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   Chapter 37 Chapter Thirty-seven

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''Good afternoon, Dr. Anne. You're glowing today, '' One of the nurses say as she smiles at me, making my cheeks heat up at her compliment before smiling back at her; stopping near the counter to write down my latest reports as I gaze up at the television, seeing a?robbery?happened at the national bank which causes me to frown.

''What is wrong with the world?'' I mutter under my breath.

''Everything is wrong. It's such a shame to live in a world like this where humans are the main cause of destruction, '' Penelope, one of the nurses here replies, her eyes wandering up to the television again before sighing. ''How are you, Dr. Anne?'' She asks.

''Good. What about you, Penelope?'' I respond, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear before dropping the pen with the reports; shoving both of my hands into my coat's pockets.

''Restless night with Johnny, '' She chuckles.

Johnny, her two-year-old son has been her main source of happiness after her husband passed away due to cancer. Apparently, she and Johnny always seem happy together to an extent that it makes me want to have that kind of life where I'd look at my son's face and just be content.

Just as I'm about to respond, she continues. ''Babies, toddlers, kids. . . they just suck the energy out of you. So, believe me, appreciate your current situation while you can because once you start popping one out. . . boy, don't let me get started.'' She adds and we both continue to laugh, my head shaking as I agree to her statement.

''I'll keep that in mind, '' I wave at her before walking down the hallway, heading straight towards Albert's room.

My eyes widen as soon as I see an unknown young man with dark brown hair stands near Albert's bed, smiling as they talk about something but as soon as I step inside, they both turn to look at me. The unfamiliar man appears to look quite familiar if I keep on looking at Albert and back at him for a few times which makes me wonder, who is?he?

The man takes one hand out from his slacks' pocket before giving me a handshake, in which I accept. ''Brayden Adams, '' He introduces himself, making me furrow at his last name.


He cuts me off, ''Albert Adam's son.''

I remain speechless as I stand in the middle of the room before clearing my throat, ''How rude of me. I'm Kenna Ashton, your father's neurologist. It's just that I've never seen you before but Albert has mentioned you a few times, '' I reply with a small smile plastered on my face.

Albert's son, Brayden, nods his head with his lips slowly curving up into a smile. ''Can we talk outside, Dr. Anne?'' He glances down at my tag before gesturing for both of us to step out of his father's room.

My eyes wander to Albert who keeps on staring at his late wife's scarf as I follow Brayden out. As soon as we're standing in the hallway, he starts to let out a deep breath. ''I'm sure he has told you about my sudden disappearance and I don't blame him, as his doctor, you should know everything that is going on with his life but I had my reasons. It took me years and a lot of regrets but I'm here and I want to be there for him, '' He speaks.

''I understand, Mr. Adams but—''

''Brayden's fine, '' He cuts me off.

I blink a few times, ''Right, Brayden. . . I understand but your disappearance did affect him in ways I can't possibly put into words. He was devastated especially about his late wife, your mother but now that you're back in his life, I'm actually more than glad.'' I reply.

He breathes out and I take my moment to eye the man in front of me, seeing him standing quite tall in his suit and tie, leaving me to believe that he's probably a lawyer or something much more. . . formal with his hair neatly combed to the back but with a few strands out. It doesn't take me long to realise just how much he looks like Albert when he was young and believe me, he stands with a seven.

''I want to be there for him. To make sure that he's happy because that's what he needs, '' He continues to speak, ''Look. . . I'm not the perfect son, I may have lost track of time and I may have forgotten about my responsibility but I want to fix that starting now, '' He adds.

''What are you saying?'' I ask, raising an eyebrow.

''I want him to be discharged with only monthly check-ups. I think he has been at the hospital long enough, '' He replies.

I nod my head, ''There's definitely nothing wrong with that. I'll handle the papers. Give me an hour or two, tops?'' I ask him, wanting to receive other confirmations from the other two doctors that have been attending him for the past years, wanting to make sure that Albert does not have any chronic diseases that would cause any malfunctions or disruptions in his daily life as soon as he is discharged.

''Thank you, Dr. Anne.'' He smiles.

Just like that, he walks back inside, leaving me to think that miracles do happen in life and they're by far unexpected. With that, I walk down the hall and straight towards the emergency room, wanting to meet with Dr. Lin who has been handling Albert's prescriptions according to his daily needs.

''Kenna!'' Lucas calls out which causes me to turn and smile at him, ''Talk to you, later?''

