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   Chapter 33 Chapter Thirty-three

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My heartbeat's raising with every step I take as I keep on replaying the scene in my head, smiling to myself like a fool. It happened quickly and I can't help but confess that Aidan has own my heart in just as I've owned his.

I enter the hotel to see Dimitri standing in the middle of the grand lobby as he talks to someone unfamiliar yet I pay no further attention to the man in front of him; only to him as I quickly run towards him, causing him to turn as soon as he heard my voice calling out his name continuously.

''Dimitri!'' I exclaim one more time before wrapping my arms around him, leaving him with a surprise as he wraps his arms around my waist. ''You were right all along!'' I grin, widely.

Both of his light eyes look at me in confusion, ''I'm with a client, Kenna.'' He replies.

I turn to look at the man next to us as he has been staring at me all along, leaving me to gaze down at his clothes and up again at his features. Both of his light brown eyes would give off an exotic vibe yet there's something sweet about his smile.

My hands are immediately dropped to my sides as I begin to clear my throat, ''I'm sorry.''

The unknown man—Dimitri's client, looks at me in surprise before smiling wider. ''You don't have to be, Mrs. Ashton. It's actually a pleasure to meet you even though under informal circumstances, '' The way his voice smoothly escape his lips with his English accent, it has managed me to remain speechless.

My blue eyes won't look away from the mysterious yet very attractive man in front of me; no doubt he's more than just six foot tall, probably six foot two or three and his body fits perfectly onto his expensive Armani suit, leaving me staring at him in awe. . . assuring myself that he has this affect on anyone.

''You. . . know me?'' I raise an eyebrow.

Dimitri cuts in, ''I would like to apologise, Daniel. My friend here is a bit excited about a few things that might've happened and she couldn't contain the excitement. I hope you understand, '' He says in a more professional tone as the beautiful yet sexy stranger named Daniel continues to look at me, somehow eyeing my every features.

''No need to apologise. It's actually an honour to meet such a beautiful lady, '' Daniel says which causes me to blush, somehow not expecting him to be a gentleman.

''I wouldn't call her a lady, '' Dimitri mutters, causing me to turn and glare at him.

Daniel, on the other hand, grabs onto my left hand with his before placing a peck at the back of it, ''I'm Daniel Jonathan Murray but you can call me Daniel, '' He looks up into my eyes with adoration as I let out a breath of relief as soon as he lifts his lips away.

''Kenna Anne Roosevelt—uh, Ashton.'' I stutter before clearing my throat, trying to hide away my embarrassment.

Daniel smiles, ''You're a doctor, Mrs. Ashton?'' As he gazes down at my white coat.

''Kenna's fine. . . and yes, I'm a neurologist.'' My reply seems to have surprised him as he nods, his lips curving up into a wider smile while I take my time to eye how his perfectly straight teeth highlights the rest of his nicely sharp features.

''A fine career for a very fine lady. Your husband must be a very lucky man, '' He smiles, again; leaving me to look up at Dimitri, not knowing whether I can stand being close to this attractive acquaintance in front of me.

''If you don't mind, Daniel. . . I would like to speak with my friend, here for a little while, '' I respond by pointing at Dimitri who seems to be smiling ever since I came in, putting on a perfect act in front of Daniel even though we both know that he's going to smack the hell out of me or even try to throw me onto the ground.

''Of course. Take your time, '' Daniel replies.

Just like that, I begin to pull onto Dimitri's hand as we both walk quickly towards the other side of the lobby near the staffs' pantry, ''Whoa, slow down, cupcake. Are we doing cardio?'' He asks.

I push him onto the seat before joining him, ''We kissed yesterday.'' I exclaim, excitedly as I remember back of what happened yesterday; it was everything I had hoped to happen if he ever confessed or anyone ever said he loves me.

He raises an eyebrow, ''But, you guys kiss all the time?''

''Well. . . we kissed and he told me he loves me!'' I grab onto both of his shoulders, my eyes piercing directly into his, showing him how excited I am about this whole thing.

