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   Chapter 13 With Him

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 13678

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POV: Lianne Deivin

Meet me where the moon and the waters kiss.

Ruen's message was vague. It didn't say exactly what time and where we should meet, but since it was already night time and that the note mentioned 'water', I opted to go to the only body of water the camp had: the lake. Now I'm walking along the shoreline trying to find him and hoping I was right with my hunch.

With the pristine lake and the reflection of the moon on its surface, this could be possibly the one he was talking about.

Nobody was around, I presume, because of the camp show and that proved to be an advantage. It provided me an easier way to find him.

And yes, just over the distance, I noticed a man standing near the shore. The water almost touched his boots, but I think he was too engrossed with staring at the lake that he didn't notice it.

My heart skipped a beat this time. Oh my God. Is it him?

I was doubtful to approach the man. If it was really Ruen, what am I to say to him then? Should I tell him that I met Cain again? Or that I dreamed of him? That it could possibly be a fragment of my memories of a life long ago? I just didn't know what to say. However, with all the doubts in my head, I willed myself to approach him.

I felt nervous. I kept controlling my hand from trembling as I neared him. When I finally arrived a few meters behind him, I stopped, feeling hesitant if I should cut his reverie. I didn't make a sound. I just gazed at his back...his wide slender back for a minute, until he turned around to face me. I was surprised.

His eyes rested on me. He didn't smile or frown. He didn't even greet me, or say one damn word. He just stood there as if waiting for me to speak.

'Speak Lianne!' I ordered myself, but no words would come out of my mouth.

The tension was too much. I felt butterflies in my stomach. My heart started to drum faster against my chest and my palm became sweaty despite the cold air surrounding us.

Still, he continued staring at me.

I couldn't believe how awkward it was for me just standing with nothing to say. I shifted my eyes past him and into the lake behind him. At least, this would calm down my nerves. I took a deep breath and gathered my confidence again.

A strong gush of wind passed my back, tossing my long hair to the front. I immediately reacted and brushed it back in place.

Then out-of-the-blue, he started to speak. I was taken aback.

"That necklace definitely suits you, Lianne. It reminds me so much of the past."

"The...past?" I uttered feeling lost. Cain said the same. Were they actually saying that I had a life in the past other than this one?

~ 0 ~

POV: Ruen Waitsince

It seems she did get my note. I couldn't keep a smile forming on my lips as I saw her walking towards me.

No turning back now.

I felt like I'm in Cloud Nine just thinking that she'll be close to me again, but when I noticed a brief reflection of a green light from her chest when she was still in the distance, my eyes thinned. The emerald necklace. How did she get it? Or more importantly, who gave it to her?

My mind reeled with the many questions inside my head. I turned to look at the lake and closed my eyes, trying to calm myself down before she arrives.

But when she did, I couldn't keep myself from interrogating her.

"Cain gave it to you?" I asked, pointblank. I just need to know quickly who gave it to her.

"Ye...yes, " she answered, albeit reluctantly. She routed her eyes on the ground looking guilty.

My head seemed to battle inside. How? When? Where? A lot of questions emerged, but I didn't want to pressure her from answering. I didn't want to scare her away.

"Does it bother you seeing me wearing this?" I heard her say. I was surprised how blatant her question was.

I paused for a second, thinking. Then, I neared her. She just stood there, not at all showing any hint of fear towards me. I touched her arm softly, tenderly like a fragile vase and then pulled her to me, whispering my answer on her ear.

"I don't know what to say. I am happy to see you wear the nec

ad Ruen was busy driving else he would have seen me blush furiously.

We climbed up a mountain and passed by curves and curves of road along the mountain side until we reached a narrow road surrounded with tall trees. We ended up in a gated area. Ruen pressed a button on his touchscreen monitor and without delay, the imposing barrier opened on its own.

He stopped the car right at the entrance of the house. I didn't wait for him to open the door for me. I opened it myself and climbed out of the vehicle.

I was immediately in awe then. From where I stood, I could see the whole of the resort and the fa?ade of the Since Mansion lighted with neon blue search lights.

Never had it dawned on me that Ruen would have a house in this area. All this time I thought he was just visiting the resort like me, and stalking me even, but I guess it wasn't the case.

"Wow, " was the one word that escaped from my mouth as I stared at the breathtaking view ahead of me.

"Lianne, come inside, " I heard Ruen say. I turned around and found him already offering his hand to me.

Without delay, I took it and gave him a reserved smile.

We entered his house and the first thing I noticed was the interior that boasted a modern and stylish design. The furniture was cleaned, the marble floor was polished, and the fireplace in the living room had fresh logs ready for use.

I didn't see anyone greeting us on our way in so it made me think that we were possibly alone inside. Not that it would worry me.

"I stay here from time to time, " he said as he placed the car key on an available slender table right beside the doorway. He took his coat off and I instantly blushed.

'What is wrong with me?' my mind screamed. 'I'm acting like a bloody newly wed woman!'

"Do you live alone here?" I voiced out, eagerly waiting for his reply.

"Yes. I clean the house myself and cook my own food."

"Wow, that's surprising to hear."

I walked into the open balcony connecting the living room and surveyed another new view before me: a sea of trees surrounding the house, a stretch of the blue ocean some miles away at the east side, and a busy town on the north side.

"This place is beautiful, Ruen. How did you find this place?" I asked whilst looking at a blanket of stars on the night sky.

After a minute, no answer came from him, so I turned around to face the living room.

My eyes instantly widened when I saw him lying on one of the sofa chairs in an odd position, with his eyes tightly shut, his face with profuse sweat, and his breathing labored.

"Ruen!" I cried out and ran to his side. "Hey! What's happened to you?"

I touched his shoulder and from there I felt it. "Oh my God. You have a fever?!"

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