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   Chapter 35 Chapter Thirty-five

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My eyes blink a few times before opening them to see Aidan sleeping soundly and closely near me, both of his arms are wrapped around my body as we're pressed against one another which causes me to smile as memories of last night creep up in my mind; instantly leaving me to feel my cheeks heat up, not expecting how great things went.

I press my hand on the side of his face as he continues to sleep, the way his chest moves up and down slowly without noticing how the sheets are barely covering our bodies yet we feel warm just by being close to one another—letting me lift my body up a little bit before pressing my lips against his, feeling him parting them and responding back within seconds.

A chuckle escapes from my lips as he wraps his arms around my waist, letting me sit on top of him, seeing him opening his droopy eyes as soon as I break the kiss.

''Hi, '' I smile down at him, tucking a few strands of hair behind my ear without even caring if we're both still skin to skin—what we did last night would mean that we've seen everything that we've been hiding from each other for the past years and why would this morning be any different?

''Hey, '' He replies, one of his hand soothingly rubbing onto my back as he adjusts his head on the pillow, both of his brown eyes are gazing into my blue ones; both of us smiling at each other, knowing that last night is still fresh in our minds.

My lips are tracing kisses on his forehead, his cheeks and on his lips which causes him to run his hand soothingly on my thighs before turning us around; with him being on top as we both begin to chuckle. He looks down at me as if he's mesmerised by my features before he starts to push my hair away from my face, ''Let's stay in bed today.'' He whispers.

''Mmm, what can we do in bed?'' I raise an eyebrow.

The way his lips curve up into a grin has somehow managed me to let out soft chuckles as he leans in to kiss down my neck, ''I'd rather show you.'' He replies, his hand carelessly running on my thigh without even caring if it has an affect on me in which it does as I cup onto his face, pulling him closer to fully kiss him on the lips.

''What if I show you?'' I purposely lean closer towards his neck as my hand reaches down.

My hand seems to have caused him to feel the pleasure building up as he smirks down at me, letting me do my part of the job; making sure that he'd feel the same amount of pleasure I felt when he did the same for me. With every movement I make with my hands and mouth, he seems to be enjoying every second of it—the sound of his breathing getting heavier and heavier without holding it back.

''Fuck, '' He breathes out as he starts to pull me up to kiss me by the lips, letting me stay on top of him yet he starts to run his hands all over my body.

Just as he's about to turn us around, I immediately push both of his hands back down beside his head which causes him to groan but begins to let out a breathy chuckle. The way his chest is moving up and down from the heavy breathing proves just how my teases was successful and he's by far enjoying it, too.

I let him thrust inside as I press both of my hands on his chest, earning myself a groan from him as my hips move slowly, starting to feel the pleasures building up for both of us as he places both of his hands on my hips before slowly going up to my stomach—letting me passionately and slowly?show?him.

As I begin to fasten my movement, he starts to let out soft moans while I lean my head back; biting onto my lower lip at the deepness inside of me, letting me feel it entirely. My heart beats faster than usual and I can feel his heart beating fast, too as I lean my body forward towards his, kissing onto his lips.

''Oh, fuck.'' He groans as I tease him by slowing my movement, ''You're killing me, Kenna. You're really killing me, '' He adds.

Just as I place both of my hands on the bed as I lean forward to fasten my movements, he seems to be enjoying it as he wraps his arm around my waist. Moans are escaping my lips even though I'm trying my best to hold them back yet they keep on coming out as I feel myself coming at the edge, gripping tightly onto the sheets as my movements begin to slow down; letting Aidan to continue on thrusting as soon as he feels me clenching.

He grabs onto my hand, gripping tightly as I let my body take control.

''Yeah, like that.'' I moan, seconds before I begin to lean my head back and grip harder onto his hand—feeling the waves causing my body to slightly shake, with him stopping his thrusts, letting me completely feel the entire release from my body.

Aidan starts to turn us around as he hovers on top of me, moving in and out to continue building the pleasure as our fingers entwined on the bed; letting him thrust out immediately as soon as he feels himself exploding before quickly letting out a breath of relief as soon as he feels the entire satisfaction.

''I think I'm staying home for a week, '' He mutters near my ear as he continues to breathe heavily which causes me to laugh, seconds before he starts to join me.

