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   Chapter 34 Chapter Thirty-four

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My eyebrows furrow as Gerald comes to a stop near a private jet, causing me to look around but as soon as he opens the door for me, I'm left to step out of the car, feeling a little bit of an unknown feeling building inside.

''So. . . here's my stop?'' I ask Gerald.

He smiles, ''I can't tell you that.''

''Sworn to secrecy?'' I joke and he laughs, gesturing for me to take the next few steps before looking up to find a couple of stewardess and pilot to smile down at me; leaving me to sigh.

I walk up the stairs to the flight, ''Welcome, Mrs. Ashton. I'll take you inside, '' One of the stewardess says before walking ahead of me, making me follow her from behind and straight towards one of the seats, liking how comfortable they feel.

To my surprise, she places a MacBook on the small desk in front of me, causing me to furrow my brows but I remain still as she walks away, leaving me all by myself.

Within seconds, Aidan's name shows up on the screen through FaceTime, letting me press 'answer' before seeing it being connected; his face showing up on the screen as he starts to smile, ''Right. . . do you always take girls out on a date in your private jet?'' I ask.

He chuckles and I take my time to see that he's also being in the same situation as I am, the familiar yet different seat in the background; showing that he's also in a jet. ''You'll see me in seven hours, '' He replies.

''What?'' I frown.

He smiles, revealing his teeth. ''Trust me, Kenna. I'll see you in a bit and we're going to have the best time of our lives, '' He continues to speak. ''Just enjoy your flight and I'll be there as soon as you land. I love you, '' He adds, soothing my heart.

Just as he ends the call, I am left hearing the captain assuring the flight going up to our destination but he didn't say where; leaving me to lean back on my seat, glancing down at my dress and looking back at my makeup, smiling to myself at how much I actually trust Aidan.

''Is there anything I can do for you, Mrs. Ashton?'' One of the stewardess stands beside me with a small smile plastered on her face as she bows down a little. ''If you're famished, we have a lot of to choose from.'' She adds.

My eyebrows furrow as I try to think of something to eat, ''What would you suggest?''

''You would want my suggestion?'' She seems a little bit surprised at my question which causes me to look at her, seeing that she might be a afraid to give a suggestion yet she covers it up by clearing her throat. ''The fish fillet is actually very good, ''

''Then. . . I'd like the fish fillet, '' I reply, smiling.

The next few hours are spent with me gazing down the night sky through the window, letting me relax as I find myself slowly drifting off to sleep; trying to blink the tiredness away but just as the coldness seeps in, I am left defeated. Even though the night sky is beautiful and almost breathtaking yet the tiredness is something that I can't push away.

''Mrs. Ashton. . . we're here, '' One of the stewardess says, making me blink a few times to see myself being covered in a warm blanket before immediately sitting up straight, taking my phone to check my makeup and hair, luckily everything is as perfect as how I made.

I stand up to slowly fix my dress before following the stewardess out towards the exit, thanking them for the great service a few hours ago; they were great to serve me such delicious food and wine, left me full and content. The long flight was forgotten easily because they were by far very, very friendly.

My eyes wander to the night sky, somehow it feels like I never left. Just as I'm about to utter another word, my eyes land on a familiar figure, the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life and it's not me exaggerating. The way his lips are curving up into a smile as he continues to eye me walk down the stairs and straight towards him.

''Told you I'd be here when you land, '' He whispers before kissing my cheek and one of his hand pressed against my back.

''Where are we?'' I ask, our faces are inches apart.

''You'll see, '' He replies before pulling my hand and straight towards an expensive black car, his hand never leaving mine as soon as the chauffeur drives away, letting me to look out the window; trying to familiarise the surroundings—as if I've seen it somewhere and somehow.

Everything seems to be a blur as I try to process it all, somehow a little jet lag and slightly confused but I remain quiet, waiting for the views to come into sight as Aidan continues to grip onto my hand, making me turn to look at him, seeing him staring at me.

''You're very beautiful, '' He says with a smile.

My cheeks heat up at his compliment before looking down at our hands, ''Thank you.''

''Look, '' He points out at the window as I follow his gaze, eyes widening at the sight of the Eiffel Tower before realising where we really are; leaving me to blink a few times to make sure that this is all real and by far, as real as it can get.

''Paris?'' I raise an eyebrow as I feel mesmerised by the city, somehow enjoying the lights and the beautiful view. ''My—''

He cuts me off, ''Your bucket list number four. Visit a foreign country. . . preferably Paris.'' He adds which causes me to immediately place my lips onto his, feeling the softness mixed with my own; somehow making me fall deeper and deeper in love with him than I already am.

''How can you be perfect?'' I smile as I look up into his eyes, seeing him grinning at me; enjoying my arms wrapped around his neck as he has both of his hands placed on both sides of my waist.

We both come to a stop near the Eiffel Tower, letting me eye it from down here with Aidan's hand around my waist, his chauffeur waiting as we both walk down the streets and straight to a well-known hotel in Paris, reviews have said that it would cost them around thousands to book a suite and it'd for sure would burn a hole in their pocket but probably for Aidan and someone like him, it wouldn't be a big deal.

