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   Chapter 15 Playing Nurse

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 6574

Updated: 2019-04-04 23:47

POV: Lianne Deivin




I didn't have enough sleep at all the whole night taking care of my unexpected patient. Apparently, Ruen had a fever as high as 39 degrees Celsius because of his gunshot wound. To make things complicated, he was also in pain and he didn't even take any pain medications to help him endure it.

What was he even thinking anyway?! Kill himself to death?!

I thought him courageous and strong though, that he went through this much to bear the pain while he met with me twice today and drove us to his house. I didn't even notice his ailment until we arrived here and him suddenly falling, but even so…even so it's just too twisted.

Why didn't he tell me that he was suffering? I could have helped him sooner.

My arms and back ached a little. I had to position him on the large sectional sofa so that he would lie down and rest in it properly. It wasn't easy at all with him only half conscious, but I had to do it still. I would have wanted to put him in his bedroom but since I didn't know where it was and that I couldn't lift him all the way there, I decided for the practical option.

Once he settled, I quickly scanned the kitchen cupboards and cabinets for any medicine available and luckily, there were tablets of morphine placed in one of them.

The whole floor had an open concept design with only a glass door to the kitchen and a cleverly placed shelf separated the two sections. The kitchen was just some stairs down from the modern living room with walls painted with white and lighted with modern light fixtures.

It wasn't devoid at all with furniture. In fact, it was extensive enough for a man who lived alone.

And speaking of which, my cheeks blushed many times. Yes, truth be told, I was both excited and nervous knowing that we were both alone in his house.

Back to the subject, it was early in the morning when my stomach protested. I was hungry, but before I attended to it, I stood up from my

tairs and into one of the three bedrooms: the Masters.

Mr. Rafael gave the rest house to me three years ago. He said to give me privacy. But all the while, he didn't even know how much torment it gave me to see the mansion from up here. I accepted it though. Coming here from time to time in order to catch a breather and to use my fond memories of her in the past, at least it lessened my pain. Never had I expected she'd step foot in this house and be with me whole flesh and blood.

I took a quick warm shower to freshen up and then changed into new clothes: a loose fitting trouser and a white t-shirt ensemble. I couldn't feel the ache in my wounds anymore. It felt numbed in a good way, and I felt better, so much better. Thanks to her care.

Once I was dressed and ready, I went downstairs, passing the living room and into the kitchen.

Lianne was still humming. I smiled again. It was music to my ears. I stopped just beside the door, leaning against its frame as I slowly observed her, taking in all of her presence as she coordinated her cooking skills.

Her back was to me. I couldn't see her face but I knew she was too engrossed with what she was doing to even notice me.

I crossed my arms to my chest; my heart throbbing wildly just seeing her within my reach. Just within my reach.

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