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   Chapter 38 Chapter Thirty-eight

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Dimitri and I sit side by side while we face the two police officers, one a detective and the other an assistant—holding onto a notepad with a pen as I feel Dimitri slowly grab onto my hand, trying to calm me down which causes me to smile up at him, assuring him that I'm alright.

''We're truly sorry for what happened to your husband, Mrs. Ashton. How are you holding up?'' He asks, looking straight into my eyes.

My eyes wander to his every features, wanting to take a closer look—he seems to be around my age or probably a couple of years older and it's quite weird to hear him call me 'Mrs. Ashton' instead of just calling me by my name.

''Kenna's fine, '' I mutter.

''Alright, Kenna. You can call me Irwin, '' He leans forward by placing both of his elbows on the desk before clearing his throat. ''We managed to catch the criminal as soon as he tried to get away but he shot himself before we could even respond, '' He adds, leaving me to frown.

Dimitri shifts beside me, ''He killed himself?''

''Unfortunately or fortunately, I really don't know which. The others are locked up in prison for questioning and for their sentences—you can choose to add more to their sentence if you'd like, '' Irwin continues to speak, glancing up at Dimitri for a couple of seconds before looking back at me.

''I don't want me or my family to get involved. I just want my husband to wake up from coma so that we can get through all of this, '' I reply slowly, ''Whatever you choose to do with those criminals, I want no part in it.'' I add.

Irwin seems to be slightly surprised, ''That's a shock to hear from you, Kenna. Usually, they'd be hiring up lawyers for the criminals to get an awful lot sentence than what they deserve.'' Then, he frowns, ''Your husband's in a coma?'' He asks.

''I'm very sorry, '' The other says.

I look down at my hands as I play with my wedding ring, ''Can I watch the security tape?'' My eyes meet with Irwin, who seems to be slightly surprised at my sudden request before blinking a few times.

''Y—yes, that's possible.'' He clears his throat, ''If it's alright with you, can I pay your husband a visit?'' The way he seems to hesitate at first but the words slip off his lips smoothly causes me to nod my head, feeling tears begin to reform in my eyes before wiping them away.

It doesn't take long for the four of us to walk down the hallway and straight towards his room. At first, a couple of nurses seem to have insisted just how they're not allowed to let us in but I manage to persuade them and tell that it'll only take a little while. Now, we're standing in front of Aidan who seems to be 'sleeping' soundly.

Dimitri stands near me instead of standing near Aidan as his eyes are beginning to water which causes me to grab onto his hand before rubbing the back of it; trying to soothe him.

''What exactly happened, if you don't mind me asking?'' Irwin asks, turning to look at me.

''Anterior cervical discectomy which is why they had to perform surgery to remove the pain in his neck. The reason why he's in a coma is because of the swelling in his brain, '' I clear my throat. ''Easy to say. . . brain trauma, '' I add, leaving me to look back at my best friend, my husband who stays motionless, just like that.

Irwin stands still at his spot while his assistant continues to write the details down on his notepad, leaving me to think that they're obviously running some sort of interrogation but in a more polite, casual way instead of dragging me or Dimitri straight to the police station.

Truth be told, what happened to Aidan is still unsure to me—as of why I asked to watch the security tape so that I can fully determine or comprehend the whole idea in my head. All I can know as a doctor is that Aidan was suffering from a severe blow to the head and it has caused his brain to go through into this state, leaving him motionless, not being able to respond.

It's breaking my heart to even see him laying there with his mouth slightly ajar from the machine that's helping him breathe as both of his eyes are closed while the rest of his body remains frozen. Imagine being someone who had to go into the operating room to find out the exact problem that is going on with your husband or something, it's quite a pain in the ass.

''When can I see the security tape?'' I ask, breaking the silence.

''Tonight at the police station, '' He replies.

Just like that, my head nods in an approving way, letting them know just how eager I am to figure this whole thing out without actually falling apart.

''We'll take our leave, Kenna. Give us a few hours to get the security tape and we'll see you tonight at the station, '' He continues to speak. The way he glances at Dimitri's direction as they shake hands before turning to smile at me, then step out of the room leaves me to think that this is not something to be taken lightly—for what reason, I suppose I barely even know.

I turn towards Dimitri, ''You have to be there.''