''Bienvenue à Paris. Bonsoir, '' The man greets us before letting us enter, greeted by the air-conditioned room; letting me mesmerise the view by wandering my eyes around, letting Aidan lead me inside, straight towards the reception counter—where there are a couple of receptionist smiling at our arrival.

I stand in the middle, underneath the shining chandelier as I appear to be standing out in this dress, receiving attention from the people here but rather than being bothered by the amount of people laying their eyes on me, I am actually mesmerised by the beauty standing near the counter as he smiles, turning to look at me.

At times like this, my life feels like a fairytale. Something out of a movie or a novel, leaving me to wonder how the?hell?did I get super lucky?

''Merci, '' I hear him utter to the receptionist before walking back towards me, grabbing onto my hand.

We both walk towards the elevator, entering it as soon as the doors open; leaving us inside with nobody else. ''So. . . that was a nice first date, '' I say with a little bit of sarcasm which causes him to laugh, shaking his head before pressing onto the button, the elevator moving up with me still staring at his smile.

''I hope you got a nice sleep, '' He replies as he looks at me.

I raise an eyebrow, ''Why?''

Just as the the elevator stops, we both turn to look at a couple entering—they have their hands entwined as they stand close to each other, not being bothered by our presence or if Aidan and I feel uncomfortable about public display of affection

n't take me long to realise that we're heading upstairs until he places me on the ground, feeling my feet growing weak as he continues to place both of his hands around my hips before he starts to lift the dress from my thighs again, leaving me to unbutton his shirt before throwing it away on the ground.

As he stands shirtless, in front of me, I immediately feel him lift my dress up to my stomach as his warm fingers are leaving traces on my lower abdomen before dropping the dress on the ground near his shirt, leaving me to stand in my undergarments but unnoticed as we continue to kiss again, my body growing warmer and needy with every passing second.

I find myself laying on the bed which causes me to open my eyes, realising that he's currently eyeing down my body with a seductive smile plastered on his face as he slowly starts to unbutton his pants, leaving them drop down onto the ground before he starts to hover on top of me, both of his elbows supporting his body from crushing me.

Our eyes are staring at each other as we breathe heavily, feeling each other's skin against one another as he starts to caress the side of my face, pushing my hair away from my face; tracing soft kisses on my forehead, down to the bridge of my nose and last but not least, my lips with a little bit longer than he intended to.

''I love you, '' I whisper near his ear as he kisses down my neck, biting softly.

He leans back to look into my eyes again, ''I love you, more.''

Just like that, he starts to leave kisses down to my collarbone and my stomach, leaving me to lean my head back on the bed before feeling pleasure building in the centre. My heart feels like it's going to thump out of my chest with the way his lips and tongue is doing its magic and also the movement of his fingers, leaving me to grab onto the sheets, gripping hard.

Everything seems to move slow and passionately which appears much more sexy than anything I've ever done before.

Just as I feel the familiar yet intense explosion, I begin to lift his face up to my lips before kissing me again. Within seconds, I have already turned us around with me being on top which causes him to chuckle, the hoarseness of his voice seems to have turned me on a bit more than I already have as I kiss down his neck, both of his hands on my waist.

I teasingly move my hips on his lower body which causes him to clench his jaw with both of his eyes staring onto my body by letting him run his hands up the back of my bra, letting it slide down as he unclasps them, leaving him to stare at my bare body; for some reason, anything about embarrassment or shyness has flown out the window.

Aidan turns us around again as he stares into my eyes before running one of his hand down to the middle of my thighs, leaving me to gasp—feeling his skin against mine, causing me to be breathless before realising that we have nothing covering our bodies anymore and we're already skin to skin, feeling every inch and every part.

His brown eyes are staring directly into my eyes as I feel him slowly thrusting inside me, making my mouth go wide before grabbing hard onto his shoulders, feeling the pleasure building inside of me as he starts to move, slowly. The sound of his breaths mixing with mine seems to have caused us to feel much more in depth than before as he begins to thrust in and out with both of his eyes still staring down at my face.

Just as the pleasure starts to build up, I feel him thrusting slightly faster than before yet still keeping it passionate which causes me to bite onto my lower lip, trying to hold in any uncontrollable sounds from escaping my lips as I continue to grip hard around his neck before dropping my hands down to grab onto the sheets.

He grabs onto my hand before pushing it up beside my head, our breaths mixing together with our moans—letting ourselves know just how much we enjoy this sensation and how we don't exactly want this moment to end. Just by the way he moves his body, makes me feel much more comfortable with my own body than I've ever been before.

We begin to entwine our fingers together as I feel the pleasure becoming much and much more unbearable before wrapping my legs around his waist, trying to find something else to grab onto as another wave hits me—leaving me to throw my head back as he slows down his thrusts, letting me feel the pleasure taking control of my body.

Then, he presses his body a bit closer to mine before continuing to move, slowly and passionately to the rhythm; letting me grip hard onto the tips of his hand as I run my fingers across his back, hearing him breathing heavily near my ear as he kisses down my neck.

All I can remember is every single moment of our bodies being one and how we spent the entire night being blessed with waves of pleasures, not once left unsatisfied or quiet. It was one of the best moments of us and I wouldn't want to spend the night any other way, my first time with him was by far, unforgettable and very, very pleasurable.

He wasn't kidding with those puns.

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