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   Chapter 29 Chapter Twenty-nine

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Thinking back of the way he reacted and how he left without saying goodbye or bothered as I was the one who was supposed to drop him off—it's starting to tense me, more and more.

''Kenna, '' I turn around to see Lucas walking towards me with a smile plastered on his face; both of his green eyes are piercing deeply into mine without showing any signs of looking away in the nearest future. ''How you've been?''

My lips curve up into a smile, ''Fine. How about you? Still getting high demands?'' I ask, receiving a light chuckle from him as he shoves his hand into his coat's pocket.

''Can't run away from that, '' He grins, continuing to look at me as his mind wanders off to think. ''Is it too late to ask you out for lunch?'' His voice almost inaudible as the hallway is being filled with busy doctors and nurses walking around, tending to their patients.

''I just ate, '' I answer with a small smile on my face; it's not that I wouldn't want to have lunch with Lucas but something as simple as having lunch with him can lead into more—people might know that I'm married and he's aware of that but I fear being the one who might trip and fall.

''Ah. . . I really need to work on my timing, don't I?'' He asks, slightly squinting his eyes as we both break out into a laugh.

I shove both of my hands into my pockets before clearing my throat, ''Did you come to my department just to ask me out for lunch?'' My question came out a little bit more obvious than intended as he tries to hide away his embarrassment by smiling down at his feet.

''Isn't it obvious?'' He raises an eyebrow, ''Should've asked you sooner—probably a year or two sooner, maybe then. . . I'd consider it the?perfect?timing.'' He says, leaving me to understand the words he said, seeing as it had a different meaning.

I chuckle, ''You need to be twenty years sooner.''

His eyes widen before laughing, revealing his pearly whites. ''Yikes. . . I guess my time was long up, huh? Too bad, '' He continues to smile, leaving me to mesmerise just how his green eyes matches well with someone as attractive as him.

We both stare at one another, not uttering a single word afterwards as I'm deeply sinking in my own thoughts—wondering if things could really turn out to be different if I ever made different choices. What if mum chosen a different kindergarten? What if I didn't pursue to become a doctor? Those kind of questions will forever remain unanswered.

''I'll see you around, Lucas.'' I say as I smile before starting to walk away.

''Kenna!'' Lucas calls out my name, causing me to turn and see him standing in the middle of the hallway near the information counter where nurses have already looked up at him, ''My offer still stands. . . you know where to find me, '' He says with a grin, making me laugh before shaking my head and walking down the hallway.

I walk straight towards Albert's room, seeing him staring out the window which causes me to breathe out, knowing his thoughts are mostly filled to be about his late wife.

Slowly, I begin to knock onto the door as he turns to look at me—slight surprised to see my presence, ''Knock knock, Grumpy Pants. How are you today?'' I ask, a wide smile begins to appear on my face, trying to hide away the sadness overcoming me.

''Better now that you're here, '' He replies.

We both laugh, ''Here are your prescriptions for today. . . you know the rules, Albert.'' I say and he sighs, nodding his head but doesn't make any movement or glance to look at the pills.

''Deep in thoughts?'' I ask, trying to break the silence between us—it's always like this with him. We always have a session of pouring different kind of things daily, just to make sure that he's able to let someone know how he feels while I listen, considering him as an old friend. ''I heard about what happened when I was gone, do you want to talk about that?''

''The nightmares came again that night. It was unintentional, Kenna—you know me, don't you?'' Hint of regret glisters in his eyes as I nod, taking a seat beside him; wanting to hear everything that he has to tell me, showing him that he has all the support that he needs from me.

''Maybe. . . it's time for you to tell me about your nightmares. That way, I can probably help you.'' My eyebrows furrow as he shakes his head, letting me let out a sigh of disappointment.

''And throw me to the psychiatric ward? Just because I can't get over the thoughts of her?'' The look on his face confuses me, deep down, I know that he's hiding something because he might not trust me much and I truly understand.

''What makes you think I'd do that? I would never do that to you, Albert—you have to trust me. I'm always going to be there for you, no matter how stupid or insane it is to make you stay. I'm your doctor and I have certain responsibilities and one of them is to understand you, '' I begin to stand up, walking towards the other side to make sure that I get a glimpse of his features as he turns away.

We stay quiet for a little while as I keep my eyes glued to him, not looking away. The sunlight pouring in from the window has somehow attracted his attention as his features soften, looking down at the handkerchief in his hand, holding it tightly; as if holding

ds the television, ''While others are severely injured from the accident, up to ten people are dead from the impact including CEO—'' Someone screams in pain, causing me to turn and look at her, seeing the bed being pooled with her own blood as she groans in pain, unable to bear with it any longer.

My heart starts to beat utterly fast as I run towards the nearest patient, checking his pulse before checking his injuries, seeing that he's needed in the operation room as soon as possible or there's less chance of him coming out alive.

''What's your name?'' I ask, trying to stop his stomach from bleeding due to a deep cut, seeing that it might've impacted his intestines.

He clenches his jaw in pain, ''Marcus.'' His voice almost inaudible as his body starts to shake, the pain almost unbearable for him as I try my best to make sure that he's not losing too much blood.

''Okay. . . Marcus, can you hear me? Nod your head if you hear me, '' I look straight into his eyes as they search for mine.

Marcus nods twice and I continue to speak, ''You will be alright. All you have to do is stay with me and breathe, can you do that, Marcus? Can you do that for me?'' I ask him, my voice loud and clear as his eyes begin to get a little bit droopy, ''Come on, you have to stay with me.'' I say.

He groans in pain as he tries to breathe, ''I—I'm here. Doc, you have got to help me. . . the pain—it's too much, '' He grabs onto my hand as he pleads for help which causes me to place my hand on his, gripping it to give him hope.

I immediately call for help, ''Carl! Carl! I need your help, '' Both of his eyes meet mine as he runs towards me, looking down at the dying patient in front of me before nodding his head, knowing what to do. ''He needs to get into the operation room, as soon as possible. Get Dr. William, now.''

Carl and I run as we push the bed down the hallway, calling out other available nurses to help. I return back to help the other patients, making me drag myself towards a young woman who seems to be around her twenties as she shakes uncontrollably, a doctor trying to tend her.

''There's damage in her nervous system. Probably her spinal cord, '' I mutter beside him as he looks up at me, worried. ''We need to hurry or she's not going to make it. Her wounds are also very severe. You're capable of helping, aren't you?'' I ask, seeing him looking at me, panicking; not knowing what to say.

''Dr. Anne, she needs immediate attention. The only way for her to survive is through operation, '' He says before looking down at the patient. ''I'm not professional enough to undergo surgery with you. . . I—I don't want to mess up.''

I look at the patient, ''I just need your help. Can you do that?'' My eyes wander back to the doctor who seems to be a couple of years younger than me as he nods, his hands filled with blood when he was trying to help the patient.

''We better hurry, '' I gesture.

We both run towards the operation room as we ask for other nurses to help, passing other patients who are in need of medical attention while other doctors are tending to them. Some patients are severely wounded that it may have been impossible for them to recover while others have a high chance of recovering.

I past next to a familiar figure but has his body and face covered with a white sheet, causing me to stop before glancing at the figure one more time; eyebrows furrow at the sight of his wrist.

The familiar wrist watch that belonged to a particular someone.

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