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   Chapter 11 Arrest

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 9871

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Lianne stood up quickly as soon as she recognized him. The necklace in her hand dangled wildly in response --- a reaction that was comparable to her heartbeat, drumming wildly against her rib cage.

" saying my name is music to my ears, Lianne, " he commented, pleased, but exuding aura that wasn't like earlier when he was in front of her friends.

"I suppose you don't know how to knock?" Lianne glared at him, her sarcastic tone clear.

"This door is already open Lianne, and also, I'm not used to knocking. All doors are opened for me, " he said with greater sarcasm.

'I know what I ask and I mean the door in the living room!' that thought crossed her mind. Lianne wanted to ask him this but chose a different question instead.

"Why were you able to come inside anyway?"

Cain shrugged his shoulders.

"I used the key of course. I made it a point to ask for it before I listed your reservations here." An arrogant grin was evident on his face as he waited for Lianne to realize.

"Of course..." she gritted her teeth. "How typical of you for a CEO. So you're the one who is responsible for putting us here in this cabin."

Cain's eyes twinkled. Plan A - a success. "Yes, and it is my pleasure. Didn't I tell you earlier that I'd like to 'catch up with you?'"

Lianne scrunched up her nose. 'I should have known. Now what do I do?' she voiced out to herself.

A battle was quickly building up inside her. A battle of emotions. She was scared of what might come. He was after all alone with her again. With what happened in the third floor room that night, there was no telling if he'd do the same to her again.

"I'd like to go out now, Cain. If you want to 'catch up' with me, then let's go outside the cabin. Let's talk there, " she suggested but Cain was quick to contradict. He just smirked again and then closed the door.

A wave of panic suddenly flooded inside her.

"What's the hurry Lianne? The camp show hasn't started yet. Having you here is an opportunity I don't want to lose."

Lianne's brows furrowed, her ire growing by the minute. "What? So you could molest me again?!" she snapped, sending him a cold glare.

Cain chuckled lightly. "I have definitely made an impression hadn't I?" he answered. He stepped closer to her and clicked his tongue. "Good. Don't forget it, Lianne."

~ 0 ~

POV: Lianne Deivin

He looked like a snake. Slithering his way on me. And I don't even like snakes! I fear them. Just like how I fear whatever he has in mind for me. I stepped backward to avoid him but I was already trapped between him and the coffee table pressed against the wall, right below the sole window of the room.

I shifted my head to the side when he touched my cheek, tracing the contour of my jawline to my chin.

I sent sharp glares on his way. 'Don't you dare!' was my message. I'm sure he got it, but he seemed to take it as a challenge.

"Ahhh... you're so beautiful Lia

ed for one occupant. But no bother. The space, I care less. Anyway, I would be on top her seconds from now.

"Lianne, be mine, " I spoke the only words that appeared in my head.

It almost felt like I was beginning to get an upper hand with her seemingly compliant with my kisses, but then something hit my groin and a shooting pain immediately made me double over and groan.

~ 0 ~

POV: Lianne Deivin

When Cain kissed me, it was a trigger. I was lost in reality for a moment. I saw rows of pictures of him and me in my mind. It was just a few seconds, but it was enough.

His hair was short then as oppose to it a little long now. He had the same handsome face and the same body built. Based on the pictures in my head, it was to my understanding that we were friends...good friends. He looked friendly and even beamed a really beautiful smile on me.

I don't know where these memories came from but it felt real. This version of Cain felt real.

When my consciousness returned, I found myself already lying on the mattress with him on top me, caressing me.

My pulse quickened and my eyes rounded, and before I could stop myself, my knees launched forward and hit his groin.

Judging from how he cringed, he was totally in pain, so I used this chance to escape.

I pushed him out of my way, able to quickly exit the cabin with ease. I heard him call me from my room but I didn't care to look back. I was hell bent on leaving. Maybe if I hadn't defended myself, he would have tried his ardor on me again just like before.

I ran and ran as fast as I could into the woods near my cabin. I want to be as far away from him as possible to clear my head, but for some reason, tears flowed down my eyes. It was unwilling to stop.

Then I felt as if my chest was about to explode. I panted and held onto my blouse like it was my lifeline. As soon as I bent down to catch my breath however, my sight went dark. Darker than the forest floor I was in.

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