''I already knew—I mean, whoa, how did that happen? He was in love with you this whole time?'' He asks, eyeing me as I lean onto the seat, recalling back of whatever happened last night and try to put into words so it's easier for him to understand. Just like this:

His brown eyes remain staring into my blue ones while I am left frozen and speechless at the same time yet for some unknown reasons, I feel undeniably complete. Complete to an extend of happiness where I feel like candies are falling from the sky and rainbows are appearing.

''I'm not saying this as your friend, Kenna. I'm saying this as your husband and I'm saying that I'm in love with you. From the moment I saw you walked down the aisle and from the moment we kissed, I knew I wasn't dreaming. I love you, Kenna Anne.'' He continues to speak, his voice coming out softly and soothingly.

He glances down at my lips for a couple of seconds, ''If you feel the same way towards me. Maybe, a little bit. . . I want you to tell me that this is not a one-sided thing. Tell me that it's not just me feeling these emotions when I'm with you. I want to know if you feel them, too.'' He adds.

I wrap my hands around his neck as my lips begin to curve up into a smile, ''It took you a kiss for you to admit those feelings?'' I ask, teasingly.

He chuckles, ''Maybe. . . and even more kisses in the future.'' He leans in to kiss me near he lips as I smile, liking how his warmth is being mixed with mine in our embrace and how his lips are softly placed against my skin; it's reassuring.

I look into his eyes, ''Today is your lucky day because the woman that you're in love with is in love with you, too.'' As soon as those words escaped my lips, he starts to smile wider before turning to a grin, leaving me to blush at the fact knowing that he's mesmerising my every feature.

Just like that, he starts to pull me in for a hug, causing my feet to being lifted up from the ground as I let out chuckles, leaving him to twirl me around the room as if today is in fact, the best day of his life.

As he looks up at me, he starts to slowly place me back onto the ground with his smile never leaving his face as mine does the same. We're both drawn to each other's beauty and somehow, we're both drowning in this sea of love; where neither of us wants to be saved.

''That was what happened, '' I turn to look at Dimitri again, seeing him staring at me with a frown.

He leans forward, ''So. . . it's confirmed, then? What if you might hate the way he sleeps, the way he eats, the way he kisses or even the way he's looking at you?'' He asks, eyes squinting.

I laugh slowly, ''I've been with him long enough to know how he sleeps and eats and looks at me. So far, I like the way he kisses me. I don't think that's going to be an issue, '' I reply with a smile.

''Good. Then, I'm very happy for you; knowing that two of my best friends are in love with each other has made me feel like I'm not friends with fools or idiots anymore which is great. Anyways, has he mentioned to you about the contract? Are you guys going to just burn it away?'' He asks, making me think about the contract that we have made. ''I mean, don't get me wrong, sweetcheeks?but the contract was the reason why you two got married in the first place.'' He adds.

''We haven't talked about it, '' I mutter.

He breathes out, ''Sooner or later, try to bring that topic up. Dispose it as soon as possible so that if something bad happens, he can't use the contract against you, ''

''Are you implying that something bad will happen?''

''I said 'if', Kenna. If?something bad happens, '' He shrugs before shoving one hand into his slacks' pocket, ''Look, I wish you guys an everlasting love and marriage and all but I'm just saying be careful at what you go through, try to expect the worst. Love with all of your heart but don't completely put your guard down, '' He adds with a pat on my shoulder, leaving me to think that his past scar has not healed to an extent where he might be able to let it all go, he forgave her but he will never forget.

''Thanks, Dimitri.'' I smile, appreciating his advice.

He smiles back, ''You're welcome. Always here to look out for


''I heard you did well with the monitoring, '' I turn to see Lucas smiling down at me as he's also standing in his light blue scrubs, leaving me to think that he just got out of a surgery, too.

''I deserve a promotion, now.'' I joke and he starts to laugh, ''You were performing a surgery?'' I ask, seeing him wiping away a couple beads of sweat on his forehead as he nods.

He clears his throat, ''Twins. They were beautiful, ''

''Well, congratulations to the both of us.'' I pretend to be holding a glass of wine as I lift my hand up, receiving myself a chuckle from him before he starts to join me; our hands meeting up.

My eyes wander around to meet a familiar figure which surprises me, ''You're still here?'' I ask, causing Lucas to turn and follow my gaze; as Aidan starts to make his way towards me, pecking onto the side of my face before placing his hand at the back of my waist.

