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   Chapter 10 The Emerald Pendant

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 12697

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POV: Lianne Deivin

The cave was definitely not what I expected. It was actually even more. It was located at the foot of a mountain bordering the resort and another small town on the other side. The facade was neatly maintained by the staff of the resort and a makeshift sturdy stair made of wood provided an entrance to the cave.

The inside was beautiful and huge. We were awestruck. It had a floor-to-ceiling length of about five storeys high, and the center cave expanse could be compared to a football field. One could immediately see a wide body of water and a natural waterfall connected to it, providing the cave another striking scenery.

There were stalactites and stalagmites everywhere, but unusually, it had a weird color of crystallized green. There was a small opening right above our heads that invited the afternoon sunlight in, reflecting the walls and flooring thereby giving the whole area its faint green color.

Green... My favorite color.

The stone walls were covered with a variety of mosses and ferns indigenous to the area. This place was truly magnificent, but what caught my attention was the beautiful shimmering body of water and its waterfall. The atmosphere itself and its surroundings gave me a memory that I couldn't seem to cultivate in the back of my head.

Then, I remembered the color of the necklace that the lady in the painting was wearing. It was the same. Rich emerald green.

There were caverns from side to side where most of the guests ventured on. Jen and Alona decided to dip their feet on the water, while Rachel and I continued to check on the caverns with some other guests.

The caverns were spacious but it looked like a continuous maze. It emitted an aura of mystery, most especially that it was dimly lit. Surely, if I'm not vigilant enough, I could be easily lost in this place.

Rachel was having a conversation with one of the guests. A middle-aged woman who appeared to be a good friend of their family. She was pretty much occupied, it definitely showed, so I decided to continue checking the cavern by myself.

As I examined the area again I was filled with admiration and respect of its beauty. It was no wonder why this place became one of the top destinations of the resort. Alona indeed didn't make a mistake in choosing our day's activity.

Touching the stone walls here and there, I found that it gave me a calming feeling. However, my eyes widened and my heart jackhammered when it caught a distinct shadow figure of a person just hiding behind a large stalagmite a few feet away from me.

Watching too many stories I guess? I know my reaction was a bit overrated, considering there were many guests everywhere, but for some reason, I just felt wary of the figure.

I focused my eyes on the shadow as it slowly stepped forward and although the cavern was dimly lit, I could clearly see the grin on Cain's face as he began to approach me.

My breath was caught up in my throat. I pressed my hands onto my chest and out of panic, I hurriedly exited the cave, running quickly out of the cavern and into the makeshift stair completely forgetting about Rachel and the others.

I only stopped when I reached the back of the bus outside, panting. I don't think that this would hide me from him if he'd pursue me, but at least I could collect myself here and think of a plan.

"He's here... He's here!" I said out loud, shaking my head.

Different emotions mixed inside me. Scared? Excited? Worried? I'm supposed to be having fun right now. Why does this man give me this kind of reaction? And why do I feel so uneasy now? Maybe because of what happened last day with him? Or maybe because of the possibility of him giving me another physical contact. The thought made me shiver and my heart leaped for a second.

think of other diversions.

"We just bumped into each other there, " I continued, straying from the truth. "That's just it. Yeah...I never knew that he is a CEO of a multi-billion European dollar company."

"Well, you are one heck of a lucky lady, " Alona commented and then winked at me in encouragement.

"Heyyy guys!" The singsong voice of Rachel suddenly caught our attention. She was running towards us, with a clueless look on her face.

"Hey, what did I miss?" she asked, then I saw both Jen and Alona switching glances at me, their smile obviously only but a tip of the iceberg of excitement.

~ 0 ~

It was thirty minutes past five when we arrived at the camp site. The area was great. The pathways were made of cobblestone and on its sides, small bonfires were lit. There were small, medium and large cabins made of coconut and mahogany wood, and a mile away from the plaza, I could see a dark blue lake stretching miles away.


I knew without a doubt I was in touch with nature and I liked it.

Our cabin was one of the largest in the camp. It had four separate small rooms and a single living and dining room. It was actually located near the pebbled lake. Talk about VIP treatment.

Jen had gone quickly to where her boyfriend was, knowing his group was also in the camp. Now, I'm left all by myself again as Rachel and Alona had a meeting with the program committee for a camp welcome party this evening. Apparently, both of them were made judges in tonight's camp show.

I went to my assigned room, placed my backpack on a small cabinet and neatly folded my change of clothes on one of its shelves. The room was cute. It was painted pink and the light fixture above my head was shaped like a fern leaf.

And then my eyes caught something glinting green on my bed.

I turned to have a better look and saw a pendant necklace resting on my pillow. It attracted me, so I immediately took a closer inspection, sitting on the bed and scooping up the necklace.

The jewelry had a silver and gold chain, no doubt expensive, and as I looked at the pendant dangling in the air, I fell into a daze.

This looked exactly like the emerald pendant I saw in the painting!

"My God, is this really true?" I covered my mouth as disbelief enveloped me.

"And it suits you perfectly, Lianne."

I suddenly heard a familiar voice right at my door. As I looked, my heart sank without delay.

Cain stood on the threshold, wearing his devilish smile, obviously obstructing my path for escape.

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