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   Chapter 28 Chapter Twenty-eight

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I gaze at myself in the mirror, staring at my reflection—seeing that I'm standing in a short-sleeved shirt and slacks; getting ready for work.

It annoys me slightly to oblige the fact that I can't be wearing any suits until I get my cast off, knowing that I won't be able to stride along the office's hallway in a suit and tie. . . I'll just have to dread onto the moment.

My eyes wander towards the figure standing near the door, both of her blue eyes looking directly at me; hesitating on whether she should enter or not.

''Need any help?'' She asks, clearing her throat.

''What kind of help are you offering?'' I ask back, my lips slowly curving into a smirk—realising that she's already tucking a strand of hair behind her ear in order to hide away the discomfort laid in her eyes.

She steps inside, ''Something about helping you get ready.''

My brown eyes are never looking away from her undeniably beautiful figure—it took me awhile to realise but now I won't stop admitting just how much her body shape is an ultimate goal. It'd be a lie if I say that I wouldn't go down on both knees just to worship her beauty when the time comes.

''How about helping me get unready?'' I wink as I turn to face her, seeing her cheeks redden immediately which causes me to smile—purposely running my index finger across her cheek and to her ear, tucking another strand of hair that slipped.

She looks up at my hair, seeing it messily in place before glancing down at my outfit. ''You seem to look perfectly fine for someone who did it with one hand, '' She says.

''I should've just stood naked and let you help me with the rest, '' I respond as she scoffs, letting me enjoy the moment. ''Remind me to do that next time. . . then, maybe we could see how perfectly fine we'd look after?messing?with each other?''

Her laughter erupts, ''What happened to that guy? The one who stood silently in this exact room—admitting to his hear of storms, '' The way her blue eyes are just staring deeply into mine without even bothered by my previous remarks; it's making me more and more comfortable to tease her.

''Perhaps. . . a beautiful woman came along to help him, '' I reply before lifting her chin up. ''She has always known as someone who has the charm or more likely, the beauty to make people forget about everything around them. Can't really say they were lying, '' I add, turning around to pick up my phone on my bed.

She smiles, ''You still have a few days off. Why do you want to go to work?''

''Look who's asking, '' I reply without glancing away from my phone; checking out the unread emails. ''I have a lot of unsettled things at the office—if I bother to just stay home and do nothing, can't have anything finished by then.''

''You can work from home. That's always an option for you, '' She says. ''Nora said you should be resting instead of working. Aren't you the slightest worried about your recovery?''

I stop scrolling to look up at her, ''I have a doctor as a wife and I trust that she can take care of me perfectly fine without me being worried. Besides, working from home is just another distraction when I see you walking around the house.'' My voice appears to tease her as she chuckles.

''You and your teases, '' She mutters.

Kenna won't stop looking at me as I continue to scroll down my mails before replying a few of them from important clients, realising that I've left them in the dark for the past days when I was in Dallas; not bothered to think about work.

''Let me drop you off at your office, '' She starts to speak up again, making me furrow my brows as I lift my head up—abruptly to stop typing.

''That won't be necessary. I'm calling Flynn and Gerald to pick me up, '' Just as I'm about to press onto the number on my dial pad, she has already taken the phone away from my grasps, making me sigh in disbelief.

She hides my phone away from view, ''Flynn lives closer to the office and it would only make his drive longer than necessary. Besides, I'm here and the hospital is just one way from your office.''

It's no doubt that I'll only be troubling Flynn or even Gerald when I call them to pick me up. They won't be bothered to give excuses but to think back to the amount of pressures I've been giving Flynn and sometimes Gerald, it's making me reconsider.

Flynn—has by far been the only assistant who can put up with me. He knows my pace, he knows where I put my things, he understands me most and he doesn't leave until I do; there's just something about his loyalty.

''Maybe, we can even grab breakfast on the way. A speedy recovery requires a sufficient amount of energy, '' She assures me.

''I don't want to be late, '' I immediately respond but before I can utter more, my stomach grumbles in hope of receiving attention; occupying me with thoughts of delicious sandwiches being consumed. ''But. . . on second thought, breakfast sounds great.'' I clear my throat.

''Let's go, amigo.'' She pulls me out of my room.

'Did she just friendzone me in Spanish?' I thought to myself with a slight frown in between my brows, as she continues to grab onto my right hand before reaching out for her car keys where has been placed with my other car keys.

We step inside the basement, heading straight towards her white?Mercedes-Benz—parked beside my other cars.

As soon as we've entered the car, she starts the engine before glancing at my direction. ''Put your seatbelt on, we don't want you breaking your other arm.'' She says as I turn to look at her, not expecting.

''Thanks for the reminder, '' I breathe out, pulling onto the seatbelt using my right hand; having minor difficulties. ''Can't?fucking?wait for my bones to heal and take this cast off, '' I mumble under my breath but apparently, loud enough for her to hear.

To my surprise, she starts to lean in towards me, causing me to hold in my breath—the scent of her fragrance and shampoo hitting my senses, ''For the sake of your life in a couple of months. . . try working on a few things on your own. There are certain things that you may need my help but if you're capable of doing them on your own, then it'd be best to do so.'' She says before looking up at me, not realising that our faces are already just inches apart.

A slight movement can lead to more.

Her blue eyes glance down at my lips for a short few seconds before looking back into my eyes as I stay still at my spot; mesmerised by the beautiful orbs in her eyes, seeing them as another part of the sky or more likely the galaxy.