''I was at the office, '' He replies.

''Aidan, this is Lucas. Lucas, this is Aidan.'' I introduce them both to each other as they begin to shake hands, my eyebrows furrow at the sight of Aidan's firm handshake which is quite normal when he's meeting clients and colleagues but I decide to let it slide.

Lucas smiles, ''The husband, right?''

''The friend?'' They hold their gazes for a few seconds longer before they begin to let go of each other's hands, causing Aidan to stand tall without even bothered to look away while I feel like I'm standing in between of a glaring contest.

''Also an obstetrician, '' Lucas adds.

''I've heard. You're quite known for your work, '' Aidan replies.

Lucas, on the other hand, starts to chuckle. ''Not quite as known as you. You're the successful man here that was the talk of the hospital for awhile when you two got hitched, '' He says. ''I'm sure I'm just an obstetrician who makes hundreds of thousands per year while you make millions, ''

''Billions, '' He corrects which causes Lucas to stare at him in surprise.

''Remind me again not to mess with you, '' Lucas begins to joke as they both laugh, even though I know by the look on Aidan's face, he seems to be putting on a perfect act. ''Well. . . I better get going. It was a pleasure meeting you, '' He adds before smiling at me and heading towards the other side of the hallway.

I furrow my brows as I look up at Aidan, ''Seriously?''

He turns towards me, ''What?''

''You seriously make billions per year?''

The smirk on his face grows wider, ''I donate a hundred million dollars to this exact hospital, annually. I can't just be making millions because that would actually make me go broke, '' He replies.

''I don't know if I should be impressed or confused at how many zeros you have in your bank account, '' I chuckle as we both begin to walk down the hallway, a couple of nurses glancing at our direction as soon as they realise who I'm walking with; one of the well-known billionaires in the city or more likely, the world.

''Actually. . . Kenna, are you free tonight?'' He asks as we both stop near the elevator, causing me to look up into his brown eyes as I see him starting to clench his jaw; something he would do if he gets pretty nervous.

I smile, ''Is Aidan Gabriel Ashton asking me out on a date?'' My lips curving up into a wider smile as he starts to chuckle, revealing his perfectly straight teeth as he tries to hide away the redness creeping up on his cheeks.

''Is Kenna Anne Ashton going to say yes?'' He raises an eyebrow, making me swoon at my last name; knowing how we're just smiling at each other as we stand here while I think of how we're legally and somewhat married. How can I be this lucky to get a man like him?

''What if I say no?'' I tease.

He leans closer, ''I'll have to go down on one knee.''

My heart flutters at the sound of his voice as I grab onto his hand, gripping it and nodding, without even needing to utter words. ''Well. . . where exactly are you taking me out for dinner? Am I allowed to wear my scrubs?'' I joke at the end.

''There's something in your closet. Head home and Gerald will pick you up around eight, '' He replies.

''You could've just called me to say this, '' I respond as he starts to let go of my hand, slowly taking a few steps back as he grins.

''Can you blame me? I wanted to see your face, '' He says as he starts to make his way out of the hospital, his head turning to glance at my direction for a couple of times before completely disappearing out of sight—leaving me to jump in joy in the middle of the hallway as patients and doctors pass, looking at me, weirdly.

''Sorry, '' I mutter with a smile plastered on my face, liking the new us.

As soon as I'm home, I immediately make my way towards my room before pushing the door open and quickly running inside my walk-in closet, seeing a big box in the middle of the room. My eyes widen at the sight before opening the box, revealing a gold mixed with silver dress that seems to compliment my skin tone as I run my fingers across the material, liking it.

I look at the note on the dress before reading it:

You'll look beautiful like you've always been.

- Aidan (hubby)

My laughter erupts the room at the word 'hubby' before smiling to myself at the beautiful dress and how it would define my body shape perfectly. Within seconds, I'm already running towards the bathroom to cleanse my skin and apply an appropriate amount of makeup to make sure I look as appealing as I can be.

When I'm done, I stare at myself in the mirror; seeing how the dress suits me very well, Aidan did a great job at choosing this dress on whether he had a few help from other people or not but I can't help but fall in love with myself, hoping he might fall in love with me more than he has.

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