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   Chapter 9 Meeting Him

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 13614

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POV: Lianne Deivin

We went back in the mansion after we made a short stop at the police office. I did have a hard time with the police's interrogations but luckily I managed a good alibi. I just can't disclose them all of what happened! If I did, I'm pretty sure they would think me crazy or some daydreaming woman. I didn't press any charges also, just so I could keep myself from any more pressure with these uniformed men. One gun-wielding man was enough for me.

Luckily, Alona and Rachel's family connections with the resort owner made us stay for four more days. Now, I could at least make up with my friends after stealing their vacation time inside the hospital.

And surely enough, Jen immediately left me to date with her boyfriend. It was after lunch when Alona suggested we visit the resort's famous cave and hot spring at the foot of the mountain on the west forest. It would require an overnight stay in the resort's luxurious cabins if we were to go sightseeing the caves though, so we had to prepare some change of clothes before the bus leaves at two in the afternoon to the camp site.

I went to my room to freshen up and change into a proper get up. I wore a short black denim skirt, a beige-colored off-shoulder blouse, and some hiking boots. I admit I'm excited with our activity for the day, but my mind kept returning to my memory of last day's encounter.

Due to this, a wild thought crossed my mind. Would it hurt if I check on that room once again? With what had just happened back there, I guess I'm crazy to even think about it, but still, a certain pull wanted me to return.

Should I take chances? Should I? And what if I would run into that merciless man again? What would I do then?

I shook my head to clear my doubt away.

Maybe I should...just in order to meet Ruen and finally ask him a mountain of questions.

But, what if this time, he wouldn't be lucky enough to survive? That man named Cain made it a clear point to kill him.

"No, I can't take any chances, " I told myself, feeling determined. "For him, for his safety and mine. And besides I don't have the key to that room anymore."

But I truly wanted to see him... God knows how much I wanted to.

My cellphone's alarm clock rang at one thirty, hinting that I should get going. I shoved the memories into the back of my head and grabbed my small backpack resting at the foot of the bed.

For now, I intend on enjoying myself and stop thinking about those two men. I needed this break after what I had been through.

I turned towards the main door with a smile on my face, but the moment I opened it, my smile fell and was replaced with utter awe.

Standing in all his glory was my mysterious man, Ruen. His brown-green eyes were riveted on me like I'm some sort of a rare creature.

He was wearing a crisp gray shirt and paired it with what looked like designer pants and black boots. He wasn't wearing a coat at all - an accessory that I have quite grown accustomed to seeing him with.

My mouth was agape. I couldn't help but just stand, motionless like a Greek statue. I never expected to see him so soon and even here!

He was always the mysterious one. Appears unexpectedly like so, but then vanishes the moment I approach him. However, now, clearly his actions changed.

His lips curved into a small grin and I was definitely taken aback.

"Ruen..." my voice somehow returned, "your fine." He didn't seem surprised that I actually called him by his given name.

"I'm happy that you're well yourself, " he stated, his voice sounding lethargic. Admittedly, it sent a delicious kind of reaction all over my body.

"Oh, vaso...vasovagal syncope, that's what...the doctor said, " I stammered.

My hands went clammy as I took in the atmosphere of the space between us. The gap was unbearable. I actually wanted to run to him and check out his gunshot wounds to make sure he was really fine. He was not wincing of pain at all. He was even standing regally like he had no injury.

"How was his kisses?" he bluntly asked together with his eyes

eincarnate her. It wasn't easy, but it was all worth it in the end.

Princess Lianne is my life.

If only she remembers me that easily, then we'd pick up where we left of on that tragic day and live happily ever after.

But no. She couldn't just remember me that easily and I understood why.

The pain she had in the past must have been difficult to bear. If she would remember me then and the past, there's no telling what her reaction would be.

Damn... I don't want her to get hurt again.

But speaking of which, she already is hurting!

That man! Cain!

I didn't expect that Fate would bring us all together in this place and time. He doesn't need a second life. He isn't even worthy to pursue Lianne again. He killed her and for that he should remain in the past, with his corpse surrounded with maggots.

But since he's here now, I needed to act fast.

Lianne needs to remember me or else she will fall on Cain's charms and manipulation.

"She needs to remember. She needs to. Even if it means the pain would be unbearable again, " I told myself, sure of what to do this time.

I leaned against the wall just a turn away from the hallway where Lianne's room was. I made it sure her friends wouldn't be able to see me when they meet her. For now, I don't like to be interrogated. Lianne and her memories of me were my top priority. Her friends, on the bottom of the list.

The wounds I received from Cain's bullets were manageable but still they ache. I didn't show it to her, but I was struggling. It was actually so hard for me to show myself before her in this frail condition but I just had to. I just wanted to see her.

I fished my cellphone out of my pocket and dialed a familiar number. After two rings, an old soft voice of a man answered.

"Yes, my boy, " the man from the other line spoke, knowing already it was me.

"Good afternoon Sir Rafael, " I greeted.

"How many times had I told you to call me 'father.' You may be my most valued bodyguard but I'm still your foster parent."

"Father, " I corrected. Using the appellation seemed to be distasteful for me. It reminded me of a certain wicked man in the past that was once my foster father too. But at present, this man here, who first found me lying on the snowy ground and called the medic, is a good man.

"Good. That's better, " Mr. Rafael said, sounding pleased on the other side of the line. "So, you called. What is it that you need?"

I paused for a moment and looked over at the grand staircase towards the third floor. There is no turning back now, I concluded with firm resolve. If Cain is making a move, so will I.

I gripped my phone tightly and answered, "I need the key to the rest house."

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