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   Chapter 42 Epilogue

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''Kenna?'' A familiar voice greets me which causes me to turn and see Noah standing near me, both of his eyes looking directly onto my face as I do the same, surprised to see him looking much more different than when we last saw each other. His hair is neat yet messy at the same time but shorter than when we were together and even he looks much more built, happier and even more sophisticated.

''Noah, it's a surprise to see you.'' I reply as he starts to pull me in for a hug, making me hug him back for a short few seconds before we both pull away—his lips curving up into a smile, ''It's been awhile, what are you doing here?'' I ask, eyes wandering around to see if he's not actually alone but he is. . . standing in front of me all by himself.

He chuckles, ''You remember Matthew, don't you? He got into a car accident a couple of days ago and I was just visiting him, '' He replies.

''Matthew Kingston? The?Matthew Kingston got into a car accident?'' My eyes widen in surprise before blinking a few times, trying to recall back the images of Matthew being one of Noah's closest friends and he was by far, very, talkative. He prefers motorcycles instead of cars and he has always been in love with his super bike.

''The one and only Matthew Kingston. Believe me, I was really surprised when I heard.'' He says, running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. ''But, he's doing alright. He has a broken arm and a fractured rib—that's it, could've gotten worse if he rode his bike, '' He adds.

''Matthew Kingston hates driving cars. He despises cars!'' I exclaim, both of us laughing as we both continue to remember back how Matthew swore to never drive a car and would only stick to riding his bike. Then again, he also said that he would only be in a car when he's not the one driving.

Noah laughs, ''That was what I was thinking, too.''

We both continue to chuckle as we look at each other, realising the awkwardness creeping in before I begin to clear my throat—trying to break the sudden silence. ''It's been years, Kenna. Do you mind if I ask you out for lunch? I want to know what has been going on with you, '' He continues to speak, leaving me to smile.

''I'd like that, ''

As soon as we've arrived at one of our past favourite restaurants, we take a seat near the window—one of our favourite seats, too. We used to come here when we were dating and it was by far the best place for us whenever we wanted something greasy, grilling and even cheesy. It was and still an unhealthy spot to eat but whenever we wanted to get that release, we would be here at the same spot, near the window and enjoying our cheesy hamburger.

He continues to look at me, ''How you've been?''

''Good. . . good, what about you? Still being adventurous and taking risks in your life or have you changed?'' I ask, leaving him to chuckle at my question as he leans back on his seat.

''I stopped being adventurous and taking risks in my life but I'm still thinking on going back that road because I miss that adrenaline rush. You get me, right? And, I'm just in the city for a little while. . . visiting Matthew and my mum, '' His eyes piercing directly into mine which causes me to frown, slightly confused.

''Just in the city for a little while? What does that supposed to mean?'' I raise an eyebrow. Noah has always lived in New York because he was born here and so was I. We met in New York, we got a job in New York and we were happy in New York—he has never said anything about anywhere else when we were together. Yes, he did say about travelling the world and that I was agreeing to it, but being in a different city for a long amount of time, with a different commitment, that was not in his mind.

He clears his throat, ''I got a job in Boston last year. So, I packed my bags and leave this city with a lot in my mind—I hesitated at first but I decided that it was best for me if I wanted to move on and I wanted to see progress in my life. Don't get me wrong, I loved my old job but there was just something missing in my life when you left, '' He replies.

I keep quiet, only listening to him. ''I needed a distraction, maybe or something more. I thought that I've seen enough of New York and I was getting tired of a few things here. I needed someplace new where I can try to meet someone new, too. That was when I got an offer in Boston, saying they needed my skills.'' He continues.

''Someplace new where you can try and meet someone new, too? Is that working out so far?'' I grin, teasing him as I realise that his cheeks has slightly redden from embarrassment.

''Well. . . there's this girl, her name's Hannah. She's hard to get, '' He replies.

''Hi, can I take your order?'' The waitress stands beside our table and we take our time to say what we want to eat as she writes it down before disappearing towards the counter, leaving Noah and I to continue our conversation—wanting to hear more about what each other after we decided to part ways or more likely, I?decided.

''Ah, you and your adventurousness, always wanting risks in everything you do.'' I joke, leaning forward as I rest one elbow on the table before turning to look out the window, eyeing the busy street of New York.

''Just like how I wanted you, '' He says, causing me to turn and look at him; not expecting him to suddenly let those words escape his lips but he starts to lean forward as both of his hands resting on the table. ''I feel like we ended us without fully explaining things. There are more that I wanted to say to you but I didn't and I feel like I want to say them now, just to clear my head and ease my heart. That way. . . I can move on by leaving you behind, '' He adds.

''I mean. . . you were the best thing that has ever happened in my life. You were the perfect package, you know? It wasn't just your looks but it was you—how you talk, how you walk, how you stand and even by how you looked at me. It was perfect to me, you were perfect to me. I'm not trying to bring back what was in the past because both of us are already ahead in the future but I just want you to know that you were and always will play a huge role in my life.'' He continues to speak, silencing me.

''I'm sorry for hurting you, Noah. I'm sorry for what I did and I'm sorry for leaving you behind, '' I mutter under my breath but loud enough for him to hear.