''I'll be there with you. Don't worry, Kenna. We'll get through this and before you know it, Aidan's going to wake up and everything's going to turn to normal. Just like that, '' Dimitri replies before he starts to wrap his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer towards his body; leaving me to nod my head a few times.


Dimitri and I both walk inside the police station with coats covering our bodies due to the cold weather, leaving us to gaze around the station and see that not a lot are on night duty but Irwin's figure comes into spot as he makes his way towards us. ''Come with me, '' He says.

We both follow him down the hallway and straight towards a room at the back, somewhat hidden as we enter, revealing an unidentified box in the middle of the table with a laptop, specified to be playing the tape—or more precisely, the tape in the pen drive.

''Are you ready?'' He asks, looking up at me.

I take a seat near the laptop as Dimitri stands behind me with his hand laying on my shoulder, somehow giving me strength in which I appreciate. Within seconds, Irwin has already clicked play on the lapto

roper conversation as we listen to the musics being played on the radio while Aidan is laying unawake in the hospital, not even knowing whether he'll be awake in the nearest future.

''You can speak three. So, you're like also complimenting yourself.'' He replies.

''You mean I speak English, crap?and?bullshit?''

The sound of our laughters are only getting louder and louder as he makes a quick left turn, heading straight down the road to my apartment or more precisely. . . my husband's apartment.

''We are here, '' He mutters under his breath as he stops in front of the apartment, leading me to look and see the lights are not turned on; leaving me to sigh deeply.

''Here we are, '' I say before stepping out of the car after grabbing onto my bag.

Just as I've closed the passenger door, Dimitri presses down the window to look up at me, causing me to gaze into his eyes as they wander around the neighbourhood. ''Don't forget to lock the doors as soon as you get inside. Then, take a warm shower to clear your head and just get some rest, okay?'' He looks at me with a small smile plastered on his face.

''Okay, '' I reply as I smile back.

Dimitri is like a big brother to me even though we're the same age but he cares more than he should. It's like having a brother who doesn't exist whenever he teases me around and all but he's also caring and irresistibly kind especially when it comes to me.

''If you feel like you can't sleep and want to take a midnight drive down the streets of Manhattan, you just press on your speed dial #3 and I'll be there. You know I'll be there, '' He adds.

I lean forward near the window, ''What if I want to take a long midnight drive to?McDonalds?''

He grins, showing off his perfectly straight teeth before chuckling softly. ''Just press on speed dial?#3?and we'll be getting some chicken nuggets, '' He responds off with the perfect answer for someone who enjoys food as I lean back, giving him a thumbs up.

''Drive safe, alright?'' I say as I walk towards my door.

Just like that, he lifts his right hand up before forming the shape of a heart using his thumb and his index finger which causes me to smile as he drives down the road as soon as I've entered the house, greeted by a familiar smell of a particular someone, leaving me to sigh.

My legs continue to take me straight to the living room, instantly reminded of this morning when he prepared breakfast and how the smell is still somewhat lingering in my senses. For some unknown reason, I am reminded of when we were both laying on the couch as we watched some good movies before we started to fall asleep in each other's arms just like how we did back in my apartment before we got married.

''Lock the doors, '' I mutter before turning to lock the front door even though it is formatted to automatically lock by itself with the codes being programmed. Even if I forget to lock the door, it won't cause me any harm.

Within seconds, I'm already standing in the shower as the warm water hits my ice cold skin. The way my body relaxes under the water with my eyes closed and both of my hands pressed against the wall, it feels like Aidan is wrapping his arms around my waist as we both enjoy this warm shower together which causes me to immediately shake it off my head and turn the shower off before quickly stepping out with a towel wrapped around my body. Then, I change into a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt as I quickly lay onto the bed which seems to be a mistake.

A mistake because the smell of him. . . meets my nostrils in ways that I can't even explain. This room smells more of him than me which causes my eyes to water, leaving me to immediately wipe them away as they stream down my cheeks.

Even without me expecting or knowing, I'm already crying my eyes out as I wrap myself with the comforter that we both use at night by placing one hand at the exact spot where he would always sleep next to me, leaving me to close my eyes as the sobs continue to get louder yet only loud enough to my own ears.

The night passes just like that.

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