?" he queried as I joined him in the balcony.

"No, " I said and shook my head. I stopped in his front and placed a hand on his chest, feeling for the heavy thudding there. "I...haven't tried the Jacuzzi upstairs yet. I want to...try it."

I noticed a Jacuzzi in one of the bedrooms upstairs when I went there to find a shirt last night. My guess was, it was the Masters bedroom and I know for sure it was his room.

Surely, he understood what I meant.

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