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   Chapter 41 Chapter Forty-one

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Maybe, just maybe, I was too happy to begin with. The love that Aidan has been giving me is worth more than put into words and because of that, I truly believe in our own happy ending. Even though there isn't a happy ending in reality but only in fantasy yet I choose to believe and look forward to the kind of ending where Aidan and I get to share a kiss underneath the moonlight or even more like The Notebook where we get to kiss under the rain.

It has crossed my mind for me to make a new list. Something not on my own but with Aidan that we can fulfil it together, more like a list to complete the journey of our life and our marriage. After everything we've been through, I think it's fair to say that my life isn't everything without the appearance and presence of my?twenty-two?years best friend.

Like I said. . . being truly and fully happy has made me forget about the whole reality of the world, of what's happening in the East or even in the West which makes no sense. Aidan make me forget those things, no matter how important they tend to be, no matter how much value they mean to everyone else because he makes me focus onto my own path while being aware of my surroundings and somewhat the people around me.

We've been married for two years and a half now and our friendship is only growing stronger with every passing year which makes me believe into what I call 'fairy tale'. Not only does my friendship with Aidan keeps on growing stronger but also my friendship with Dimitri. There's nothing else that matters to me other than Aidan, my family which includes his and of course, Dimitri and yes. . . my career.

So, I guess there's only a few left of us in this.

''Wake up, we're going to be late!'' I exclaim before running around the room as I try to look for my phone that has somehow went missing as Aidan continues to snuggle with the sheets still wrapped around his body.

My eyes widen at the sight of him, wanting to rip his boxer off and just push him into the shower so he can finally get ready but I hold myself back by pulling the sheets away from his body. ''Aidan Gabriel Ashton, you're going to be late for your sister's wedding if you don't wake up in this instant!'' I say, clenching my fists.

Both of his droopy brown eyes open as they look at me, ''What is wrong with you?''

''What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me?!'' I mentally smack my own head, ''You have less than an hour to get ready. You're your sister's groomsman or?flower boy, whatever you want to call it and she would be upset if you show up late.''

Aidan starts to lean on his back, only to realise that he has been sleeping on a red rose for the past few hours which causes him to grab it before eyeing it for a few short seconds as he continues to watch me running around the room for my phone. ''Aidan, can you please get up and take a shower. You're stressing me out, '' I breathe.

Within seconds, I find him slowly getting off the bed as he starts to make his way towards me, both of his hands placed on my hips before he leans in to kiss me on the lips. The softness of his lips has never failed to intrigued me into something more and by far has been magic, ''What's wrong? You're tense, '' He replies as he kisses down my neck.

''I can't find my phone, '' I mutter.

''You mean this?'' He reaches down to the comforter to find my phone being hidden. Both of my eyes widen at the sight of my phone—not exactly expecting to find it on the bed and hidden underneath the comforter.

My body relaxes at the touch of his hands running down my arms and with his lips slowly giving me kisses down and my neck and near my collarbone, ''It's not good for the baby if you're stressing out. Relax, love. . . breathe, '' He whispers near my ear as one of his hand travels down to my small baby bump, not even big enough to be seen with clothes on.

''I'm breathing. . . I'm breathing and I will not be stressing out if you're already taking a shower right now, '' I reply with my eyes piercing into his which causes him to smile down at me. ''You're smiling, why are you smiling? You shouldn't be smiling, you should be in the shower and getting ready.'' I add.

He caresses the side of my face, ''Relax.''

''I'm relaxed, '' I fake a wide smile, causing him to laugh.

''Okay. . . I'm getting in the bathroom to take a shower. Just give me about forty-five minutes and I'll be standing in front of you in my suit and tie with my hair perfectly managed and my face handsomely made.'' He replies before leaning in to kiss my lips, leaving me to smile at the way he has been lately due to my pregnancy.

Not only has he been passionate or caring when I started getting pregnant but ever since he woke up from his coma. . . he has been different, good different. He remembers everything that we've done in the past when we were kids, teenagers and even up till now—he would sometimes remind me of what I've forgotten and it has made our relationship stronger. It's just that when we found out that I was pregnant, he has becoming more and more passionate.

Yet, the memory of me telling him is still fresh, a week ago:

''Are you busy?'' I lean near his doorstep to find him glancing up at my direction, his hands moving away from his laptop before shaking his head. ''Are you. . . really, really not busy because I want to talk, '' I add, causing him to freeze for a few short seconds.

