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   Chapter 8 Syncope

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 13460

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POV: Lianne Deivin

"No..." A choked cry burst out from my lips as I covered my mouth with my hands. I looked at my mysterious man, Ruen, with thorough concern enough to create beads of sweat on my temples. My breathing doubled. I was hyperventilating, as if no oxygen was filling my alveoli. I could feel my pulse bounding like crazy too, so tangible under my skin.

I glanced at the finger inserted on the trigger and I immediately shook my head.

'Please don't move. Please don't move!' my mind chanted.

I longed to see this man since I saw him in the library. There were so many questions I wanted to ask; answers I wanted to hear from his mouth. I certainly don't want him to die so soon.

However, surprisingly, this new man who called himself Cain somehow knows something too. As to how and why, that's something I want to find out too, but then again, if he was this much of a willing would-be murderer then talking to him would be the last thing on my mind.

I couldn't deny that I was actually more worried with the mysterious man than with my own welfare.

But then, all manner of balance I have seemed to fly out of the window. I felt dizzy, really dizzy, my mind seemingly floating up with the clouds. I stared at my palms and noticed them pale and cold.

"Do you think that by killing me, you'll have her for yourself?" I heard him ask and I directed my attention on him. Briefly, I saw a glimpse of worry on his visage when he looked at me, but then it changed to anger when he set his eyes on his counterpart.

"Killing you will erase her memory of you, that's for sure, " Cain answered with a snort. "And after that happens, I will fill her up with all of me. Your existence in this world is not needed anymore."

This man really does hate Ruen so much that the thought of murder is just minuscule for him. But how could he be sure I'd fall in love with him when that happens? Huh, he certainly is an overconfident man.

"If I was unable to kill you in the past, I will have the pleasure of doing it NOW!" he continued.

I was beyond alarmed upon hearing what he said. My heart skipped a large beat as if it was leaping out of my chest. On impulse, my hand stretched towards Ruen just as I yelled his name on top of my lungs.

Then I heard the gloomy sound of the gun ringing throughout the entire room.

"NO!" I cried out, but then I felt my heart skipping another beat again and another...and another...and then my eyes blurred and I fell on the mattress back first.

There was darkness everywhere. I couldn't see anything... couldn't feel anything except for the sound of two more gunfires being released.

~ 0 ~

"We have run some diagnostics on her and she seems to be in stable condition, Miss Jen. She just needs to stay tonight for observations and if she'll not show anymore symptoms, then she can be discharged, " the lady doctor explained thoroughly while flipping Lianne's medical chart.

"Thanks Doc, " Jen replied, her nerves easing a bit. "I'm so glad to hear that she's fine now."

"Right, so, I will be going now. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

The girls nodded while the doctor sauntered out of the private room.

"Ah! Wait Doc!" Jen shouted abruptly when she remembered something.

The doctor stopped right at the threshold and turned to look back at her.

"How about the man's condition? The one that the medic brought together with Lianne?"

"Oh, that man?" the doctor arched a brow. "He's got two gunshot wounds, one on his left shoulder and the other on his left thigh but strange as it seems, he was ambulating as if he doesn't have wounds at all! The attending physician told him he needs to stay three more days for observation, but he left against medical advice. We weren't even able to take his name at all. Maybe Miss Dievin knows who the man is, so can you kindly ask her about that when she wakes up? We just need his name for patient record keeping actually, as his medical bills were paid already anonymously."

"Anonymously?" Alona c

wake you up so the staff quickly called a medic to take you in this hospital. We saw trails of blood on the carpet leading to a wounded man on the other side of the bed too. He was half awake and in a bad shape so the medic also took him in this hospital with you. This man Li, is he the reason why you're crying?"

Lianne's face lit up when she heard Jen's story. She eyed her and nodded slowly.

"Hmmm, I thought so, " Jen announced. "Well, to continue, we heard quite a lot of gun shots before we entered the room, so we thought you were in danger and truly, it seems as though you were."

"Where is he Jen? How is he?" Lianne rushed to inquire. There was an urge to stand up and find Ruen herself, but waited for her friend's answer instead.

"Calm down Li, " Jen patted her back. "The doctor said he received two gunshot wounds but he's fine. He even walked out of here as if he wasn't injured. Is he even normal Li? The doctor actually asked me to ask you his name. They needed it for the records."

'Ruen. His name is Ruen, ' her mind shouted.

Chewing on Jen's words, Lianne rejoiced deep inside. So he didn't die, thank God. But why would he leave the hospital so hastily?

"I wish I knew who he is..." she replied, feigning ignorance. She didn't want to share his name to anyone not until she was sure of his identity herself.

"I want to see him again and thank him for saving me, Jen."

"Save from what?" Jen inquired with a curious brow.

Lianne bit her lip, holding herself back from sharing anymore information about her experience with her mysterious man and the new man.

"Uhm...from the gunshots, " she answered instead. "There was a man... the one who was holding the gun. When you arrived in the room that time, were you able to find him?"

Jen gave her a worried look. "I honestly don't think I would want to meet that kind of man if he is holding a gun Li, but to answer your question, no we didn't see any other man other than your savior and you of course."

"Oh...I see." Lianne took a deep breath and routed her eyes on the floor.

"Anyway, when you are discharged here, the Since Police Department would want to ask for your statement and if you want to press charges on the man when he is apprehended."

"Charges?" Lianne parroted, looking at her.

"Well duh, " Jen cocked her head to the side, "for attempted murder of course and uhm...attempted rape?" She highlighted the last word to Lianne unsure if she was right with her assumption or not.

Lianne, in response, managed to calm her breathing. She knew very well it was certainly attempted rape. "Oh right, okay, we should go there then, " she answered with half a smile.

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