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   Chapter 27 Chapter Twenty-seven

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His lips begin to travel down to my neck, slowly leaving?burning?kisses onto my skin as I try my best to control my breaths rather than falling head over heels. Both of my hands are wrapped around his neck—lifting his face up to meet mine, causing him to lean his forehead against mine as he clenches his jaw.

''Aidan, '' I breathe out.

''Mmm?'' He responds as he open his eyes to look directly into mine.

''One more. Just one more, '' I lean closer towards his ear before whispering the words; leaving him to grip onto my waist, teasing me by leaving kisses down my jawline—making me run my fingers through his dark brown hair.

Just as I'm about to say something, he has already kissed me on the lips. The movement of his lips on mine appears to be cautiously slow but filled with desire and somewhat. . . lust as he cups onto my face with his right hand, letting me drop my hands down to his waist; trying to find something to grip in order to make sure that this is real.

He bites onto my lower lip, earning access from me as he tilts his head to the side; slightly causing me to groan at the little pleasures from his kisses.

As we're both running out of breath, he starts to lean back to break the kiss. Then, I find him gazing down onto my face; continuing to glance down at my lips before meeting my eyes, feeling myself being drowned in the dark orbs—leaving me breathless and speechless at the same time.

Deep, deep, down. . . we both know that we'll have to pretend. As soon as we walk out of this room, this will be left behind. There's no such thing as forgetting it ever happened but by pretending to forget, never mentioning it or never trying to ever make it happen again. It confuses me at the thought of not wanting him to stop, just wanting him to make me want more.

Aidan leans back, clenching his jaw as he continues to gaze down onto my face before picking up his shirt that has fallen onto the ground when we were busy living in the moment.

Both of his brown eyes never seem to look away from mine as I start to feel my cheeks heating up from the previous kisses, letting me tuck a strand of hair behind my ear before trying to make them stay back in place—knowing how they must've been in a mess when he was cupping onto my face, making me lean back onto the closet and passionately making me feel wanted, craved?and needed.

To my surprise, he is already wiping the smudge on my upper lip. ''Just so you know, I can walk out of this room and pretend that this thing ever happened but that's it. . . I can only pretend. I can't promise you that I would never think about it, '' He says as he fixes my hair before leaning back, dropping his hand to the side.

''That's all I need, '' I breathe.

''Tell me one thing, Kenna and I want you to be honest with me. There's something here, right? There's something between us and we're just trying to simply push it aside. Do you think that's true?'' He asks, his eyes piercing deeply into mine which causes me to lean deeper into the closet, not knowing whether it's what I want to say.

I look away, trying to find the accurate words.

''Actions speak louder than words, '' He clears his throat before running his fingers through his hair as he glances at the mirror, wanting to make sure that he looks more like himself than a mess. ''Just remember that, '' He adds, leaving me at the exact spot.

We both walk towards the door, hesitating on whether we should just step out and forget about all of this—never speak or mention of it again or spend a couple more minutes to just talk about it more deeply than we did before. The look on his face shows just how much it confuses him, too; not just me.

I watch as he steps out of the room, turning to look at me with an immediate smile plastered onto his face. ''You coming? I'm not getting younger, '' He grins.

Slowly, yet surely, I manage to step out of the room before standing a few inches apart from him; realising that we have passed that stage—the stage to reminisce. ''Right back at you, '' I mutter under my breath as he leans back, grabbing to hold onto my hand before we walk down the stairs, after earning another glance from him.

Guests and friends of the family are all chattering, laughing and even taking pictures as they enjoy themselves with drinks in their hands as Aidan and I walk down the stairs, slowly coming into view—causing them to look up, surprised at his casted forearm.

From afar, I can see May Atwell's eyes widen at the sight as she tries to get a better view but I just remain close to Aidan, liking how he continues to grip onto my hand; letting me lean closer than pushing me away.

''Oh my lord, what happened to you?'' One of them asks, ''What happened, Aidan? Did you fell off a tree? Were you running off with the cows?'' She continues to ask while the others chuckle before whispering in concern—causing me to just stand still, waiting for him to answer the questions.

He clears his throat, ''Life happens.''

They laugh at his answer as he smiles, ''Please, I'm not the highlight of the party. My parents are, '' He continues to speak before pulling me aside after glancing down at me; letting us walk past the guests to the kitchen—where less people are gathered before he starts to take a seat near the kitchen counter.