I raise my hand up before giving him a thumbs up as I run down the hallway, straight towards the emergency room but to stop dead at my tracks as soon as my eyes land on a familiar face being pushed on the stretchers which causes my whole body to freeze as everything slows down.

The?same?dark brown hair, the same features and even the same everything with one slight different which is small bruises forming on his face as blood continues to glide down from his forehead and even from the back of his head, making me run after him, my heart racing with every step.

''Wait! Wait!'' I call out as one of the doctors turn while the other nurses continue to push him straight towards the operating room.

The doctor stops to grab onto my arms, trying to calm me down as soon as he realises my hands are shaking in shock, my eyes are tearing up and even my lips are trembling. ''Where are you taking him? Wh—where are you taking him?!'' I stutter, trying to push past him but he continues to hold me back, calming me down.

''Kenna. . . Kenna, calm down.'' He breathes.

With all of my strength,

face, feeling the same warmth meeting my skin.

''Don't leave me, Aidan. You have to come back to me. You have to come back to me, '' I close my eyes to let the tears stream down cheeks, leaving me to hold my breath. ''Please, come back to me.''

I wipe away the fallen tears before I begin to entwine our fingers together, eyeing how his hands are much bigger than mine but whenever we hold hands or have our fingers entwine, we just fit perfectly. I place the back of his hand on the side of my cheek, somehow reminding back of when we were together and how he was touching me endlessly, it felt like hours ago.

Just like that, I kiss the back of his hand. ''I love you. I'll wait for you—it doesn't matter how long it will take for you to wake up because I'll be here everyday just like how we promised, '' I breathe.

As I step out of his room and walk away from the intensive care unit, I look up to see Flynn staring back at me, his eyes are red as his hands hold onto Aidan's phone. He walks towards me, ''Hi, Kenna. . . this belongs to you, '' He hands me the phone, letting me press the 'home button' to look at his lock screen, seeing a picture of me smiling as I was looking at the camera.

''Thanks, Flynn.'' I mutter.

Just as I'm about to walk away, ''I was there, Kenna. I was there with him, '' He stops me which causes me to turn around and look at him, seeing his shirt is slightly dirty with blood.

''Are you hurt, Flynn? That blood—''

He cuts me off, ''—is not mine. I want to say sorry. I should've done something but I was scared, I was shocked and I didn't know how to react. They had guns, Kenna. . . they were, they—''

I immediately grab onto his hand, ''Stop. Don't force yourself. Don't blame yourself, either. Anyone would've been as scared as you and it's not your fault, Flynn. You and Aidan were just at the wrong place and at the wrong time, '' I reply.

''Go home, please. Take care of yourself, '' I add before I continue to walk down the road, my whole body continues to weaken with every step I take but I try my best to stay strong.

To my surprise, I find Dimitri immediately pulling me in for a hug as soon as he sees me, his arms wrapped around my body as he snuggles close, letting me place both of my hands on his back.

''Are you okay?'' He asks, pushing my hair away from my face.

Without even needing to utter any words to tell him the truth, Dimitri seems to have caught and understood just how things are not going well as he continues to rub onto my back. My heart clenches at the thought of Aidan laying motionless in his room, not knowing when he'll be able to wake up and see the sunrise or the sunset in the nearest future and it pains me.

''I'm here. I'll always be here, '' Dimitri whispers.

After standing and being in his arms for approximately five minutes, he pulls my body away to look down at my face before he starts to wipe away the fallen tears as we both walk down the hallway, straight towards one of the benches where less people are wandering with only a few nurses and doctors hurrying away.

''How did you know?'' I ask, turning to look at him as he runs his fingers through his thick yet neat hair.

''I'm on his emergency contacts.'' He replies and I look down at my phone to see a couple of missed calls from an unknown number, realising how Dimitri and I have always been on his emergency contacts—it has been that way ever since we started owning a phone. ''Kenna, this is?fucking?insane. I'm losing my mind, '' He adds.

''He was just at the wrong place and at the wrong time, '' I mutter under my breath.

''They've captured them. All of them, '' He replies. ''They deserve to rot in jail just as much as they deserve to rot in hell—they tried to harm a child, for god's sake. Who does that?'' He continues to speak. ''What is wrong with the whole?damn?world?''

Just as I turn to look up at Dimitri, an unknown person calls out my name which causes me to turn and see two men standing with their badges—making me blink a few times, ''Mrs. Kenna Ashton—wife of Aidan Gabriel Ashton?'' One of them asks, leaving me to nod.

''Do you have a moment? We have to talk regarding your husband, '' He continues.

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