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   Chapter 14 Tormenting Himself

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10873

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Since Mansion (Days Earlier)




"Have you found her?" Mr. Gillard Rafael asked, directing his question to Ruen who was standing against the balustrade of a VIP room of the Since Mansion. Ruen's eyes were fixed on a scenery in front of them: a beautiful sunset, similar to what he was accustomed to way, way back in the past.

A female servant of the mansion had just left the balcony after preparing two cups of tea: one for Mr. Rafael who was sitting near the coffee table and one for Ruen. The former was wearing once again his most favorite hat, a white and black checkered fedora hat, coupled with a formal suit the shade of dark blue. He sipped the contents of his cup as he waited for the latter's response.

"Yes, I found her finally, " Ruen answered right after he heaved a sigh. God knows how many years he had been searching for her. He never gave up. His existence in the modern world was enough evidence that Princess Lianne would also resurface somewhere sooner or later. It was just a waiting game; a game that he most certainly would play just to reunite with her again.

"Uh huh, and then?" replied Mr. Rafael, wanting more information.

"She is living in Fortville City and she has her own apartment, but no family with her."

"Fortville?" the old man's brow arched up. "If I'm not mistaken, the City of Fortville was once called the City of Olga."

"Yes, " Ruen clarified, still watching the scenery.

"Huh! How ironic is that?" Mr. Rafael couldn't contain his amusement. "For her to resurface in that exact place, who would have known?"

Ruen didn't give any comment regarding it, but deep inside, his blood boiled hating how twisted Fate was. The City of Olga housed the infamous cave that almost became Lianne's burial ground if he had come seconds late of saving her. But actually, it was better this way. It would be harder to track her down if she were in some faraway country with a different language.

Mr. Rafael remained silent for a moment, sipping the tea once again until it was empty.

"I never realized reincarnation is real, " he started once again, "if that's what we would even call your situation. Or magic. I never believed in those until I saw you in that fateful snowy day. Just you standing here, in this day and age, are already proof that my normal life isn't always what it seems."

He then lit a Cuban cigar, placed it in his mouth and puffed the smoke out.

"What I don't understand however is why you're still here talking to me. You have finally found her after searching all these years Ruen and yet you are hesitant to approach her? You're unbelievable."

The sunset now was already changing its hue from a bright yellow and orange to a dull violet and brown. Ruen felt his heart clench in agony upon hearing his words. "She…I think…she doesn't remember anymore, " was his most honest reply.

"Are you certain?" Mr. Rafael stood up and approached him, stopping at his left side. He could clearly see the turmoil not only in Ruen's eyes but in his heart.

"She looks…happy with her life now. I can't bother her anymore, " Ruen further spoke.

"Stop that nonsense!" Mr. Rafael admonished. "How much more do you have to endure? You have waited for her for years! You t

She looked like she was pissed off with my silence but this was the only way. I couldn't give more information until the time was right.

However, a small smile broke on the corner of my lips, almost like a smirk, pleased that I got her attention. After one final glance of her, I proceeded to the entrance gate where my car was parked some distance away. I didn't realize it at first until I got inside that my hands were actually trembling. I felt so free. So relieved. So happy that I saw a small glimpse of hope inside her. Only time and my patience would tell how long this torment would end.


Yes... patience.

The key now for my plan to go smoothly was my patience.

However, even that had deserted me, for after a few hours later, I was already stalking her again in her apartment. I just couldn't contain myself.

I knew it wasn't right to enter her apartment at midnight without her knowledge, but it gave me a fright when I heard her scream in the bedroom. It looked like she had a bad dream. When she went down the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the fridge that was when my patience broke down. Seeing her there...just hands and legs betrayed me before I could even think right.

She looked frightened. I bet she thought me a rapist or a murderer, but she caught a glimpse of my face with the dim lighting of the fridge and she somehow calmed down a bit. The knife in her hand frightened me more though. She might cut herself with it, so I instinctively grabbed it from her.

Bad idea I guess.

She panicked and fought with me as hard as she could, refusing to let the knife go.

I didn't know what else to do then so I kissed her to stop her screaming. But probably, deep inside me, it was more of yearning. God knows how much I missed kissing her.

Then she fainted, probably because of her overworked emotions.

Touching her face, I realized that I was truly in torment, and this feeling would never end. This craving would never be sated until she'll be with me.

She must remember. She should remember. And the only way possible, I think, was for her to go to the Regaleria Mansion once again.

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