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   Chapter 6 Hungry Heart

Remembering the Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 11651

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POV: Lianne Dievin

It was the third day of our stay here at the Since Resort. Jen woke me up from her ever special alarm tone in my cellphone, saying that she will be with her newfound boyfriend, Roland, the whole day.

Alona and Rachel had already informed us last night that they would go horseback riding today. So now, that leaves me on my own. The advantage of it now was that I can choose whatever activities I wanted to do this day. And speaking of activities, I decided to play Sherlock Homes.

I went down to the customer information section and showed the male attendant the old rusted key I found at my doorstep. I was wondering if this was a duplicate of Madame Brenda's key to the storage room.

He did took a careful inspection of it and then informed me that it wasn't the key to the storage room. It was actually a key to another room. He told me that it was a long lost key for a very special quarter at the mansion. It was located at the north wing, third floor of the mansion, but nobody was allowed to enter there anymore. It was rumored to be some important royal chamber, maybe the chamber for the King or Queen.

Like the dungeon, that room was also shown to the public. A month after the dungeon was closed, it was also closed. Following that, the room's key strangely disappeared making Madame Brenda and the cleaners unable to get inside.

The attendant asked me how I found the key. I wanted to tell him the truth, but I was confused myself, so I decided to tell him a lie. I just said that I found it in one of my room's cabinet. He also instructed me to hand it over to Madame Brenda so she could keep it, but I was doubtful to give it though.

In exchange for the key, I wittingly made a bargain to the attendant and requested him if I could see the room he was talking about. In my mind, I believe that the mysterious man gave it to me. There might be some reason why. I just don't know how it connects to the special chamber. This is exactly why I must go there.

Luckily, he agreed and allowed me to go with the key in hand and the mini map of the third floor to where the special chamber was. He did offer himself to escort me there, but I declined.

I held the old rusted key in my right hand and curiously, slowly walked up to the third floor. There were five carpeted marble stairs in the four corners of the mansion, the fifth of which was located at the center and the one I chose to ascend to the third floor. There were also elevators situated in the main hallway of the mansion, but I didn't actually thought of using it.

Instantly, as I step on the maroon, Persian-printed carpet, I felt my heart pounding hard. It was totally an unusual feeling.

I scanned the entire floor and was in awe.

It was definitely huge! The foyer was very spacious. It had three violet crystal chandeliers hung at the ceiling and in the middle of the foyer were Victorian-designed sofa sets. If the second floor had a lot of scenic paintings bolted at the walls, here it is four times more. The windows had drapes of damask royal blue color, blocking the rays of the sunlight, making the room a bit gloomy as compared to the second floor. For me, this floor really had a different aura.

I studied the mini map the attendant had given me and twisted my lips. The thing sure was giving me a hard time.

'Where are you? Where are you?, ' my mind mumbled.

And then I found it.

'Ah, there you are.'

My eyes rested on the name of the room.

ss her.

Lianne was stunned, but she quickly realized what was about to happen. Her reflexes started to act, adrenaline pumping in her veins, and without any hesitation, she pushed him back. She locked her arms to her chest as if guarding her from the intruder and took a few steps back wanting to get as much distance from him as possible.

"Who are you?!!!" Lianne cried. "How did you know my name? And- and you have absolutely no right to mistreat me like that!"

She was fuming with anger. Her eyes started to accumulate tears, but she tried to keep herself from crying. She thought it would certainly show that she is weak.

He, in the other hand, was not surprised with her sudden reaction. He just grinned and continued to advance towards her, gazing at her with fervor.

"Have you already forgotten about me? From everything we have been through?" he asked.

As he stepped closer to her, she in the other hand, walked back not wanting for them to come in contact again. She kept her composure intact and tried hard to keep her tears from falling.

"Please, I don't know what you're talking about. I want to go out now Sir. My friends are looking for me for sure, " Lianne pleaded, but to no avail.

"I have longed for you so much Lianne, " he said, eyeing her with so much devotion.

She reached at the edge of the lounge area, standing in front of a door frame to another area of the room. He had something in him she just couldn't deny. How could he say such things when it was their first time meeting? How could he be inexplicably so affectionate yet so callous in his actions? Amidst those striking, warm gaze he sent her, still she felt troubled.

"Lianne, how I have longed for your return..." he concluded upon cornering her from where she stood and then gently touched her cheeks.

Although such words would have made her melt in his arms right then and there, she found her hands turning the knob of the door on her back opening it, making her fall back down into the entrance.

This area of the room was definitely cold as oppose to the lounge area. It was also dim, but the curtains were transparent white making the blue spotlights outside the mansion pass through lighting the room slightly. She looked up and scanned the area and that was when she realized the danger she was in.

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