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   Chapter 25 Chapter Twenty-five

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"Can you wear this for me?" Kenna asks, pointing at the blindfold on her hand which causes me to raise an eyebrow—slightly confused as she starts to smile.

"It's a blindfold," I reply before leaning back onto my seat, turning away from my laptop; trying to figure out what she's trying to door what she's probably thinking at the moment. The way her blue eyes are piercing directly into mine as she tries to hide her smile from growing wider. . . she's only making herself look suspicious. "Why do you want me to wear it?"

"Well, can't you just trust me?" She leans closer.

"No. . . I can't when you're acting suspiciously different." I answer, looking around the room to find if she's planning something but everything else looks normal to me. "Can you at least tell me why I have to wear it? Then, I might reconsider." I add, slowly.

She rolls her eyes,"I have a surprise, for you. Trust me," She places her hand on mine before slowly leaning closer towards me; our lips are inches apart as she puts the blindfold on, tying it behind my head—making me clench my jaw.

"Is it worth it?" I ask, my voice low.

"Consider it a worthy experience in Dallas," She replies with a light chuckle as she leans away, her hand slowly reaching onto mine before pulling me up from the seat—letting me stand up but not knowing where I'm heading, only following her and putting all of my trust in her as she leads me down the stairs.

As soon as I hear the birds chirping loudly and the wind blowing directly onto my skin, I instantly know that we're outside. My eyebrows furrow in confusion as she continues to pull onto my hand, leading the way—making me try to pay attention onto my other senses than only onto my sight which is currently being covered.

"Get in," I hear her say, making me frown.

"Get in?" I ask, confusingly.

Kenna laughs,"Get in the truck, silly." She replies before slowly pushing me inside, making me step inside and sit; without asking anymore questions because I know that she's not going to easily answer them.

"Okay. . . you just closed the door and now you're starting the truck. Are you leading me to my death?" I ask, chuckling a little bit at the end before running my fingers through my hair. Within seconds, I smell her cologne near me which causes me to turn my head to the side, only for the bridge of my nose to come into contact with her cheek.

"I'm just putting your seatbelt on," She mutters under her breath as I stay still, clenching my jaw at the fact that she's close—feeling her fingers running on my body as she pulls onto the seatbelt, locking it before leaning back to her seat, leaving me speechless.

'How can it felt really, intimate?′?I thought to myself.

"And, we're on the road." She speaks up, driving down the road while I stay still, not really knowing what to do or where to look.

"Where are we going, exactly? I mean. . . don't get me wrong, Kenna—I do trust you but I deserve to know where we're going. Any hints?" I ask, feeling a little bit curious about her sudden behaviour on wanting me to put the blindfold on, leading me towards the truck and currently driving me to someplace, I don't know where.

"I can't tell you, Aidan. You just have to be patient," She replies.

"You know that I'm not a very patient person," I mutter under my breath before letting out a deep sigh. "But. . . I'll try as long as it's worth it in the end, right?" I turn to look at her even though I can't really see her facial expressions.

"Absolutely," She replies.

A few minutes have passed as we both stay quiet, without uttering a single word while I try to figure out where we're heading instead of asking anymore questions.

This might also be a great opportunity for me to start testing my own patience—deep down, I'm trying hard not to just burst out and take the blindfold off but I have to trust my best friend. . . like how I've been trusting her for the past years.

"So. . . the anniversary party is tonight," I clear my throat, starting a conversation.

She stays quiet for a few seconds,"Yeah. When are we heading back to New York?" She asks, as I feel the car turning left.

"First thing in the morning. Why? You miss your job, already? The patients? The medicines?" My lips curve up into a small smirk, knowing that she's probably glancing at my direction but I can never be so sure with the blindfold on.

"Can't help but say I do." She chuckles,"Truth be told, I'm just very worried about Albert. He's a bit hard to handle—he's alright when he's with me but not with other doctors," She adds, slowly letting out another sigh.

For some reason, I can feel the sudden tension building. It's never an easy job being a doctor. You further your studies at med school for years to get your degree and even your masters degree. . . then, you end up working day and night as a doctor in order to save people's lives. It was never easy from the beginning.

"He doesn't have any family members to come visit?" I ask, curiously.

"No. . . his wife passed away. He has a son but we don't have any information about him," She answers.

I stay quiet afterwards, not knowing what else to say. I sympathy the old man but there's not much I can do and I don't blame him for not wanting other doctors to take care of him because anyone; I mean, anyone would easily be fond of Kenna.

It's hard not to be fond of Kenna. She makes me fee

tI've achieved, especially at my age." She starts to speak while I listen.

"So. . . yes, Aidan. I do like my job," Her eyes meet mine. "It may not be as fancy as yours but I like helping people. Not just becauseI love my job but because I want other people to feel like they have hope in this corrupted world," She adds.

"Hope, huh?" I breathe.

"Yeah. I've seen people dying and hurting and I hate it when I see people losing their families or friends just because their body has stopped fighting. I could've become an oncologist but I don't want to see their faces when I tell them that they have cancer," She looks away, the wind blowing onto our faces as we just stand in the middle of the pavement.

I keep on looking at her and all I can see is a passionate and hard-working doctor who would do anything in the world to make sure that the people she treats would always have a second chance in the world. She's determined to make people see that even if it's the end of their lives. . . it's not the end of everything.

"Well, this conversation got personal and it sucks." She says and we both laugh,"What about you, though? Do you like being a CEO? You know, living the high-life." She continues to walk down the pavement while I cycle.

I clear my throat,"I didn't have a choice, did I? My parents wanted me to take over the company and I couldn't say no to something like that. Anyone would die to be in my shoes but for some reason. . . sometimes, I'm just not grateful."

"What do you mean?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.

"You got to choose your path, Kenna and I didn't get that chance. My parents forced me into majoring in business when they knew that I had no interest, whatsoever but as soon as I graduated and got the company, I started to see a brand new life. You can say that I got carried away," I reply.

"You really did get carried away. . . but you're still the same Aidan whom I met twenty-years ago. No worries," She smiles up at me as I look up at the afternoon sky, liking how the wind continues to calm me down.

"If I didn't major in business, I wouldn't have met Dimitri. That would be a shame and it'd just be me and you," I continue to speak but as soon as I hear no respond coming from her, I start to turn and look behind.

My eyes widen at the sight of Kenna, who is currently standing at the same spot I was—which means that I'm currently cycling on my own without anyone to hold onto the bicycle; leaving me panicking of how I'm going to balance myself instead of falling.

"You got it! Aidan, you got it!" She shouts from afar.

I look down at my legs as they shake and my hands begin to sweat, not knowing how to remain calm. "Kenna, this is a big mistake!" I shout back, continuing to look down at my hands.

"Aidan, watch out!" I hear her voice from behind as I look up, to see a pregnant woman standing in the middle of the road who has turned to look at me. Our eyes widen at the same time, instantly making me turn the bike left—heading towards the bushes.

Everything happened so fast.

I blink a few times as I try to control my breaths, a sudden pain increases as I move; making me groan, clenching my jaw in order to calm myself down.

As I try to move my left arm, I can't feel anything but pain which causes me to groan even louder as I see Kenna running towards me with a worried expression plastered on her face. She examines my face and down to my body before landing on my arm,"Can you move? Are you okay?" She asks, panically.

"Kenna. . . I can't move my arm," I exhale as I stay focused onto her face, scared to even look down.

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