''I'm not busy. We can talk, '' He replies.

Just like that, he starts to take off his glasses and place it on his desk as I make my way inside his office and straight towards him—my body slightly nervous with this current situation as he starts to eye me up and down, trying to find the flaw somewhere. The words 'we need to talk' or 'I want to talk' or 'we have to talk' are quite scary if the person means a lot.

''What's wrong, Kenna? Did I do something wrong? Is there anything wrong with us that I did not realise?'' He asks, his brows frowning in confusion before standing up, standing in front of me as he starts to reach out for my hands. ''Tell me. . . tell me what's wrong, '' He adds.

''I've been doing a lot of thinking about us and about our future. Things will change in the upcoming weeks and I want to know what do you expect from our marriage, '' I reply with my lips slowly curving up into a smile as

I thought it was best if I knew alone, '' He adds, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

''What is it?''

''Remember when we kissed after we said our vows?'' He asks, making me nod. ''Well, when we kissed. . . I felt something and you might think I'm being stupid but it's true. I felt like some sort of electricity overflowing in my veins when our lips touched, '' He continues to speak, ''Did you feel that, too?'' He asks.

''You felt that when we got married?'' I ask, not quite believing.

''I was probably hallucinating, okay? It was weird but it felt nice, '' He replies. ''It doesn't matter now, anyway. We're both here, in love with each other after spending the first few months being somewhat stupid with our marriage.'' We both laugh softly at the end, leaving him to stare down at my face.

''Join the bride and groom, everyone!'' The DJ says, causing the whole family to stand up and make their way towards the dance floor—also, causing Aidan to pull me up, making me walk with him before he starts to slowly place his hand on my waist and the other lifting my hand up as we both stand close, our foreheads resting on one another.

The song starts off slow, letting everyone enjoy the moment. As for Aidan and I, we start to move to the rhythm with my left hand on his shoulder and the other holding tightly onto his. My lips continue to curve up into a smile, reminding back of the exact moment almost three years ago.

''I love you, '' He whispers near my ear.

I lean back to look into his brown eyes, seeing them staring back at me with hope and love. The way his holds his gaze down, it's somehow leaving me be thankful of what I have, of him. ''I love you, more.'' I reply, smiling. ''You know. . . you need to have an extra love for someone new soon, '' I chuckle.

He laughs, ''I'm already loving him with all of my heart. Believe me when I say this, you two will be my main priority—I can swear that, Kenna. There's nothing in the world that matters most to me than you and our baby, '' He kisses onto my forehead, long.

''Him? Why are you so sure that we're going to have a boy?'' I raise an eyebrow, leaving him to grin down at me.

With his hand gripping tightly onto mine, he starts to twirl me around which causes my smile to grow wider. Then, I come back close towards his body before feeling him leaning his face near mine, ''I just know. . . that maybe, we're going to have a boy.'' He replies.

''What if we end up having a girl?'' I ask.

''If we end up having a girl, I know that she's going to be the most beautiful baby girl in the world. She will have your beautiful bright blue eyes, small little nose and full perky lips. Then, she will be exactly like you—funny, brave, intelligent. . . perfect in every way possible. Not just that, she will be loved for the rest of my life and she will get whatever she wants in the world, '' He answers with his eyes staring deeply into mine. ''But, baby. . . he or she will be loved by me in every way possible with all of my heart.''

Just like that, he places one hand down on my stomach, still flat from being only seven weeks far but Aidan has somehow made it as a habit to always lean closer towards the baby bump, even though it's not yet showing much but he enjoys that. Then, he'd spend his time placing both of his hands, somehow spreading the love he has with his fingers.

''Look at that, '' He grips my dress to the back, causing it to cling onto my stomach—revealing a small bump for display.

''I'm going to get fat and heavy and just annoying. You're probably going to lock me in the basement soon enough when I'm around twenty weeks, '' I joke which causes him to laugh as he starts to think, leaving me to lightly slap onto his arm; instantly making him pull me close.

''You can get fat. You can get heavy and?fucking?annoying but I'm going to love you in every way, Kenna. Remember that I'm not standing here as your husband and in love with you because of your looks but because of who you are. So, what if you gain a few pounds? What if you end up heavier than now or much more annoying than you already are? I don't mind because I'm always going to be here for the best and worst version of you, '' He replies.

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