To my surprise, May Atwell appears. ''Aidan. . . we just met yesterday and you were?perfectly?fine! What happened? You clearly didn't have a broken arm before, '' She glances at my direction before looking back at Aidan who has a sly smile plastered onto his face.

There's just something about that smile, making me wonder how badly he would want to tell everyone about what happened than just covering it up. It might embarrass himself but I just want to know how they would react—pretty sure they might just laugh and doubt whether he'd be lying or not.

''Shit?happens. You and I both know that, '' He replies.

''Of course. . . just a little bit surprised to see you like this. Get well soon, Aidan.'' She says before smiling at me, walking out of the kitchen—leaving Aidan and I, on our own.

I turn to look at him, seeing him currently looking back at me which causes me to clear my throat, a smile slowly creeping up my face

new about your fears or your weaknesses, '' I continue to speak; remembering back about the night in Dallas at the funfair when we were having a conversation and he told me about not knowing how to ride a bike.

He chuckles lightly, ''Weakness.''

I laugh, ''Oh, come on! You probably have more than one and you're just trying to hide them all away because you're already embarrassed about me finding out about it. . . slowly and little by little. It all started off with the bike thingy, '' I say.

Just as another lightning came to strike, I immediately place both of my hands on his ears as he closes his eyes, again—this time, he starts to lean closer towards me, possible enough for me to smell his cologne as I try to find a way to soothe him.

''It's okay. . . it's okay. You don't have to be afraid, alright? I'm here with you and I'm going to stay here with you until the rain stops and the storm passes, '' I whisper in his ear as I cup onto his face, seeing him looking directly into my eyes before nodding a few times; assuring me that he needs me here in order to calm down.

We both lock ourselves in his room as he sits in the corner, further away from the windows with the music blasting loudly from his phone—wanting to make sure that he hears something else than the lightnings outside.

''How do you deal with it when you're alone?'' I ask, looking at him.

He turns towards me, ''I start off by listening to music because that usually helps the most. I can't help it, Kenna—when the rain starts pouring, I don't start panicking but as soon as the lightnings strike. . . I'd feel as if I'm shaking and terrified, '' He breathes.

''You want to tell me why? You don't have to but I want to know.'' I smile, leaning closer towards him as we both listen to the sound in the background;?It's Gotta Be You?by?Isaiah, one of our favourite songs when it first came out.

''I don't know. There's not a story behind it because I just hate the sound of it. The rain eases me but the storm. . . I'd panic right away.'' He looks at me, ''You're not a bad friend, Kenna. It doesn't mean that when you don't know certain things about me, you're already labelled as a bad friend because I wanted to hide those things from you. I wanted to appear as someone who can protect you and not the other way around, '' He continues.

''So. . . when you get scared or when you are sad, you'd always have me to turn to than finding someone else with no fears or weaknesses—I want you to find me and pour it all out. Unfortunately, I'm weaker than I look and my fears are pathetic.'' He frowns.

I immediately grab onto his hand as we start to entwine our fingers, ''Your fears are not pathetic, Aidan. They make you who you are and you should know that I wouldn't look for anyone else to pour my problems because it has always been you. . . sometimes Dimitri but always you. You were always there for me and I can't appreciate you more, '' I reply.

Aidan continues to look at me before slowly curving his lips up into a smile, in which I return without hesitation.

Just as we continue to look at one another, the lights start to flicker back on as the rain is slowly stopping—no more storm outside in the sky. I turn to look at him, seeing that he has managed to breathe properly again, calmer than when the lightnings were loud and clear.

''See? We got through just fine, '' I reassure him with a chuckle.

I make my way towards the kitchen to look at my phone, seeing that it has broken. The battery might've been dead from the sudden lightning attack earlier—making me groan in frustration, knowing that I'll be needing a new phone as soon as possible.

''What happened to your phone?'' Aidan appears beside me, slowly making his way towards me as he looks down at my burnt phone; apparently, this was bound to happen. This phone has been with me through thick and thin. . . fell on thick surfaces and has managed to stay alive for all this time. Unfortunately, it's already time for it to go.

''Shit?happens. You need a new plug, too.'' I let out a deep sigh before heading towards the living room after glancing at Aidan who seems a little bit surprised.

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