''Uh. . . as I was saying, safety first.'' She leans back to her seat, putting her own seatbelt.

Within seconds, we are already on the road, the car ride almost deadly silent if not for the song being played in her car by connecting it with my?Spotify?account. At times, we would always sing along or act completely foolish but for some reason, we're both left in our own thoughts.

''Where are we getting breakfast?'' I ask before realisation hits me, ''Wait—no, let me guess. Café Lalo?''

Her lips curve up into a grin, ''Look at that. We have a winner!''

I glance down at my phone to find Dimitri calling me, a picture of him rolling his eyes with his tongue out being set as his profile picture whenever he calls—causing me to pick up the call.

''Hello, hello, '' His voice is being heard from the other line. ''D-Eazy is on the line. Where are you? What are you doing? Is Kenna with you?'' He starts to ask, leaving me breathe out and try my best to deal with his behaviour.

''I'm on my way to?Café Lalo?and I'm in the car with Kenna, '' I respond.

''Okay, I'll meet you guys there.'' Just like that, he ends up the call which causes me to blink a few times at the sudden call before earning myself a slam.

''He's meeting us there?'' Kenna asks, a

couple seconds.

''Almost ten years, '' He replies with a smile. ''Why do you ask, Mr. Ashton?'' He questions.

I furrow my brows, ''Well. . . it concerns me. How do you keep up with the same person for ten years without wanting to just—well, without having issues, '' I continue to speak.

''I love her, Mr. Ashton. There's no one better for me out there than my wife, herself. We have issues, once in awhile but that's the beauty of marriage. You can't simply go on without arguing or fighting but one of you has got to give in, be the bigger person.'' He replies without hesitation, ''You would understand that soon, sir. The first five years are hard but it'll only get better, ''

I stay still at my spot.

''What do you mean?'' I question.

He blinks a few times, ''You are married to the woman you love. You'll soon see why you would want to spend your whole life with her, '' He says while I remain quiet—just nodding my head as a respond.

Flynn and Gerald might be thinking that there is something going on with my marriage, perhaps from what they saw earlier but it was just me trying to ease myself.

It was stupid of me to ask about being with the same woman for a whole lot of years when I've been friends with Kenna and Dimitri for as long as I can remember—never once did I get bored or annoyed by them. They have always been there for me and I have always appreciated it.

Then again, I'd find the woman I love and it will all fall into place.

''When are you taking your cast off, Mr. Ashton? I'll set up a reminder on my phone. Also, you'd have monthly check-ups until you recover?'' Flynn asks after realising the awkwardness surrounding us.

''In eight weeks, the least. Hopefully I'll recover as soon as I can—a lot of things are limited to me at the moment. Yes. . . I'd appreciate that, Flynn.'' I reply and he nods, his lips slowly curving up into a smile for a few seconds while I turn to look out the window, enjoying the busy streets of New York.

When I stepped inside my building, my employees looked at me in surprise—their eyes widened but they quickly covered it up with a smile, greeted me with respect. I didn't pay much attention as I smiled but quickly made my way towards my floor, where I'd be spending hours in my office.

''I need you to write these down for me, '' I gesture towards Flynn before handing him a couple of files with my?iPad, ''Don't forget that you need to email them back to me—for now, I'll just go through the documents manually. I also need you to record any important details as I'll listen to them in a few, '' I add and he nods.

''You may leave, '' I mutter without looking.

Flynn nods again, walking out of my office with the important files in his hand until he's out of my sight while I lean back on my seat before going through the recent files, trying to make sure that they are well-checked.

Just as I'm about to decline another call from Dimitri, I am left with his figure appearing inside my office as he slams the door shut behind him.

''I knew you'd ignore my calls and that's why I'm here.'' He takes a seat in the opposite direction from me, ''What happened at the café? You were acting a little bit off and if I'm supposed to say, it also may seem that you were jealous.'' He adds.

I scoff, ''Jealous? Of who?''

''Sam, Kenna's friend who works at the café. The one who took our order, the one you were glaring at when he was talking to her, the one who smiled genuinely and seemed happy when he saw her, the one who—'' I cut him off as I stand up, causing him to stop, a sly smirk appearing on his face.

''—that's enough, '' I breathe out, running my fingers through my hair as I turn to look at him. ''Don't you have somewhere to be, Dimitri? You're interrupting me during work hours.''

He shrugs, ''Can't help it that I'm curious. Did something happen back in Dallas?'' He asks.

I look away, remembering back of the memories in Texas—when we were practically making out in the lake and indulging in our own lustful thoughts when we were kissing intensely in our room, it was all clear and vivid but I can't just admit of it.

''Did you guys have sex?'' He asks, raising an eyebrow.

''Of course not. We just—we kissed, '' I reply as I think back of how the curves of her body was being explored by my hand as we both leaned in towards the kiss. The way my lips ran down her neck, smelling her scent and taking in the way she craved for more; that was something to me.

''And. . . ?'' He leans in for more.

''In front of no one! We kissed when we were alone and we wanted it to happen—we were both somehow and somewhat admitting to something we both agreed in the contract, no feelings attached and for some reason, I felt something. The way we kissed. . . it was more than just faking in front of people or pretending to be in love. It felt immensely seeping into my soul, '' I furrow my brows at ways of trying to explain it, not knowing whether it's got anything to do with my sober mind or just my own thoughts of playing games.

Dimitri looks at me without uttering a single word as he let out a sigh, ''Admit it, Aidan.''

''Admit what?'' I ask.

''You're slowly falling for her.''

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