''Well, it was your fault.'' We both laugh before he starts to grab onto my left hand, caressing the back of it. ''But, I don't blame you. We were in love and the next thing we know, it was just me being in love with you and I don't blame you for that because it must've been my fault. It must've been me, the whole reason why, you ended up having a change of heart. It must've been how I treated you or how I talked to you or how I responded, it must've been something that had triggered it to end, '' He adds.

''But, it was just me.'' I breathe.

''No, remember when we were planning to go to Italy? The same exact day, you didn't want to take the day off and you told me that you would be at the airport an hour or two before our flight and you wanted me to check us in. We planned that trip for weeks, we bought our plane tickets, we booked the penthouse, we searched for activities to do there but at the end of the day, you didn't show up.'' He looks at me, ''This may seem like it was your fault.''

''Because it was my fault. I called an hour late after our flight and I told you I couldn't make it because I had to cover up Ben's shift. You didn't get mad, you didn't yell or even explode, you were just. . . you were just silent. You were at the a

s after I got married.

He knew.

He knew just how bad I would be at handling the company, even though I have my mother around to take care of things but she's only getting older and she would want some rest from the whole busy world she has lived in. Aidan, on the other hand, resisted at first but with my persuasion, he agreed on taking over the company as he merged with his own.

''Happy birthday, baby.'' My lips curve up at the sound of Aidan's voice, whispering near my ear as he holds a red box in front of me.

I immediately turn to find his lips meet mine, the softness as they move against mine under the same rhythm, letting me close my eyes as I wrap my arms around his neck while his hands move up near my neck, pulling me close. ''You're old, now.'' He adds.

''If I'm twenty-nine, you're twenty-nine. We're both old, '' I reply as soft chuckles escape my lips. ''I thought there was something wrong with you. . . you're never that quiet unless there's something on your mind and you were acting a little bit distant.'' I furrow my brows at the sight of his lips curving up into a smile before he pecks onto the side of my cheek.

''I was putting up an act. It must've been good to make you believe, '' He replies.

We both turn towards our family, enjoying the moment together as they all continue to start a different conversation—laughters filling the room with Julia and Diana making themselves busy with Elijah's presence, enjoying all the attention he's having while Ava and Leo are playing on the ground as they both let out soft giggles.

At times like this, I take a moment to look at the people around me and appreciate having them around. With Alain and Harley laughing as they both continue to tease each other, letting me smile to myself at the sight of Tony and Mia playing with Ava and Leo on the ground; their laughters never ending to show their happiness. As for Diana and Julia, they seem content at the sight of their grandchild, Elijah. . . with Marc making funny faces as they all laugh.

I turn around to look at the busy streets of New York City, letting the cold night air blow onto my face as I smile to myself—standing on the balcony with?dad?on my mind.

Just as I feel a pair of hands slide to wrap around my waist from behind before feeling him kissing the side of my neck, I place both of my hands on his. My heart eases as his warmth spreads all over my body as he stands close, feeling his body behind mine as we both continue to look down the streets.

Within seconds, I find myself facing him as both of his hands are resting on my hips, our faces inches apart; letting ourselves smile to one another. ''How did I get this lucky?'' He asks, his voice low and almost inaudible before he starts to glance down at my lips. ''I must've done something right to get myself a beautiful wife, huh?'' He chuckles.

''He must be very happy if he's here, '' I mutter.

One of his hand caresses the side of my face, ''Are you happy?''

''Of course. Why wouldn't I be? With you being here with me, with Elijah in our lives, I'm more than just happy. I'm grateful for everything that we have together, '' I reply with a small smile creeping up my face.

''Then, dad?is probably smiling down at you. He has always cared about your happiness, Kenna because that was his main priority, to make sure that you and mum are both happy with everything in the world, to never see you cry or hurt. He loves you that much, '' He leans forward to kiss me on my forehead, causing me to close my eyes as the waves of sadness flows in me.

I place my hand on his shoulders, ''If he gets to see how you're a very good husband to me, he must be very proud to finally have a son like you. Even before we got married, he has always liked you that much.'' I chuckle as he continues to smile, raising an eyebrow at me teasingly.

''Have I ever wronged you, Kenna?'' He asks.

I furrow my brows, ''Never. From the very beginning, you've always been the perfect other half. You love me in every way possible. You're a great husband to me, a great dad to Elijah and you're everything great to us. Wait. . . except for when you pushed me off the swing, '' I joke at the end which causes him to reveal his perfectly straight teeth.

''That was one time. One time, '' He breathes. ''Believe it or not, if I didn't push you off that swing, we wouldn't be the best of friends. We would just be glancing at each other in class but we wouldn't be friends. We wouldn't be this close, '' He adds.

I cup onto his face as my eyes wander to appreciate his every beautiful features from his forehead, down to his eyebrows, light brown eyes, thick eyelashes, straight nose, perfectly structured cheekbones and full lips, there's no one else in the world that can ever make me as happy except for him and that's a true fact.

''I love you. I love you for the rest of my life, '' I breathe out.

''I love you, forever even when we're ghosts.'' He replies before leaning in to kiss me on my lips, moving softly as both of his arms wrap around my waist to secure me.

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