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   Chapter 30 Chapter Thirty

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Black. Sadness. Respect.

The amount of people being here shows just how much he was a good man. A great man. A father and a loving husband—he is going to be talk of the city and there's no one going to deny the goodness he had when he was alive. There's no better reason why. . . there's no need for any reasons at all. Not even one.

John deserved better. He didn't deserve to die this way; no one would deserve this way. His family doesn't deserve to feel this pain and he certainly didn't have to live like this. Either way, John. . . rest in peace. You were the best father I never had—I saw how much you loved Kenna and Julia with all of your heart, I saw her grew up to be the most beautiful woman and I saw how well you took care of your girls. You deserved more.

I look around to see the look on their faces, eyes swollen, tears drying and heart breaking. It's not a sight worth seeing as it keeps on making my heart ache; especially by looking down at Kenna as she leans closer towards me, my arm around her waist, wanting to keep her safe and wanting to give her support.

My lips lay onto the top of her head before pulling her closer, wanting her to know that I'll always be here for her, no matter what. She will always have me by her side as she lives her life, no matter how. She won't come across another day without me being a part of me, no matter why.

''I can't, '' She mutters under her breath as she looks up at me, her eyes are bloodshot red and her face somehow appears slimmer. ''I can't stay here.'' She adds.

I nod my head as I grab onto her hand, ''Do you want to leave?''

''Yes. I want to be anywhere but here, '' She replies, her eyes showing desperation as her fingers tremble due to the fear glinting, deep in her blue eyes. The way she leans onto me and the way her hands grab tightly onto my arm shows how anxiety is taking control.

It doesn't take me long to take her away from there, away from the grave and away from the crowd. She doesn't need to force herself to stand there in sadness because her legs were giving out, her heart was beating faster than usual and her lips were slightly trembling, she was going to pass out—she was going to break apart, I saw the pain she wanted to hide.

We step inside my car, closing the door to block any sound coming from outside.

I immediately cup onto her face as try to meet her eyes, ''Look at me. . . hey, look at me.'' My lips curve up into a small smile before her blue eyes actually pierce into mine. ''You don't have to force yourself, okay? You don't have to hold it in. You don't have to hide it away. You can show me everything, Kenna. You can show me the pain and I'd still be here with you, '' My voice almost inaudible as the tears slip from her eyes, down her cheeks.

''Why him? Why now?'' She sobs, wrapping her arms around my neck as I pull her close; quickly wrapping mine around her body, securing her.

Her sobs are only getting louder as I soothingly rub onto her back, snuggling closer towards her by letting her place her chin on my shoulder—letting her tears wet my shirt as we both stay in an embrace, pouring her every amount of sadness; something she has been trying to hide since she found out about his death.


The ride home to Julia and John's apartment was quiet, neither of us said a word but it was a comfortable silent. We both needed that kind of treatment especially Kenna because she knew the pain was eating her alive and all she ever needed was a moment of silence; something to clear her head from all of those unwanted thoughts.

I watch as she walks up the stairs, slowly which worries me as I follow her. She pushes onto her bedroom door open, some things unchanged and somehow remaining the same ever since she moved out of this house and decided to get her own apartment.

My eyes remain onto the back of her body, the way her shoulders drop as she sighs deeply and how her eyes just stare into oblivion—not as lively as how they used to be. Even if I stand still at the same spot for exactly five minutes, she doesn't seem to move either. She doesn't seem to notice anyone being in the room.

I sit beside her onto the bed, grabbing onto her hand which catches her attention; making her turn to look at me, her blue eyes are staring deeply into my brown ones.

We don't say a single word as we just stare at each other, appreciating the silence around us before placing her head on my chest, wrapping her arms around my

. We know there's no one better out there for her than you, '' She smiles, sighing.

''One day. . . when you both are ready, you'll be a great father, too. I'm sure of it, '' The way her words sinked deeply into my heart—somehow causing me to look down at my own hand, not sure of what to say or how to respond to something like that; something that won't ever happen for us unless we're with different people.

That kind of future will be dragging us in a different direction. One of us will be unprepared for that kind of change of course and I'm sure the person prepared would be me. It's hard to admit and it's hard to even tell anyone because Dimitri was right. . . I've started to fall for her. I don't know if it's an adrenaline rush or something worse but every time I'm close to her, there's just something flickering in me.

There's a possibility.

There's just not much hope.

My mind wanders off to imagine what kind of life it would be: being able to hold her whenever I want to, kiss her lips, admire her features and even travel the world with her. Something that seems too real to be true but we're somehow halfway there, we're here and we're married. . . it's just that our marriage isn't something that would last for a lifetime.

We both lied. Lied to the person who died and we're both going to regret it for the rest of our lives. No matter how this ends, we will be reminded of this day and we will always think back of how we could've made different choices.

It's insane how I have to admit. Dimitri was right all along. He knew things like this could happen and he warned me—he told me not to continue this foolish plan because this will all be something Kenna and I will regret. He was right. . . unfortunately, it's just me who began to realise it a bit earlier than her.

Maybe because of his experience with his ex-wife or with different women lately, I was probably too naive to even notice. There's no such thing as avoiding ourselves to not fall in love with someone especially with someone as attractive, as nice as Kenna. Look at her. . . anyone would see that she's the perfect package—the kind of woman you want to take home to your parents instead of out to party.

''I'm going to get some rest. You should, too.'' She starts to stand up before patting onto my shoulder, ''Don't stay up for long.'' She adds, walking up the stairs.

''Goodnight, '' I reply.

I'm way too deep to drag myself out of this but what if I end up hurting myself? What if she won't see the way I see things? What if she's determined to just end this the way it should be? What if we can't even have a future other than staying as friends? What if we're both stuck in between and all we want is a better life? A better someone? What if I'm just overthinking?

If I'm in a storytelling contest, I know this would be one hell of a story and it might even have an unexpected ending.

Well. . . it all started with a girl named Kenna and she was the death of me.

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