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   Chapter 12 Remembering the Past

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 15671

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Darkness surrounded me first before a soft glow of green light appeared before me.

"You look absolutely ethereal tonight, but you always have been and every day for that matter."

I then heard a man's voice say.

As if I was in a movie, suddenly my green surroundings shrunk into one ball of white light and everything came bursting out into view.

The music of the orchestra was the first thing that caught me, then I saw a massive hall with huge pillars standing mightily on each corner. The floor was a finely polished marble, the ceilings were so high with exquisite chandeliers hanging, and there were silk decorative curtains on every balcony door.

I was in awe.

I looked to my left and saw Cain offering his hand. He was smiling quite dashingly on me. I accepted it and I smiled back.


I don't remember being this close to him.

We both descended to the grand marble staircase, my hand around his right arm. I could feel all of the guests feasting their eyes on me as the herald loudly announced.

"Welcome, General Cain of the House of Von Cavill and with the princess of Regaleria Kingdom, Princess Lianne."

I felt my palm sweat in nervousness. Never had I experienced this kind of crude inspection before. The guests were looking at me like I was a white rose on a bouquet full of red roses.

We headed towards his table, but actually, more like a man-table as it was full of buffed up, bearded men. I began to feel nervous not only because I was around these men but also because of the atmosphere of the room itself. It felt so different. Like I was in a different timeline, but in a familiar area in the Since Mansion.

Wait. What did the herald just say awhile ago? Did he just call me princess?

"Relax, Princess Lianne." Cain whispered softly close to my ear just as we sat on our seats. This time, the title was quite clear, startling me.

I felt his hand clench my own under the table and beamed a sincere smile on my way. "I'm here. You don't have to worry."

His smile suddenly wore down when I saw a middle-aged man wearing a tuxedo suit, hastily walking towards our table. The man bowed down in front of us and then whispered something on Cain's ear which immediately showed instant displeasure on his face.

"What's the matter Cain?" I asked curiously, but before he could reply, the man wearing the tuxedo suit offered his hand to me and said, "Your Highness, Princess Lianne... you are requested by King Garlow at his table."

'King Garlow?' I asked to myself. Who is he?

Cain offered to escort me to the King's table and as we walked there, I felt my pulse escalating drastically. I didn't feel comfortable at all.

A surge of hatred, of anger, of sadness suddenly filled me when I came to stand in front of the King's table.

I know this man from somewhere! I just couldn't quite remember where, but I instantly feel apprehensive towards him.

Cain politely bowed in front of the King, but I didn't.

"As always have been, you never fail to amuse me Princess Lianne, " the man wearing an overly adorned crown said. His voice was dark and rough, very commanding. He was sitting on a gilded throne, exuding great authority and power. It didn't affect me one bit though, but my heart did leap when my eyes caught a certain face...a very familiar face.

Ruen's gaze was upon me, a pair of brown-green eyes boring deeply into my soul. They were beautiful, but cold, almost with no emotion, but I saw one. I wasn't quite sure though what it was. His intense stare kept me in a trance. I felt like we were the only ones in the grand hall. Me and him.

Without warning, a jolt of lightning appeared and then the scene I was in was stripped away and replaced with another. When I was able to discern where I was then, I realized this place wasn't the grand hall anymore.

"I have been waiting for you for quite sometime now, my Princess."

A man in front of me said in the most lecherous of voice I heard in my entire life. He was sitting comfortably in a single sofa chair near a dressing mirror.

Upon seeing where I was, my head immediately screamed, 'I know this place!' This room looked exactly as my room in the Since Mansion.

"You're trespassing! Why are you here?" I asked in anger.

He began to babble information that was all nonsense to me, advancing his way towards me like a predator ready to take its prey. He mentioned something about marriage -- our marriage -- and that it was already decided, that King Garlow wanted me to marry this old man.

They must be crazy.

Surely, he was joking, but with the way he was leeching on me, I couldn't help but believe and worry.

"Who said I will

distance, I couldn't help but remember the dream I had. Or was it really just a dream? It sure felt real.

"Garlow..." I whispered to myself. I couldn't explain it but the name suddenly flamed hatred in my heart just like in my dream.

"Oh my God, Lianne! Where have you been?" a woman's voice cried out just as I walked out of the bushes. It was Jen and she was already nearing me, leaving her boyfriend standing just a couple of feet away from us, in a corner that was less reached by the bonfire light. If I were to deduce, they must have been smooching before I arrived.

In front of us were a large crowd of people sitting on the chairs, watching, enthralled on a cute dog presentation.

Jen looked worried and confused as I regarded her. Somehow I felt guilty for giving her this unnecessary emotion.

"Oh Jen. I...I was just out exploring the nearby forest to amuse myself, " I replied with another lie.

"Forest?" She raised her brows, twisted her lips and her eyes turned into slits, no doubt scrutinizing me if I was telling the truth or not. "Hmmm, well, that's so like you, " she stated, easily surrendering. "Anyway, you already missed quite a lot of presentations."

"Oh my bad, " I answered, giving her a cheeky smile and turned to look at the show.

"By the way, that necklace sure is lovely. Where did you get that anyway?" Jen asked curiously as she pointed at my neck.

It was unexpected. I didn't even realize I still had the necklace with me and because of this, all I could tell her was, "It's a secret, " and directed my attention again on the stage.

"Oh! No no no no, no! You are going to tell me that secret of yours whether you like it or not, " Jen whined just as she spanked my behind.

"Alright! Alright, " I put my hands up in the air. "I know you won't put it to rest, so I will tell you, but maybe later when we get back to the cabin."

Jen looked pleased and nodded.

I rolled my eyes and let out a long sigh.

"I talked to a handsome guy this afternoon, " she suddenly informed.

I looked at her and saw her already giving me a wide grin as if she knew already I'd love to hear this news.

"He was looking for you. I don't know where you are so I wasn't able to answer him."

My heartbeat skipped many times. I knew she wasn't talking about Cain. She basically met him earlier.

Could it be Ruen then?

"If I'm not mistaken, he is the man with you when you were at the hospital. You know... the-man-that-recovered-fast-from-his-gunshot-wound, " Jen added in a sing-song voice, teasing me like I didn't know who she was pertaining to.

I held my emotions at bay just thinking of the fact that Ruen was looking for me.

"So, what happened?" I asked, keeping my voice as calm as possible.

"He gave me a message for you. Here." Jen then handed me a small paper and I, unable to contain myself, took it lightning fast.

"Go ahead Li, " she encouraged, motioning for me to read it in a private place. "Don't mind me."

"Thank you Jen." I smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Oh! You're so hopeless!" She winked. "Now go! Hurry and get your man!"

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