Just as he's about to lean in, the sound of his phone interrupts us which causes him to groan before pushing the sheets away and walk towards his phone—letting me lay on the bed, eyeing his every movement and how his body appears to be in good shape and nicely toned which is one of the reasons why he stands in the middle of the room naked, with full of confident as he picks up the phone.

''I'm at your apartment, '' I hear Dimitri's voice on the other line as Aidan walks back towards the bed after putting him on speaker. ''I've been standing here for the past fifteen minutes. Are you guys still asleep? Can you at least let me in?'' He asks.

''What are you doing at my apartment?'' Aidan asks, as his eyes are never leaving my body, leaving me to lean closer towards him; purposely leaving kisses down his jaw.

''Kenna and I have plans today. Wait—is that you breathin

etely in shock.

''Cut it off!'' Aidan says as he manages to pull Alain away, leaving us to stare down at Tony who is currently coughing out blood, Mia quickly tending him. Aidan continues to pull Alain away from Tony, his hand gripping tightly onto his arm, ''Cut it off, Alain. You're making a?fucking?scene, ''

''You knew? You knew all along and you were fine with this?!'' Alain shouts at Aidan who has started to clench his jaw in anger.

''She's our sister, Aidan. She's our one and only sister. How can you be fine with her being pregnant? She's in university. For god's sake, Mia. . . what the?fuck?were you thinking?! Were you out of your goddamn?mind? I don't want to see you with him anymore. He stays out of your fucking life!'' Alain lets out his anger by pointing at Tony who is currently looking away from Alain and only assuring Mia that he's fine.

Aidan pulls him harder by the arm, ''I said cut it off!''

Alain and Aidan are both staring at each other, somewhat glaring. ''She's not a child, Alain. We can't just interfere with her life because we think that it's bad for her; she can do what the?fuck?she wants and we just have to stay out of it! You're right, she's our sister and you're trying to ruin your one and only sister's life.'' He leans to say those words which causes Alain to pull his arm away from Aidan's grasps.

''You're a disgrace, '' Alain turns to Mia before storming off, avoiding even his wife's comfort as she starts to follow him.

My eyes wander to Aidan who has let out a deep sigh, both of his hands on his waist before using one to pinch the bridge of his nose. Anger is clearly shown to be radiating from him as I pass him to immediately make my way towards Tony, ''Let me help you. We have first aid kit inside, '' I assure him before trying to help him stand with Mia.

Just as we make our ways inside the house, Alain is already holding Ava as he starts to put her in the child safety seat in the car with Harley sighing deeply at his behaviour. Then, without even sparing a single glance, Alain drives them away and straight down the road, leaving me to turn, seeing Diana and Marc disappointedly gaze at Mia.

''I'll try to talk to them, '' Aidan follows his parents' towards their house's library.

Mia, Tony and I are in the kitchen, with me trying to tend his cuts by wiping away the blood coming out from his nose and even on the side of his lips. I slowly dab a clean cloth after wiping away the blood to make sure that he won't get any infection as he closes his eyes, bearing with the stinging pain.

''I'm sorry, '' Mia grabs onto Tony's hand before planting a kiss at the back of it.

Tony turns to smile at Mia, ''Don't worry about it, babe. We'll get through this, okay?'' He assures her by winking, making her run her fingers through his hair, pushing them away from his face as I dab an antiseptic on his cuts.

''Nothing's broken. You're good, '' I say, giving him an ice pack for the swelling and a forming bruise on his cheekbone.

Tony clears his throat, ''Thank you, Kenna.'' He says as both of his eyes look down at me, seeing me smile back at him; assuring him that it was nothing and it was a pleasure to help him out. ''You could've warned me though, '' He says at Mia with a light chuckle.

Mia smiles sadly, ''Aidan took it quite well and I thought that maybe Alain would've been the same but I was wrong. You're hurt because of me and I'm sorry, '' She replies as she cups onto his face, slowly, avoiding anywhere near his swelling or cuts. Then, she looks at me. ''Thanks, Kenna. I guess we do owe you, '' She adds.

''Just get some rest, '' I smile as they start to walk out of the house, straight towards his car.

Within seconds, Aidan appears in the kitchen with a deep sigh, his hair sticking out all over the place as he sits on the stool near the kitchen island, running his fingers through his hair, somehow trying to relief his stress.

Thanksgiving ended up being?Anger-giving.

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