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   Chapter 7 As She Slowly Remembers

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10251

Updated: 2019-02-28 23:27

Sprawling on the carpeted floor, Lianne's eyes rested intently at the king-size bed as surge of memories flooded inside her. She saw herself in the same bed with the mysterious man, passionately making love. It did stun her greatly but the memory brought her briefly to tears at the same time. It ached her heart and as the flashbacks continued, she saw the mysterious man caressing her neck passionately and her, in the dream, moaned and submitted herself to him.


All of a sudden, the name echoed in her mind.

'Ruen…' And then she saw herself utter his name in the flashback.

At first, Lianne was confused, but a sudden realization hit her.

'RUEN!' Her mind shouted, this time with renewed determination. It was as if she was a baby, learning her first words.

Before she could lift herself up, the unknown man quickly grabbed her arm pulling her to stand. She gave him a quick unconcealed glare.

"I'm asking you, who are you?! How do you know my name?!" she ordered roughly.

"Hmmm... you'll remember soon enough, " he answered with a slight grin. Then, he suddenly lifted her from the ground in a wedding-style fashion.

"No! Put me down! I said put me down!" Her hands curled into a ball, hit him roughly on the chest and pushed him away as she protested. She tried to wiggle out of his hold, but unfortunately she couldn't even summon the strength to do so. He was strong. She felt his lean muscles balancing her weight, and felt his hard abdomen pressing her buttock.

He slammed her down the mattress and immediately nailed her hands on each side. Their eyes met, and this time she saw the mesmerizing color of his orbs - a beautiful ash-mauve.

~ 0 ~

POV: Lianne Deivin

He does seem familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint when and where we met.

However, even so. No! Rape definitely wasn't my option!

"I command you to let me go! I have many friends in this place and I assure you, you won't get away with this!" I lashed out at him and hopefully I got my point across. But in response, he only grinned some more and my world began to crumble.

Oh, I'm pretty sure Jen would relish being in this kind of situation. If she was in my shoes right now, she would have been swooned long ago, but no, not me. I can't deny he does have incredibly good looks, and of course, I could be attracted to him but still, I feel very apprehensive with this man and by the way he was positioning me and positioning himself, this is definitely not a good first impression, but this is indeed a good position to...

'Shit.' I cleared my mind with the thought as my panic got the best of me.

I saw him above me. Our face leveled, his hands holding my wrists, his knees locking my hips. Oh, this is definitely the perfect position to hit his crotch in case "something" happens.

"Do you remember this Lianne?" he started and though I was inexperienced in these kinds of situations, I was actually witty enough to understand what he was pertaining to... to how we were positioned. I only glared at him some more and tried to free my wrists

hasn't and still won't reciprocate whatever it is you feel."

"I want to remind you that she doesn't remember you either, " Cain rebuked.

Lianne, choosing to be silent, watched them with her brows furrowed. She may not have a clue as to what they were saying but certainly, she wasn't dumb not to notice that there was hostility developing between them because of her.

Cain continued to spat his dagger of words, each sharper than the last.

"You, who was so important to her in the past. Who would have known that she would forget you also. Now, everything is but a piece of white paper. I believe I have captured her first, do you honestly think I would let her go then?"

A cold shiver crept down her back when she heard Cain's words.

'What are they actually saying?!' she voiced out in her mind.

"Your overconfidence doesn't suit you well Cain. That maybe the truth but I won't give up either. Not now when everything has come to this. However, to force her to remember the past is something I would never do." Ruen clenched his jaw.

He glanced at her and with that, their eyes met.

Lianne was taken aback. For a moment there, his eyes softened. He looked lovingly at her as if she was the rarest of all treasures. Even with this distance, she saw the color in his eyes. They were a beautiful brown-green reminding her of dense forests and breathtaking landscapes of long ago.

"Oh Lianne will remember alright, me and her, and your memory will remain in the ashes. Shall we wait? Or we'll settle this fast?"

Ruen didn't have the time to reply when Cain pull out a gun from his back and pointed it directly to him.

Lianne gasped and her eyes widened at the sight of the weapon.

"You don't think I would actually use those old-rusted swords do you?" Cain asked dryly, his wicked triumphant grin appearing easily. "We are in the modern world now, Ruen."

Ruen, if he was concerned with the immediate threat of his life, didn't show it on his face. He was just standing there, open and obviously vulnerable.

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